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  • Are Mitch and Lindsey racists?

    In 2016, with 8 months until election day, the President Obama chose someone to fill a Supreme Court vacancy due to the death of Justice Scalia. Both Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham said that there would not be a senate vote on a new justice because it was an election year. Both said the people should have a voice in the choosing of a new justice, and the next president should choose not the sitting one. fast forward 4 years. Both men now say the sitting presiden should choose and they will push that person through despite it being less than 2 months to election day. Are those 2 old white men showing their true racist colors? The black man must leave office, but the white man can pick and get his choice pushed through?

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  • Reparations?

    England use to round up what they termed "street urchins" (poor kids, homeless kids, kids that ran the streets) and sold them into slavery to tobacco farmers in Virginia. White kids sold into slavery. If we have to pay reparations to descendants of the black slave trade, why not to the descendants of the white slave trade? They were slaves, and not treated like members of any family.

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  • Best flea medicine (oral) for dogs?

    What is the best oral flea medication for dogs? Over the counter, please. My dog fights the topical kind. 

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  • Where are the notifications?

    I had them this morning and now they're gone. It just says it doesn't exist. Anyone else with this problem?

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  • How is it that a certain user can say god gave gifts to everyone and that's why there were sorcerers, and then say you get nothing?

    until you are quickened back to life by HS baptism? Which is it, user? Does god give to everyone and some use the gifts for evil, or does god save the gifts for those who are HS baptized? It can't be both.

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  • Does God love all of us or just a chosen few?

    I have answered several questions and have been told by a certain user that God does not love everyone. I have been told God hates me. I believe God loves us all, regardless. What do you think? 

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  • What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

    I am thankful for my family, friends, dogs and cats, and even this community. 

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  • Could this be seen as kidnapping?

    Pompeo was scheduled to meet with Merkle in Germany, but then cancelled and went somewhere else. He told the press people they were now going to an undisclosed location and they could NOT report anything about it. Personally, it sounds like kidnapping. Even if they got on the plane willingly, they were told where they were going. Now, who knows where they are and what's happening to them.

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  • Sprirtually speaking, who is the liar?

    Scene: you and me. You are sick and ask me to go to the store and get you some soup. I say okay. Then I go and phone a friend and tell them that you said you want them to bring you soup. Who is the liar: you or me?

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  • Why doesn't Trump and the rest of corporate America pay for the wall?

    Instead of putting the burden of the Trump Memorial Wall on the taxpayers, why doesn't Trump just ask all his rich friends to pay for it? Trump could put in the first billion, since he's got so much money.

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  • How are you spending your Christmas day?

    I'm spending time with family, having a nice meal, maybe take some pictures. Merry Christmas to all. Happy Holidays!

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  • "I wasn't aware of the rules"? Really?

    Ivanka Trump got popped using her private email for government business. She did the same thing as Hillary Clinton, yet there are no calls for her to go to prison. In fact, she said she wasn't aware of the rules. Why do I find that so hard to believe?

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  • Why was my query deleted?

    I know it was just an update, but it was good news and not offensive at all. I just wanted to thank everyone, but someone thought they should get rid of it. I don't move or delete questions. If I find it distasteful, I just don't answer, or maybe just post a snarky remark. But, really, folks. Why?

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  • Groggy dog?

    I took my dog to get spayed this morning. ( 9-10) I had gone to get her this afternoon like they said, but she was still extremely groggy. The woman said they had to give her more anesthesia because she wouldn't go to sleep. The vet came and looked at her, said she was just still very groggy from it, so they are keeping her. The vet reassured me that she if fine, and they are keeping her over night to sleep it off. Has this happened to anyone else? I have never had this happen before.

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  • Would you like an update?

    I have been telling you about my nephew Edmund James. Well, they found a heart problem. They also found a surgeon who looked over his charts and said "No problem". He had his surgery this morning and is already showing improvement. And for the first time, the doctors are talking about WHEN he gets to go home instead of IF. Keep him and his folks in your thoughts, prayers, circles, whatever it is you do to send out positive energy to the universe. And be thankful for all the doctors, nurses, surgeons, interns, etc. that work at every hospital. Because of their dedication, my little nephew has a real shot at a normal life. Thanks in advance to all who send a thought his way.

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  • May I update and ask for your prayers once again?

    I asked before for prayers, good thoughts, candles lit, and all for my great nephew Edmund James. We thought we were going to lose him. The doctors had told my niece they should get ready for the worst because they could not find a way to stop the bleeding on his brain. Well, something worked, because it has stopped. The doctors have also said the damaged areas are healing up fine. He is going to be taken off one of the machines monday to see how he can get by. His parents fought to keep him there and I am so glad they did. He is a fighter, a strong one! Once again I ask for anything you send his way. Thank you all.

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  • May I thank you all for your support?

    Recently, I asked for prayers for my great nephew who is currently in the hospital. He was born very early due to complications. I just received word he is doing better, internal organs are getting stronger, he even had some mother's milk. His bodily functions are working fine. He has some bleeding on the brain, but they are taking care of it and monitoring him 24/7 for changes. So, thanks to those who sent their prayers, thought, whatever his way. Peace to all.

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  • May I ask for prayers?

    My niece just had her baby. She lost her first one about 2 months along, but she kept this one until 2 days ago. Due to complications, they took the baby at 6 1/2 months, otherwise both mother and child would've died. My niece has recovered, and baby is stable just very small. I saw pictures. He is covered in sensors, has breathing tubes, so much machinery on a tiny baby. I am asking for any prayers, candles, good thoughts, anything, to be sent their way. The baby is named Edmund James. Thank you all in advance.

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