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    Can you identify this old building or business? ?

    It's been two years since I last posted this (and got nothing.) So I thought I'd try it again.  

    I have a collection of advertising mugs with special 'magic ink' where the ink turns clear to change the design when hot liquid is put into the mug. This is one of them, shown with the ink clear. I have a website (blog style, noted on the photo)  for no other reason than to showcase the collection and demonstrate the ink properties. The problem is that this mug has no identification as to the company or location or anything.  All it says is "Magic of the Holidays 1992"  BUT it does show the building.  I know the building is in the brutalist design , and I can only assume it is a business as to the fact that they put out this mug for their employees or clients.  As you can see, there is nothing else to go by.  I obtained the mug many years ago out west - maybe Colorado?, in a thrift store, which is where I get so many of these mugs.I know this is a long shot, asking for help in identifying a building or company from 1992 with nothing to go by but this 'drawing' but I'm hoping someone somewhere will recognize the building and perhaps that will lead me to the company.  Can you identify it for me?

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  • What happened to Yahoo Notifications?

    Tonight out of nowhere, the Notifications page has changed.

    first off, I cannot find my own list of questions and answers.

    Next, Whether I ask a question or answer one, when someone posted a comment, I was notified on the notifications page. Now, all I see are my own answers, no comments.

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    Can you identify this flatware manufacturer?

    Bought some silverware at a thrift store today and we discovered this logo on the back. We've looked all over the internet and cannot find it. Looks like something I've seen before, not really sure.. Any one know what it is?

  • How to use a downloaded M4R file as ringtone on my Iphone? ?

    I've already downloaded the file (M4R format) and I can see it in the Files section.  Now, how do I move this to the "Tunes Store" or the area where it can be used for a ringtone?  New to Ipones, please don't suggest a new app, I just need to move this to the spot on the phone where the ringtone can be used.  

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  • How do they arrange this for the Macy's parade?

    Whatching the parade and the following question came up.

    Do the Macy's Parade organizers contract with the big name singers and then assign them to the floats OR Does each company contract with the singer for their float? 

    No guesses please, would like to hear from someone in the know. 

  • Does Lemon corrode steel?

    I have a steel water bottle that I carry around with me. My doctor has suggested that I drink more lemon water as it helps prevent Kidney Stones. Would putting lemons in my steel water bottle cause any corrosion over time?

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  • Does Yahoo Answers know that the notifications are not working.?

    Two different computers, two different operating systems, neither brings up Notifications. Last week, it was only showing notifications up to a certain date and then over the weekend, it all just quit. Anyone aware of this?

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    Can you identify this Building?

    I have a collection of mugs with special 'magic ink' where the ink turns clear to change the design. This mug (shown with the clear ink) is unidentifiable but for the building at the bottom of the design.

    Can you identify it for me?

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    Can you help translate this?

    I have this mug, which is called a "magic mug" and is from China (my guess). I need help with full translation for my blog about such mugs.

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  • Is this standard in the industry these days?

    We are selling our house and as usual, the buyer pays for a home inspection. In the middle of the inspection, our real estate agent calls us and asks us to leave the house so that the Buyer's Realtor and the Buyers can walk through the house with the House Inspector and discuss things in private. Is this normal? I've had 4 other houses and this was not done. (Granted, those houses were sold over 25 years ago...) Our Real estate Agent said it was the way things are done these days and I just need to know if this is standard elsewhere. THANKS!

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  • Testing the coil in my LG Dryer?

    I have an LG DLE2512W Dryer, which stopped heating recently. Easy to guess it's the heater coil. New one ordered, installed - BUT there is still no heat! Now the parts place is willing to take the heater coil back, but before I do, I would like to test the OLD coil to see if it is indeed good or bad.

    I'm fairly competent with an ohm meter, can someone tell me please how to go about this test?

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  • Would this chemical combination be a problem?

    I need to create a home made solution for combating mold. My choice of chemicals all work on mold and cleaning as well as killing bacteria. I've chosen Grapefruit Seed Extract, Soda Ash and Hydrogen Peroxide.

    My question is about the Hydrogen Peroxide and the Soda Ash, as a combination is there a chemical reaction I should be concerned with?

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    What is this and how do I utilize it?

    I was cleaning out my tools shed and found this tool set left by my brother in law many years past. It's in a flat case and there are no instructions. There appears to be a piece missing below the center round part.

    Please help me to know what I have, and what it might be used for and maybe how it is used.

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    Who is this artist, and where is he/she from?

    I purchased this water color 2nd hand, but was more interested in the subject rather than the artist. I'd really like to find out more about him/her and even see more of their work.

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  • Where did my question go?

    I posted a question a week ago about an artist and his work. There were no immediate responses and I was going to check today when I see that the question is deleted - gone... What happened? Are unanswered questions deleted after a week?

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  • Can you help identify this artist?

    I purchased this watercolor and woul dlove to know more about the artist. The name appears to be Valdivia. Links to the artwork and a closeup of the signature below. THANKS!!

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  • Do I need to prime again?

    Working on a wall that's already been primed, and I"m touching up some spots with more mud. Do I need to prime the mud again before I paint?

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  • Does anyone use this Windows Feature?

    In Windows 7 there is an option to 'turn off Desktop Icons.' As a tech, I've come across many users to 'accidentally' turn them off and then can't understand why their icons are missing when they log in.

    It got me to thinking of any reason to hide ALL your icons from the desktop. I can't think of any other than hiding all your games and porn site shortcuts when the boss comes by.

    Anyone have a legitimate reason for this?

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  • Can you help me build a list of fictitious dances invented just for the movie in which they appear?

    As an example, the movie "Thoroughly Modern Millie" had the dance "The Tapioca" invented by one of the characters. I know there are many more.

    I'm not including Music Videos such as "Thriller" and the dance "The Thriller" as these are too obvious and too connected. I want this list to be only movies. I'm also not including dances such as the dances done by people on a stage (in a movie) unless they then identify the dance by a name.

    Lastly, of course, I"m not including movies where a real dance was invented like "The Twist."

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  • Help with Load Limits of 28 ga. Steel?

    Im in the middle of designing a chimney cap which I will build myself out of steel. I am making the top and bottom out of ready made galvanized steel trash can lids. (Reason: cheap!)

    I'm concerned in my design whether or not I will need to support the center of the top to take more weight (from snow and ice)

    The manufacturer says that the lids are made from 28 - 30 gauge steel. If the lid is 21" round and only supported at the edges, what is the weight limit?

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