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  • 90s kids: Who was your favorite BSB and N'Sync members? ?

    BSB: Brian, Kevin, Howie, AJ or Nick 

    N'Sync: Justin, JC, Joey, Chris or Lance

    Thanks for answering

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  • What is wrong with him?

    I have noticed that my best friend who is usually all over me hasn't been himself lately. I go to snuggle up with him and he doesn't want to snuggle with me. He acknowledge that I am there but just to be around him he gets like a little spooky. I miss the fun part of us. How can I get him back to the way things were? 

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  • Why do I like him touching me? Is this just a phase or what?

    My best friend just came back from SC where he's been stationed in the military for the past 12 years. We haven't seen each other since 2018. Now that he's back, he can't seem to keep his mouth or hands off of me. We kiss and flirt with each other, but nothing sexual. He's a damn good kisser and I like him a lot. His brown eyes are everything to look into when he's around. He's very muscular and I'm just physically attracted to him and want him period. He knows that I like him and want more from him. When he touches me though, it's like a rush to just kiss him or touch him and be physically connected. We've been meeting up late at night to just kiss and have heavy make out sessions with one another like secluded spots where no one can see us period. 

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  • When is the right time to ask my best friend to be my girlfriend?

    My best friend and I have been friends since we were in high school and I have been working on asking her to be my girlfriend for awhile now. We currently hang out with one another, but everytime I'm around her, I get this feeling that I would rather have us be boyfriend and girlfriend than just friends. We're both 30 and our relationship is amazing but I'd like to see where things go from here. How do I make it special during such a stressful time that we're going through??? I absolutely love her and have for a longtime. 

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