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  • Why shouldn't I make money reselling carrier phones?

    So, here's the situation.

    I just got a new phone through (unnamed carrier) at Walmart. I paid $160 down for a new, never-opened Galaxy S9 and only owe $50 left. I will have paid $210 for this new phone. This phone, new, goes for $300 on the low end. I can also upgrade my phone early through my carrier for no down payment, just new, increased monthly payments. What is stopping me from continuously getting phones, upgrading to a model above, and selling the old one until I have a Galaxy S20 Ultra that will be pretty much paid for and then some by selling the other (also new, if not at least undamaged) phones my carrier gives me? I know the profit would be small each time, but hypothetically, given enough cycles, it should pay off, right? How do carriers even make money like this? I feel like I'm missing something. 

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