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  • Why people exactly dislike CoD IW?

    Yeah, i know that people dislike it because is the same thing every year, but the last time that happened (Black Ops II trailer) is now one of the most played games of the old gen and.

    i'm quite sure that will be a bestselling game, as always, specially for MW Remastered.

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  • I can't go to a psychiatrist?

    I hide my problem due to lack of confidence and no one can know how bad I feel inside, explained to my parents one million times that i have to go to the psychiatrist, but they take it as if he were just sadness, I'm desperate, things do not stop worsen in my mind, no matter how positive i'm trying to be.

    I always return one step behind,

    I have 16 years old, three with depression, i think i can still save my life once i get real help because if this gets worse not know what else might happen.

    Due to my words you might think how bad i'm feeling right now, i only need a logical response, please.

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  • My PS4 is burning up?

    What i should do? change to Xbox? anyway it seems to be unable to turn on again.

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  • My PC can run Oculus Rift?

    Intel Pentium 2 355mhz

    128mb Ram

    ATI 3d Rage Pro 8mb

    10gb Harddrive

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  • Why my aswers have been deleted?

    Im asking normal things, i do not hurt anyone, so that someone erased my questions ?, I'm a little sad because I had questions since 2011 and now a moderator delete them :(

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  • My questions are invisible why?

    I asked for help in my native language, but receive only silly answers (???) I Need help please. I think an abusive moderator did it, he probably hates me :(

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  • ¿Me siento solo :(?

    Desde que tengo depresión e roto muchos lazos de amistad con amigos, ahora me siento muy solo, no por no tener a nadie a quien contarle el sueño que tuve o que comí en la mañana, siento un vacio donde no puedo abrazar a nadie, no puedo contarle mis problemas, se siente mal eso, mucha gente con la que fui feliz ahora solo pasarian de mi si me vieran. Creo que el mundo es muy injusto, por que no todo es felicidad y ya?...

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