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  • lease violation allowed by apt. manager?

    can a landlord allow an resident to violate the lease while not allowing anyone else to do anything to violate the rules? the people they are allowing to violate the rules are causing a disturbance and loud noise due to the bird feeders which they have up and violates the lease

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  • at&t prepaid caller id blocking?

    i have at&t prepaid wireless and want to have my caller id blocked so its not shown when i make calls.

    i had this with my contract phone, but seems at&t doesn't want anything to do with prepaid customers as you cant get live help at all from them only there prerecorded buy feature number 611.

    on there website it says to call 611 and buy/add the feature buts its not there at all.

    how do i add this feature to my phone?

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  • sony handycam finalizing?

    after recording on a sony handycam is it needed or recommended to use the finalizing feature?

    are there any pros and cons to finalizing feature?

    using a dvd+rw discs

    will i be able to view the dvd on a non sony dvd player if its not finalized or does it need to be finalized?

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  • after gallstone surgery anybody experience pain on right side? some swelling as well.?

    ever since i have had gallstone surgery in feb. i have had some swelling and pain on my right side. not sure if its surgery related or not but never had it prior to than.

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