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  • If the virus keeps up?

    But the second & third waves take out the young workers & children. As I still have some needed skills. The Government could not force me to come out of retirement & force me to work again. Could they?

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  • My miro wave quit.?

    I looked it over & it says bought in 1986 on the back. Should I try to have it repaired or replaced? Out side looks good. All else works. & no smoke when it quit.

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  • Should cops invest in there community?

    This seems like a good time with bonds paying negative rates from city's & States. For both to move the money from there pension funds into there bonds. So they can help the city's & States they work for.

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  • How to collect on canceled flights?

    I had 4 flights cancelled returning to America. Had to rebook on my own. Now they refuse to refund. Even after sending me messages they would refund. They refuse to answer you now.

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  • Its not a pet. But what should I do with or about the Cobra.?

    That show up on the back porch regular? I think it has a den under the porch now. Easy way to remove it or get it to move next door?

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  • Brass & steel long knife.?

    I bought a knife from a local blacksmith. The full tang were the handle is & 2/3rd of the back of the blade is of some form of what appears to be a spring brass. About 1/8th inch thick. The bottom 1/3rd of the blade in front of the handle to the point is of some form of very hard steel. The two metals have been blacksmith forged together. Do you think this will hold together. The blade part is so hard about all you can do is polish the edge with a hard file. I did manage to get it sharp enough to shave with after filling on the blade for over a hour. & it had a edge on it not the best edge when I started. So will the two metals as such hold bound together in a blacksmith weld?

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  • How bad was I robbed yesterday?

    I fixed marinated pork Kabobs for supper in the grill yesterday. 5 of them. 1 large for the daughter. As she normally eats less. & 4 regular. & 2 each for me & wife. We set down to eat & while eating the door bell on the gate rang. I went to the gate to see who was there. I returned to the table. My 2nd Kabob was gone. The daughter said you left the table. The wife smiled & waved at me. With smiles on there faces. I feel insulted, put upon, robbed of pleasure of life. & what punishment is called for for this high crime?

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  • Would this shoe sell?

    Border runners. Made to run fast dodge quick. The shoe to get out or in the back door & avoid the law. The shoe built with the criminal life in mind.

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  • Why do Americans vote Republican?

    It seems almost all of them complain about having to work. When they could all just vote Democratic & never have to work again.

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  • Is this a police scam or what?

    It seems there is a young girl. About 10. She wanders the tourist area after 10pm to midnight. Hair done nice, lipstick, eyeshadow, sexy dress. Every now & then a older man will stop & talk to her then follow her. The police officer will always disappear. At about the 1st ally what is said are her 2 brothers snatch the man into the ally. She runs off. The man leaves the ally no billfold, no money, some bruises. Stagers off. Then the police officer returns from somewere close. & does nothing to help the poor man. Is this a police scam?

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  • In the Ling murder case.?

    Cop still alive. Was involved in off duty personal dispute that led to shoot out. Cop shot witness, & cops victim is now charged with the murder of a living cop? Ok we know the good buddie loves each other. But how can this much love be right?

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  • Language thinking problem in home Country?

    Spending most of my time in S.E. Asia. When I return home from long stays. I find I have for a short time understanding American English or following instructions as I do not seem to think American for a short time after arrival back in America. Do others have this problem after long stays over sea's?

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  • Could Mexico charge Illegals?

    A road tax to walk North & South on there roads migrating. To help pay for there food & care once at the border.

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  • White lines in computer?

    How to cure?

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  • Broadsiding a police car. Who is at fault? Or most at fault?

    Officer runs red light. Vehicle with green light broadsides him. Person driving vehicle that hits officer has no driving permit. Officer is wrong for running redlight. Other person in wrong for driving./ In a Muslim area. Autonomus area. Person driving vehicle with out permit. Can prove they are on a mission for God.

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  • the perfect lunch recipe. Can this be it?

    1 shot local refined red cane Rhum. 1 scoop diced aged in Rhum 1year tropical fruit. 1 slice local made vanilla ice cream. 1 scoop aged in Rhum tropical fruit. 1 shot local red cane Rhum. 1 slice vanilla icecream, 1 scoop diced aged soaked tropical fruit, 1 shot local red cane Rhum. 1 slice vanilla ice cream. 1 big scoop whipped cream. sprinkled with paper thin sliced baked till crisp almonds? It is even vegan so all can enjoy. 1 will make a full lunch. A enjoyable meal it made.

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  • Vanilla ice cream with beans & fruit. Have you tried it?

    Quit good I found out. They took & added small black beans soft to vanilla icecream. Put icecream in center of bowl. surround in 4 places around icecream. Pineapple, coconut shavings fresh, mango, banana. Or other tropical fruits. Fresh. Diced. Also cold as kept on ice. Very refreshing treat down here in the tropics on a hot day.

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  • A way to end or reduce mass shootings in America that would work?

    I propose they put a $20,000 reward payed to the first person that drops them. As American cops brag they don't do any thing for free. This way they rush in to earn the reward. $20,000 tax free. Also a fine if you shoot a unarmed person you pay $10,000 to the reward fund. This would build it up so special rewards & bonus's could be added. This includes the police if they shoot a unarmed person. This will help them think before shooting. The special rewards could go to citizens who stop a armed robbery or such. Or teaches who shield students true hero's.

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  • Watching a cop today?

    On stop sigh guard duty. He will stop all who run its stop sing. But a city cop rolls threw it & all they do is wave at each other. Is this right. He finally got a lady on a bicycle who made a left hand turn with out stopping. With no traffic around.

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