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  • Symbols, subscripts, etc.?

    How does one insert sub- and superscripts in answers here, as well as things like Delta or degree symbols?

    Please forgive my ignorance...


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  • Symmetrically typed English words?

    Years ago, I heard a word puzzle that involved words that are typed symmetrically on the keyboard. If your hands are in the standard "home" position, and you type the word "eighty" you type the first letter and the second letter with the same fingers of the left and then right hands on the corresponding keys. The rest of the word is the same way. So, "eighty" is a word that is typed symmetrically. A second word with this property is "sleigh". I seem to remember that there is a third English word with this property, but I can't think of it. I think that it is another 6-letter word like these. Can anyone help?

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