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  • I need to make a 32ft square of LED's on my roof?

    I'm just in need of the 90 degree connectors before I buy but none of the amazon companies I look at seem to sell that with their products so I was wondering if anyone has used (Preferably UK) companies that provide both or will most of the 4 pin connectors you buy from the dealers fit the majority of Led Strips?

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  • MacBook CD Drive problems?


    So recently I went on holiday and put my laptop back into my bag and a loose CD was in there which got jammed in my CD slot! It didn't mess up the CD that was originally in there, because it still plays fine.... but it has done some damage and I can not get that CD out, It's been like this for a while now! I'm a DJ and I need to burn CD's etc. but i'm going to work in America on the 1st of next month! what places will be able to fix it in time? I'm willing to go to apple to get it fixed if thats my last resort but I know they will rip me off!

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

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  • IMovie Transitions Help!?

    I'm creating a few Time Lapses and I don't want the picture to be jumpy I like it so that it flows smoothly from picture to picture. The Time Lapses I am working on are in excess of 600 photos and the only way I know how to add transitions is by dragging and dropping them or copy and pasting, Is there anyway I can automatically add a Transition after every photograph?

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  • Vibram Five Fingers Size Help?

    I currently have a pair of Vibram Five Fingers in size M43 (If that is the size) the shoe doesn't have any UK sizes written on it and I am looking to purchase another pair off the internet. The shoes I have now fit me perfectly but i'm not sure if they are a 9.5 or a 10.

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  • Petal Lens Hood for AF-S Nikkor 55-300mm?

    I was wondering if there was a decent Petal Hood For my Nikkor 55-300mm and my 18-55mm lenses.

    Not too sure if Nikon manufactures Petal hoods for these lenses, but I am willing to buy a decent third party hood.

    Any Suggestions?

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  • What website can i watch Full F1 Race of Belgium Spa in USA for free?

    I'm a UK Citizen on holiday in USA and have missed the Belgium Grand Prix, BBC I-Player won't allow me to watch it because i'm not in the UK! i want to watch it before the Italian one this weekend :)

    any help would be much appreciated

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  • What Bars show Formula 1 on Clearwater beach and what Time?

    I'm on Holiday in clearwater and don't want to miss the Formula 1 at Spa & Monza..... what bar's show full coverage of F1 or what channels on TV show it? and what time do they show them because i know the UK has it reasonably early so the US must be about 5am ish!

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  • is there an American equivalent to

    I was wondering if there was an equivalent website to for America..... Preferably Florida!

    I'm going on holiday there and was wondering if i could find any cool experience days like Race car driving etc.


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