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  • Do i have any reason to be worried?

    So, we're having the house repainted, and the painters are using scaffolding to reach the high parts. A lightning storm is heading towards us, and im wondering if the house being surrounded by conductive galvanised steel poles significantly increases the chance of a lightning strike?

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  • How do I add myself to a guild on world of Warcraft?

    So Ive created a new alt to play around with in the runup to the new xpac, and I'd like to add him to my guild. The problem is, its mostly a banking guild I use to store gold and spare stuff, and Im the only currently active member. I cant invite my character while he's offline, and I cant open 2 WoW windows because the second one logs the first one off, so, short of inviting some rando to the guild for the sole purpose of inviting my character, is there any way I can add my character to the guild?

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  • Is george r r martin likely to EVER finish a song of ice and fire?

    Seriously, now hes bringing us a history of the targareyns. And its not like hes unsure where book 6 is going to go. Since the tv series has gone well past book 5, he has a general outline for the penultimate book, its just a matter of putting it into print. So whats the holdup? Is he labouring under some sort of gypsy curse where he'll die when hes finished telling the story?

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