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    Stardew Valley - Trash Bear Cindersap Forest Request?

    Does anyone know what this request is? It doesn’t look like any of the foods I have recipes for.

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  • Chemistry calorimeter question.?

    An aluminum block (Cs = 0.0902 J/gC) with a mass of 185.0 grams was heated to a temperature of 292 C then placed in a coffee cup calorimeter containing water at a temperature of 5.25 C. When equilibrium was reached, the block released 44.7 kJ of energy. What is the final temperature of the aluminum block?

    Explanation please!

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  • Chemistry : How to calculate concentration?

    Okay, so i am completely stumped on this one chemstry question and there are tohers like it., so can someone walk me through how to do this one and i can probably do the others.

    Here is what it says...

    Calculate the concentration of all ions present in each of the following solutions of strong electrolytes.

    a. 0.100 mol of Ca(NO3)2 in 100.0 mL of solution.

    ( the numbers in the equation is supposed to be subscripts by the way)

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  • What are authors like Janet Evanovich?

    I have just finished all of Janet'sbooks and i desperately need more, so the next best thing is someone with the same style. i like the romance/ action/ adventure kinda thing. or even justa funny romance cutsie thing. anyone know of any authors like janet Evanovich?

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  • Must read Vamp books?

    I've read the twilight series, the House of Night Series, and the Vampire Diary Series. And i've loved them all, now im addicted, are there any others that are a must read?

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  • Is the TV show Vampire Diaries on the CW just replaying the books?

    i want to read the books, but i also watch the tv show, so therefore i don't want to read the books and ruin something that is about to happen in the tv show. has anyone read them and watched to the tv show?

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  • Does anyone know where to find USED books without having to pay shipping for EACH book?

    I have been to,, and a few others but they are all the same,,

    they have like $3 shipping for each book that ranges from one cent to a dollar.

    even if i order from all the same seller.

    i need a bookstore that sells used books from one flat rate shipping cost.

    anyone know of any website?

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