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  • Is the new MacBook Pro 17" worth buying?

    I'm a graphic designer (mostly web designer) and will be moving to Spain next year to work. I decided to buy a laptop because I need to work at home, as well as keep in touch with friends, play games in spare time and because I honestly can't live without a computer.

    Though I've never used a Mac before (not even at job), I was thinking of buying the recently released MacBook Pro 17" when I arrive there, but then I've read about some flaws it has (annoying noises in speaker and overheting were the most common) and that dissapoints me a little bit.

    I like its design, but the "flashy graphics" and so is not enough reason for me to buy it. Yet, I do like that they are Intel based (THAT is, for example, a very good reason for me to buy it)

    Is a MacBook Pro 17" worth buying for me as a designer? What else do I need to connect it in a WiFi area? Or should I buy a PC laptop instead? If so, which model?

    If you own one, please tell me your experience as well. Thanks to everyone in advance!

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