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I am a male, 17 year old boy living in Maryland at the moment. I love playing piano, going to the beach, going shopping, and running. I also love swimming and playing basketball. Going to the movies and going trickier treating or doing anything considered to be out of the ordinary is very exhilarating for me, because I don't know what to expect and am outgoing.

  • Orthodox Jews: Is it still a Mitzvah to Davin Shacharis late in the day?

    I have trouble getting up in the morning early, so in the past I have prayed Shacharis like 2 to 4 in the afternoon. One- is it acceptable to do this, and two, is it a Mitzvah? Finally do I still get spiritual benefit from praying the morning prayer later? Sometimes I have felt really close to Hashem davining way later than normal. Thanks in advance. Shalom.

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  • Reform Jews: How can I stop talking to this orthodox rabbi?

    I thought the rabbi was nice and had good intentions, but he just wants me to be orthodox. Hs puts me down for not being that observant in all the Jewish traditions, and tries to make me feel guilty like I did something wrong of immoral. However, I have known and talked to him for a while. He has given me food and provided me with Shabbat meals. How do I stop talking to him, when he has become such a big part of me? I want to make it clear I have no desire to talk to him anymore. He puts me down for not keeping kosher, and so called breaking Shabbat. It is hard to stop talking to someone who you have known for so long. 

    P.S. To orthodox Jews who just want to spew hatred and judge and not be tolerable of reform beliefs, dont bother as answering.

    Thanks in advance 

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  • Jews and Christians- What do you think my vision last night meant?

    In the middle of the night last night in the living room, I saw a blue light (the color of terrible ice as it says in ezekiel, or lightish darkish royalish blue) and it gradually got bigger. It formed two wing-shaped structures, and there was a rectangular bottom and something that looked like a blue head on the top (just like Ezekiel saw the glory of The Lord). I was facing north, towards "jealousy" as it says in Ezekiel.

    What could this have meant?

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  • Atheists: Why do you deny that the universe existed infinity years ago?

    Time has no limits. You could keep going back an eon in physical time and you wouldn't reach the beginning.

    Thus, there is a God that created the physical universe a finite number of years ago in physical time.

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  • Christians: Do you have specific views for interpreting the significance of the presence of Christ as the Son?

    As it says in the Bible, we are manifested by the flesh of the Lord. The flesh of the Lord is the life for how we perceive things in this world. We are sinful and perceive things differently in this world, thus anything we see in this world has to be powered by the Holy Spirit of the Son, giving manifested wisdom unto us in this world.

    I view this world as anything we think of, and our desires. Since we aware of patterns in it that relate to the goodness of God's wisdom, life itself is not possible unless the Son of God were visible unto our sight and senses. Since the flesh of the Lord has given us life, the sensing of the righteousness of the Holy Spirit of God is flesh for how we perceive Him in this world. If we merily saw things in this world and said it is God, that in my view is not enough, because we are perceiving our surroundings and experiences in our own way.

    I view the light of this world for "knowing how to give good gifts unto our children." Flesh had to come out from God for us to physically perceive this world, as a manifestation of God's Holy Spirit. If this were not true, the Earth would not be Lord's footstool, which it is. I view Earth as having all good manifestations of wisdom in nature, and our thoughts being correlated with changes in nature. But since our thoughts vary, for us to know goodness in this world, there must be begotten flesh of the Lord giving wisdom unto us for how we perceive things.

    Do you have any specific views for the manifestation of Christ here for the Son of God? Are there any specific thoughts you have of this relating to our natural surroundings? Thank you.

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  • Do you have any specific recommendations or criticisms for these pieces I composed?

    The first piece I expect to get much criticism, since it is a waltz that is quite boring. The second piece is an etude that has similar variations to Chopin's etude in f major, and I also expect to get some criticism.

    Thank you.

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  • Can it be said that my Spanish teacher is not qualified to teach?

    I have enjoyed speaking Spanish to people in public, and using it in everyday life. I have done five full school years of Spanish including Spanish 1 in 6th and 7th grade. Now I am in Spanish 5 in 12th grade. These are the basic yet significant criticisms I have of her.

    She has a DEFINITE English accent when she talks. It's not that I can't learn words from her, but part of the language is learning how to make out words in different types of sounds, and learning those sounds. That's the beauty of learning it in the first place.

    When she says things, she sounds like a complete American accent, which is degrading to me as a student and my abilities. Her saying "yo estoy,", for example, just sounds pathetic.

    She makes numerous and unacceptable grammatical errors. She mistakes the el, ella, and usted preterite tenses with the yo. She said she begun something in the el, ella, and usted verb conjugations. She does this VERY often when she speaks, so much that a good listener will easily notice. The first day I noticed over ten mistakes.

    Last but not least, she stutters when she speaks, and uses English WORDS when she "loses" her train of thought. When she tells the class directions of what to do for the day, she says it in the most basic form possible, with many gramatical errors. No verb conjugations in the subjunctive too much or out of the ordinary adjectives, just things like "Quierow kay AHcer tu tarea ahora," very demeaning to our abilities.

    It's not so much that I can't learn words from her, in fact it's more about learning grammar techniques the right way. The best analogy I can give would be a pure foreign accent like Chinese IN the English language. This is almost exactly how this "teacher" talks in Spanish.

    Thank you.

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  • Orthodox Jews or very observant Jews: Since I am not orthodox, how in the world can I be if...?

    my parents won't buy kosher food, make me go to the doctor on Saturday, never go to synogogue anymore, don'y study the Torah with me, I don't know what most Hebrew words mean, and I never had a Bar Mitzvah? I feel very small, lonely, sad, and excluded compared to what I feel like is right. I am conservative right now but love studying the Torah.

    Thank you.

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  • Why have religious or very observant Jews not come to realize that food laws were only for disobedience?

    They made sacrifices on the altars, for example, and had specific food laws that God commanded the Israelites because they turned to other God's and broke many of God's commandments out of Egypt. God needed to establish divine recognition of commandments for future generations.

    God said to Noah that EVERYTHING on Earth he could eat and not be held accountable. How do very observant Jews explain this?

    Thank you.

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  • Atheists: Do you believe we were conscious in a way before we were born?

    Obviously we couldn't experience physical pain. But do you believe we had spirits before we were born? This leads me to the next question. How do you think our spirits were born on Earth?

    You can say it was chemicals in the universe, but no matter can be created or destroyed, and the universe existed infinity years ago. Thus, we can conclude that in the origin of the universe, chemicals were not together. Even if they were, what are your views for how can they form a fully functioning brain that can see the universe around us?

    Thank you.

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  • Christians: How do you interpret the words of the Lord to Moses, No man shall see my face and live.?

    I am not a Christian and would like to know how you interpret this spiritually.

    Thank you.

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  • Christians: Why does the "flesh" of the Lord have to be something that our own sinful eyes can see?

    My belief is that this is not true. Blood did come out from God to make flesh, and he sustains life as our conscience, but the flesh is simply HIS CREATIONS in His image in this world. We do sin in our flesh, but flesh was needed in this world for life, which IS the righteous emotions of God. Flesh is seeing, perceiving, hearing, and understanding as it states in Isaiah.

    Thus, since flesh is how we created us in our image so we could understand His wisdom on Earth, the flesh of us is simply the emotions God wanted us to have. So God perceives everything in this world with His spirit and righteousness. The flesh of the Lord is everything around us because the Earth is the Lord's footstool.

    As I have said in the question, it is an impossibility to perceive something that can SEE and KNOW perfection and that IS PERFECTION if with OUR FLESH, we still have sin in this world. As God said to Moses, thou shalt surely die if you see my face. You cannot see the perfect flesh of the Lord and live, because His flesh is not something OUR EYES can SEE.

    The way to draw nigher unto the Lord is to connect to His righteous emotions. We are resurrected from our bodies when we die. Accepting that our flesh in God's image we still sin in is the way to repent. God powers our flesh, and He can SEE and PERCEIVE things in this world everywhere. He is everything and knows all.

    A lot of Christians will like to think much into it and say, "dirty flesh." We are sinful not because OUR FLESH is dirty, but because our SPIRITS do not have ways as high as the Lord. God gave us flesh IN THIS WORLD so we could understand His righteous ways more.

    The flesh inside ourselves is how we perceive things in this world, and this is the reason God has given us live; to be consciensous of His ways. THE LIFE of the Lord dewlth all around the heavens and the Earth, and no matter how you put it, making it on Earth is not spiritually righteous.

    Thank you.

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  • Christians: Have you born perceivable witness that is a sign of Christ?

    I have seen unexplainable changes in the weather. The last memory I had was a goldish ball from the east following me as I walked south in the morning. It was not the moon, because it doesn't follow you like the "slight movement" type of momentum. Basically I would step forward, and the ball would go forward in the distance. The sky cleared up when I did this. This occured on Saturday, December 8th, 2012 last year. It wasn't the Sun because it had too much movement, and the it was clearly up close. It was basically a tiny ball, much tinier than the Sun, surrounded by a little bit of golden light.

    Stories would be nice to know.

    Thank you.

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  • Last year I was threatened by the principal of being kicked out if I didn't do what she wanted?

    I was on horrible medications for mental reasons for a long time. They said I had ADHD at first, and then they said I didn't have it. Then they put me on crazy anti-psychotics which caused anger, range, mood swings, and anxiety. When I got off them I was happier and laughed like my normal self and they considered me to have mania and bipolar, which I know I don't have. I do not believe it even exists.

    In the beginning of the school year before Christmas, I was not seeing things, but had divinic inspirations of Christ coming the second time (this is not meant to offend anyone of other religions). I said I was seeing things like stars falling from the heavens because I felt more righteous and connected to God to say something divinic that I would have seen in Christ's second coming (as far as my beliefs go).

    In school, for 3 days on Monday through Wednesday we did a social studies lab renaissance project in the media center. People laughed, cussed, and goofed off the entire class. I did the same thing just to make up for it, but the way I did it was telling people some of my visions. One vision I had that I actually believed was a golden ball of light in the sky following me (it wasn't the Sun because it was traveling to the west in the morning).

    So I did that for three days. In first period in Spanish, I told everyone in the class my thoughts and disrupted the class because I said, "The second coming of Christ is coming very soon," and I laughed a lot. I did the same for other classes, and the teachers would just tell me to calm down or hold yourself together. When I was on tranquilizers, my irritability was so bad that I couldn't find fun with anyone and cussed out teachers, including calling out in class and saying inappropriate comments.

    My parents before this have sent me to mental hospitals many times, but they got worried so they sent me again. My dad and I had a minor conflict, so then they forced medicine unto me saying I would get an injection if I refused to take it. Then my dad started yelling more like usual, and I wrecked some of my belongings out of frustration for how I though I was being treated. I got sent a third time, that time with medicine that makes it harder to breathe even more than a traditional anti-psychotic.

    I missed about 35 days of school, and I was able to make up all of the world. However, I still felt mistreated. All the mental hospitals I went to before didn't have a policy in which they forced medicine. I should note that I was just turning 17 when I was there, and over 17 when I left. As a result, I stopped the medicine, and my parents like to tell people things and in a way, gossip. I felt happier and joyful like I was 5 before I started the ADHD medications. I should also note that I stopped the tranquilizers last summer in 2012 and had good behavior and felt great and made friends in my neighborhood. Then they say, you "crash" and have a "manic episode." Really, pretty much everyone does at some point or another, especially during teen years.

    The principal obviously found out and said she couldn't accept me at school unless I take the medicine. Her reason was to keep other kids safe and have it so they can learn. REALLY? So suspend me or give me discipline. She first said to me, "I don't mean to invade on your personal business, but..." I said to her, "So you're expelling me," and she says, "You know I would never do that." The next day is when she in a way ate her own words. So I took the medicine simply because I wanted to finish eleventh grade.

    I want to start off by saying that her logic is very flawed. A disruption at school is not any different than people who cuss or yell in class or in the halls. Should these people be "expelled?" Get real. Maybe she could deny me credits for the year because I missed a lot, but just the fact that I was gone so long gives her no right to kick me out. I didn't disrupt that much anyway.

    I don't want to be miserable, yet I still would like to graduate. But my health is more important, and this is a constant, everyday thing. Senior year is supposed to be fun in many ways, and I don't want to be feeling like a zombie that can't breathe every second.

    I'd like to know what you think about this, and what you think I should do. Help is needed. Thank you.

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  • Christians- What is the reason that Jews support biblical arguments by saying that Jesus Christ was a Jew?

    Just because you are born a Jew does not mean you are a "Jew." A Jew, according to the Torah and the Talmud, is someone living on Earth by the expectations of God seeking to be with God and his waters of righteousness. Jesus Christ was not a "Jew" simply because he practiced it. It's like saying that if you study psalms and "say" you believe in the Mosaic convenant you are a Jew. Yet psalms warn about people who proclaim they know a faith, yet have no love in their hearts and will never be quenched and be consumed by the flame of the Lord. Jeremiah 22 talks about false prophets and concerns to this well.

    Thank you.

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  • Christians- What is the reason that Jews support biblical arguments by saying that Jesus Christ was a Jew?

    The fact that God practiced Judaism first of all does not have anything to to with the true faith itself of the gospels. Secondly, Christ practiced Judaism on Earth, but his heavenly kingdom is every good thing possible in abundance. Religion in this case is meaningless because Jesus did what was meant to be done on Earth, which included even teaching at the synagogues.

    Thank you.

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  • Atheists: How did we have our own unique emotions from the time we were born?

    This leads me to ask why you don't believe in God, because we didn't just miraculously think going out of our mother's womb.

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  • Atheists: If we can think when we were born in a different way then we obviously were before were were born,?

    and the fact that we couldn't control being born with brain like qualities (not counting mass and scientific theories), why don't you believe in a God that created us, not just physically like mass particles, but mentally with a mind?

    P.S.- And for you atheists, to make a point with science, no matter can be created or destroyed, so we didn't just miraculously have thoughts in us that were the same as if were on the star Alpha Centauri, for example. You could agrue that we grow and change our way of thinking, but we can feel emotion from the time we are born.

    I'm interested to hear your input. Thanks.

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  • Christians: How do you interpret the importance of this quote relating to the Son?

    "A man cannot serve two masters. For he will either love one, and hate the other, or hold to one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon."

    The Son of God has manifested all of the qualities of God into us as the Holy Spirit of God. We would not have life without the Son, and God Christ himself can live without flesh, and so is everybody who is resurrected and returns to his glorious kingdom. We do evil from the choices we make with flesh, and as Jesus Christ states, "My ways are higher than your ways."God does not need a heart to even try to resist evil, thus the Son of God himself is merely a one good and holy spirit but flesh for how we perceive it, affecting every aspect of our lives.


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