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  • Changing contract 1 week before basic?

    My recruiter told me that at the time the only way I could enlist was to go reserves, I was dumb enough to think that was my only option when I could have just waited and gotten active duty with an mos of my choice. I ship out July 12 and want to change my contract. I will talk to my recruiter about it today but don't know what to expect. Can they discharge me for choosing not to ship because I'm unhappy with my contract? Can they say the can't do anything and just ship me? I know I will regret it if I go reserves, and I've been stupid enough to just go along with what they've said instead of making up my own mind. I am joining the marines.

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  • Why is my stomach bloated all the time?

    I had constipation as a child, nowadays I have at least one bowel movement per day. Though I've begun to eat more fiber, exercise and avoid dairy products, the bloating still persists though not as badly as it once was. In the mornings I am not very bloated but as soon as I eat something my stomach gets bigger. Spicy foods upset my stomach and make it bloat a lot.

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  • Why is my stomach bloated all the time?

    I had constipation as a child, nowadays I have at least one bowel movement per day. Though I've begun to eat more fiber, exercise and avoid dairy products, the bloating still persists though not as badly as it once was. In the mornings I am not very bloated but as soon as I eat something my stomach gets bigger. Spicy foods upset my stomach and make it bloat a lot.

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  • What's the name of this Disco song with female singer?

    The lyrics go something like "you can be my better man....because I love you" and then there's a female chorus that goes something like "woo hoo woo hoo" or maybe it's "ooh hoo ooh hoo"

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  • Why does my right eye itch sometimes?

    Sometimes my right eye will get itchy, and rarely my left eye. The itchiness doesn't happen as often now, but my right eye lid droops down a little compared to my left one. I know its probably not a big deal but I was just wondering, anyways thanks for answering.

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  • Why do I feel bloated all the time?

    Since a very young age I've had problems with constipation. Nowadays I have almost no problems with my bowel movements, I go at least once a day. Along with the constipation I used to have, there was also bloating, which still persists to this day. For the most part I have ignored it since it caused no pain but only discomfort. The point is, I'd like to get rid of this bloating for good I don't want to live with it for the rest of my life. What could be causing it?

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  • I stepped on my dog's leg?!?

    So I decided to take him with me jogging, at first we were just walking because I was worried I would step on him. Then after awhile it seemed like I could start running after a few seconds I stepped on what felt was his leg. He started making the sound dogs make when they're in pain and after he stopped I carried him home (he's still young) As I carried him blood started coming out of his penis which made me freak out. Right now he's walking around, he's not limping and a few drops of blood are still coming out, what should I do? Is this serious?

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  • Scientifically speaking, what causes beauty/uglyness?

    My knowledge is vague about this subject. I know that beauty = better genes, fertility, health, etc. I also remember reading somewhere that better nutrition means you'll be better looking. I'm looking for a good explanation. thanks in advance

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  • I need a girl's advice about this message I received?

    I received it from some girl in myspace I want to know what it means because I'm not sure what she means by "Im looking for something casual". Also, I find it strange that she would use her friends account and not her own account but I'm aware that there's the possibility she doesn't have an account...Im probably over-analyzing this too much, here's the message:




    Hiya there!

    I'm new to this, so stick with me! I saw your profile page and wanted to contact you. I consider myself to be very good-looking. I love being active, I work out twice a week or more. I also love to travel Presently, I'm looking for something casual. I did the whole long-term thing and need a break!

    FYI, I'm using one of my friend's personal accounts, so don..t respond directly to this message. So please use my own email instead: XXXXX at yahoo..

    Hoping to hear from you!

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  • I would like to interview someone who works in counseling/psychology?

    It's an assignment for one of my classes. Since I am interested in majoring in this field, for my assignment I have to interview someone who works in the field. Its a fairly long interview so if you don't want to answer all the questions then it's ok, I just need to get the general idea about what working in the field is like. Thank you in advance.

    I. Job Duties and Responsibilities

    What is a typical day like for you?

    Who do you report to?

    How are you evaluated?

    What gives you the most trouble?

    What part of your job do you like the most?

    What is your least favorite part?

    II. Skills, Experience, and/or Training Necessary for Entry

    How did you get into this line of work?

    If you had to do it over, what would you do to enter this field knowing what you know now?

    If you were in my position what would you do to get into this field?

    What are the best training sites (if applicable) networking sites?

    Do you have any additional certifications or trainings that you feel is a must?

    III. Needs and Values (company climate, setting, physical/mental demands, etc.)

    What do people in this field value or reward?

    Close supervision? Autonomy? Work alone? Work in teams? Specifics?

    Rate the level of stress in this work on a scale form 1 to 10. Please give some specific examples of t he kinds of stress.

    What are the mental requirements of this job?

    What are the physical requirements of this job?

    What are some important characteristics someone in this field should have?

    IV. Employment

    Describe the employment climate in this field? Growing? Shrinking? Trends?

    What is the turnover rate in this field? Is hiring seasonal? If so, when?

    What is the best way to get hired in this field?

    How did you get your job?

    Are there any current openings? Last hire? Next hire?

    V. Compensation

    Salary ranges? Entry level? Potential? Overtime? Benefits?

    VI. Is there anything I should have asked you that I didn’t?

    VII. Is there anyone else that you’d recommend that I talk to?

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  • What is an observational mean? a theoretical mean?

    I need help with my Statistics homework and don't understand what these two terms mean

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  • I am planning to buy this laptop, will it be able to run Oblivion on high settings?

    here are the specs:

    Genuine Windows ® Vista Home Premium Edition

    Anti-glare, widescreen 15.4 inch display (1280x800)

    256MB NVIDIA® GeForce® Go 8600M GT

    2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz

    80GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)

    I think the graphics card has turbocache so Im wondering how much main memory it will use up and whether this will negatively affect performance since it has Vista.

    Any suggestions to make the game run as smoothly as possible are appreciated.

    thanks in advance

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  • Can anyone please help me choose a laptop for college/gaming?

    I'll be going to college in the fall so I'm going to buy a laptop. I have never bought one before so I don't know where to begin looking for one. Im looking for an affordable laptop that I can rely on.

    I hear that macs are good overall but not so great for gaming.

    im not sure about dell....

    also, the specific games that I will be playing are Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion and World of Warcraft

    preferably a laptop that has Windows xp

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  • Should I buy a Mac or a PC?

    I will soon go to college and am planning to get a laptop, I will also use it to play which would be better? im not so sure about the pc because of Vista..and macs are expensive...also does WoW play better on a pc or a mac?

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  • did you know the game Boxhead: 2 play rooms was released today?

    I just found it today, didn't even know they were making a new one, here is the site:

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  • what do you think of this?(GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION)?

    To: The Governament of the United Stes of America

    From: The Citizens of the United States of America

    We The People During the course of human history, there have always been wars, and despots who rule without care to the people they are supposed to serve. Over the preceding decades, history has recorded the erosion of an experiment so grand in scale, so beautifully conceived, that no other form of government in the history of the world could lay claim to the peace and prosperity that was in the original promise to it's people. We, the People of the United States, do declare that the current government no longer represents us or our interests. We hereby make the following statements:

    1) The wars that you have pressed in our name, from Vietnam to the current Iraq War, were prosecuted in the name of furthering peace, freedom, and democracy. We know now that you have lied to us, and that these wars were perpetrated in the furtherance of corporate gain.

    2) You have violated the laws of our country with your illegal wiretapping programs, laying bare our most personal and intimate moments and information about us, in order to further control our thoughts and movement, and to perpetuate the fear among our populace.

    3) You have passed illegal legislation without the consent of We the People, in the forms of the Patriot Act, and the ensuing Patriot Act II. You have continually passed further bills and legislation, again without the consent of We the People, in order to dismantle the very Constitution of the United States, thereby depriving us of the protections that our forefathers had the clarity of mind to foresee.

    4) You have plundered our nation's treasure by giving absolute power to a non government entity, ie; the Federal Reserve Bank. The issuance of money by a private entity who then sells that money back to us with interest has had the effect of enslaving us all to a worthless monetary system. You have further allowed for the removal of our nation's store of gold and silver to this same private entity, albeit for "safekeeping".

    5) You have fostered and sheltered a culture of corruption in our nation's capitol city. Bribery and Lobbying are rampant, and have increased tenfold under your current regime's watch.

    6) You have failed utterly to defend the sovereignty of the borders of the United States, and actually idly stand by as invaders from foreign lands cross our borders with impunity.

    7) You have slashed funding for social safety net programs across the board, causing harm, sickness, homelessness, starvation, and even death to a great number of our fellow countrymen and women.

    Because of these egregious acts we hereby make the following demands of you, our elected public servants:

    1) Immediately and fully release and disclose all documents and information pertaining to the events on the 11th of September, in the year 2001.

    2) Immediately declare a halt to the hostilities in the countries where our brave soldiers are dying and being maimed, not in the cause of freedom, but for the corporations unto whom you are beholden.

    3) Forthwith and immediately cease and desist your illegal domestic spying programs.

    4) Immediately and forthwith discard and repeal all Patriot Act legislation, along with any and all related bills.

    5) We demand the removal of our nation's treasure from the custody of the Federal Reserve Bank, and have it returned to the people's depository in Fort Knox, Kentucky, and other secure People's depositories.

    6) Immediately halt and cease any and all lobbying efforts by private entities seeking to influence our nation's policy by bribery and coercion.

    7) We demand a secure border. We demand the halt of any plans to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico, forming the Greater North American Union. We demand that you withdraw us from the WTO treaties, NAFTA treaties, CAFTA treaties, and all other treaties that are destroying and outsourcing jobs from our country.

    8) We demand the immediate reinstitution of monies to be allocated for programs for the poor. We demand the defense budget be re-examined and the money saved from cutting un needed defense programs be diverted to stop the starvation of children in our country.

    We further demand the dismantlement of the "faith based" initiatives, as they have been proven ineffective and corrupt. These declarations are non-negotiable, and We the People make these demands in good conscience and with conviction. We state further that should criminal activity be discovered, that the perpetrators be brought to justice, regardless of the office he or she may hold at this time. We the People remind our government that dissent is a right guaranteed to us in our forefather's framework and we exercise that right here and now with these Statements and Demands.

    Written and Signed this day, the 13th day of October, in the year 2006.

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  • Have you seen Ryan Fitzgerald's video on youtube?

    he's even been featured in the might have seen him

    here's the link to his video:

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • What is the most mysterious paranormal phenomenon?

    out of all the paranormal, what is the most fascinating and unknown phenomenon, very hard to explain even with science. that it truly defies all that we know...

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  • did you know that Barack Obama made a myspace?

    I was logging to my myspace when in the "cool new people" section I saw someone named Daniel, some other guy and then Barack Obama......I instantly laughed, its freakin hilarious that he made a myspace. hahaha he is a leo...and his hometown is I don't know I just think its would be uber hilarious if Hillary makes a myspace too....oh man I'll laugh my *** off if she does that...anyways here is his myspace

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