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  • Is my goldfish stressed or sleeping ?

    I have just acclimated him to a new tank and the water levels are correct as well as the temp. He is staying at the bottom but will move if I put the air flow close to him. But doesn’t move if my African dwarf frogs touch him. He does seem to be breathing fast although I’ve never owned a goldfish before so I’m not sure if they always breath fast 

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  • How can I stick to this diet?

    So, I'm not necessarily overweight, but I'm just no longer comfortably with myself and the way I look. I'm confident but I feel I could be happier and healthier. My mom and dad are doing this diet their nutritionist told them to do where it's like low- carb high-fat and no sugar. Anyways, the nutritionist said it would be good if the whole family did it but I'm just not being able to stick to it. I CRAVE sugar SOOOOO bad and I'm just not really full after my meals. And when I'm bored, I eat. When I'm sad, I eat. It's getting really hard and I really just wanna feel healthier and better about myself again. So can you guys suggest some tips for me. Or some good recipes that are SUPER easy to make and don't require A TON of ingredients as I don't have much time to cook and stuff. I'm only 14 so maybe can you guys also suggest some healthy food that tastes like junk food, if there is any.


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  • So I m 14 years old and I m flying ALONE for the first time in my life.?

    I have to go through security and find my gate and seat all by myself. Any tips? What should I bring in my carry on (small backpack. The size of a purse)? Is that too small of a carry on? When do I go into the plane? Do I wait for a certain number to be called? What if I get bumped off my flight?

    As you can probably tell I have anxiety, especially on planes. Thanks for your help!

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