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  • How do I cast on my onn roku tv ?

    I have a 24 inch onn roku tv and want to know how to cast youtube onto my tv 

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  • How can i log into my google account ?

    So i just bought a new phone because my old one stopped working . it will no longer power on or charge . and from my new phone , i try to log in but device isn't recognized & it's telling me to use my old phone to recieve a code , but i can't use it , it's not usable . it also gives me other options like , even if my phone is offline it can still recieve a code , but like i said , phone won't work . so how can i log into my google account from new phone ? 

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  • Can I use a box from home Depot to ship using USPS ?

    I plan on shipping using USPS , but the boxes they have seem too small and I want to buy one at home Depot that'll fit what I got . Box is 22in x 16in x 15in & weighs about 18 pounds 

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  • Why can't I take alcohol over the u.s./Mexico border ?

    So I was planning to take alcohol from Mexico to USA & I was told it is no longer allowed . A few months months ago , I was able to take , but now , why not ? Does it have to do with the pandemic ? Why ?

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  • How much alcohol can I bring into USA from Mexico ?

    I plan to bring some for drinking , and this type of alcohol that can be used for a remedy .. I am taking the bus from Mexico to USA .

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  • Why does it feel like I have something in my throat whenever I try swallowing my saliva   ?

    It's like this weird feeling whenever I swallow . No , I am not sick . 

    Could it be Globus pharyngis ? I Googled that & said it could maybe be that & how can this sensation go away ? 

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  • What is this other hose behind my fridge ?

    Just bought a fridge & There's this skinny hose I already connected & I know it belongs there , but this other one I don't even know where to connect it .. I just sticked it on with tape since it's loose , don't even know what to do with it . My old one had the same skinny hose but it didn't have the thicker one on , just 1 hose .. both have ice makers , wondering why my old one didn't have that odd hose . what is it for ? I can't post a pic , idk why , but the hose is not that thick.. one end is already connected to the fridge and the other end has a little brass piece where I think it needs to be twisted and connected to something . I don't even know what it's for . I hope I explained myself good .. 

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  • When will the Saharan Dust reach the United States ?

    I heard some " dust " will reach parts of the u.s.a. , but I don't know when . I heard there will be nice sunsets and sunrises 

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  • Am I allowed to travel to Mexico by bus or by plane ?

    I plan on traveling like on the 28th of June 

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  • Can I get financial help from someone on Yahoo answers or someone out there so I can buy a car?

    I know it's not a good question to ask , but I have no other choice , but to ask on here which I know is not the right place

    I just want to explain my situation . Me & mother are thinking about quitting our jobs because we have no cars & it's very difficult for use to get someone to take us to work & we are close to getting evicted because we haven't payed rent & we haven't payed rent because we haven't gone to work because of no vehicle 😕 there would be times where we can't go to work because of no one being able to take us ... We have a car but it's been not drivable for several months and the cost of the fix is more expensive the the vehicle itself . We haven't been able to fix it because of financial problems .. we would like some nice car that would be good for me , 3 little ones & my mother .. there's times where people would not even help us out because simply , they don't like us 😕 & no we can't take Uber or Lyft since it's kind of expensive to take is to where we work & plus no card... please if there's any one that could help us out , we would really really appreciate it 🙏 I promise to pay it forward when I can ❤️

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    Is this true ? Is Donald Trump gonna be helping people out ?

    So people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless because of job loss will be helped ? 

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  • Why does my car key get stuck in the ignition ?

    I have a 2009 Chevrolet Impala & the key gets stuck in the ignition . I have to take this plastic off and push this little button for it to be removed . The car has transmission & shifter problems . Could that be why the key gets stuck ? 

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    Why can't I comment until June 30th on Facebook ?

    I barely even comment & when I comment , it's nothing bad at all , I couldn't even like/react , comment or post & didn't even know for how long that was , but I was relieved when I could start doing that , but now I can't comment til June 30th ? I don't even post or comment nothing bad . Someone playing with me ?

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  • Is there any secret way to get out of temporary Facebook jail ?

    When I was uploading a meme on Facebook , right where it says " uploading " it said you have been temporarily blocked from performing this action . Like what did I do wrong ? , I didn't do anything . I can't post or comment ... I don't think it was because of the funny meme I'm trying to post , it's not offensive in any way , can't be copyright , because I shared it directly from a meme page . Must've been something else , but like I said , I've done NOTHING wrong , I know the rules 😕 & I didn't get a notification , the way I knew was when it said " upload failed , you have been temporarily blocked from performing this action " it has been almost 48 hrs . I need help Any possible explanation ?

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  • Why have I been temporarily blocked from posting or commenting on Facebook ?

    I have done absolutely nothing wrong . I tried posting something & it says " upload failed , you have been temporarily blocked from performing this action " 

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  • Can I mix baking soda & toothpaste to brush my teeth?

    I want my teeth to look whiter . Wondering if it's safe

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  • How to remove a dent from heel part of shoe ?

    I got a Nike Roshe shoe that I want to fix .. it's like a dent or fold where the back is . I want to remove that dent/fold to make them look better

  • Will I receive my order before shipping updates ?

    I ordered some things from wish April 24th & updates seem to take a long time . Here is shipping info of latest update :

    Item #1 . May 8, 2020

    Depart from Departure Transit Hub, TWN


    Item #2 . May 1, 2020

    Departed from customs of destination country, US,USA

    Someone told me it's possible I can get them before it updated again

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    Am I able to travel to Mexico by plane or by bus?

    Which one do I have a better chance at ?

    I was on the u.s. embassy website where people asked them questions about coronavirus and traveling & this is what I saw

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  • Why is my video blurry or pixelated when uploaded to Facebook ?

    The settings where it says " upload in HD " is on , but it still looks low quality 

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