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  • Any one else know of an 18yr old high school senior stripping to live on her own?

    There is a young woman in my nephews senior class working at a local strip club. She ad a falling out with her parents, began stripping and got her own apartment. I'm sure there are others out there as 18yr old women are highly sought in adult entertainment.

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  • Any one's son/daughter's girlfriend live with them during High School?

    My son's girlfriend lived with us during their senior year. She shared his room with him. She did not get along with her stepmom so her dad dropped her off to live with our son.

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  • Anyone else know a high school senior that is married?

    My niece recently married her fiancé. They have been together for 3yrs and have one child. He is a couple years older than she is. She will be 18 in September. He was in the Air Guard and working construction. He has decided to enter the Active Duty Air Force to provide insurance for their family and will be off training for a new job then establishing them when he obtains his base assignment. She begins her senior year Sept 1st. They've had their own apartment renting from family for a little over a year now.

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  • How do I convince my 16yr old pregnant Niece to breastfeed?

    My niece moved in with me temporarily and is 7 mos pregnant. I would like to encourage her to breastfeed not only for the babies sake but also to save $$. I'm sure she would qualify for assistance with formula. I just keep hearing kids do not get sick as much if breasfed vs formula. She will be 17 in 1 month & thus stayed with me when her parents moved out of state to finish school & then will marry the father who is in the service.

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  • Why do parents wrongly believe they can put their daughters on birth control?

    Many times I see parents mentioning putting their daughters on birth control, despite the fact they can not legally do so. It must 1st be discussed with the daughter and she has the final say, doctors can not RX or give birth control without the patients consent.

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  • Laptop Monitor why are lines comming across ?

    What does it mean when lines keep showing up across a laptop screen? They run across my screen and blur everything

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  • ? for men using Viagra?

    I'd like to know how well viagra works. And how many have had side effects from it? What is the lowest cost since most insurance does not cover it?

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  • Are there other guys who enjoy pretty well groomed larger women?

    Although I am fit myself I've always been attracted to the BBW's. I especially like the ones who dress and are made up sexy and have some tone to their large figures. They must take care of themselves and be well groomed not the frumpy type. Even when I was in my teens and 20's I hooked up with alot of BBW's and went to nude beaches etc with them. Age race does not matter. How many other guys feel the same way? Ladies especially BBW's what do you think?

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  • Couples Have You Been Spotted Having Sex in a Public Place?

    Who's been caught having sex in a public place when they thought no one was around or looking? How did it feel? My wife and I have been caught a few times. One time we where having sex in a pool with no one else around at Hollywood Beach, FL. We never thought to look up to see many other people/couples watching above from their balconies. We did not know till we heard something and looked up, we still finished what we where doing since all where not seeming to mind as they must have been watching since we got in the pool naked. Most where college students on spring break. We where both turned on by the fact others where watching.

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  • Parents how would you react if your daughter a high school senior moved out after she took a job stripping?

    There is a local strip club that has been successfull recruiting young women who've recently turned 18 from the local high schools. 3 from my son's senior class recently became employed there and moved out of their parents homes. The young women do make alot of money dancing and the lure of being able to move out on their own their senior years is very appealing. So far about 7 have left home from my sons class as well as others from other area schools.

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