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  • How do I remove STI Brake/gear levers off of one handlebar to install on another handlebar?

    I'm moving components from one bike frame, a cracked one, to another older frame and have to change the handlebar to an older system. I don't know where to start. It's not like older brakes that you take an allen wrench to and within minutes the brakes are off. Do I start with the philips screw? Or do I remove the hood and go from there? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • Need your help with Titanium v. Aluminum and other metals. Is a Ti frame more likely to last forever?

    I'm 6'1" and 230 pounds and have managed to crack a chromolly frame and of late my two year old aluminum frame and want to make sure that I'm doing the right thing investing in a titanium frame and not having to spend more money in two years.

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  • How fast were you going last time you crashed your road/mtb bike?

    This time it was 34.1 miles an hour.

    There was one time when I was going 49 miles an hour and my whole bike started doing this freaky shaky thing, much more than simple vibration going down a hill. It was pure luck that I avoided crashing! I ended up going into this dirt driveway and over a cattle guard.

    This time I was speeding up to avoid traffic and my bike started slipping out from under me due to the wet pavement, then overcorrected and boom boom boom ended up on the sidewalk.

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  • What happened to Vino?

    Yeah he busted his buttocks, but did anyone see it? That's gotta suck, hey a least he didn't go over a guardrail or something!

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  • Ou est que je peu chercher un mascot de Credit Lyonniase?

    Est necessaire participer en la Tour o je peu chercher en un site de internet? Merci pour tu assistence!

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  • How many of us were influenced by Alberto Salazar?

    I know that from 92 to 2002 I was deeply influenced, motivated, and challenged by one of the US's great national running success examples. He recently suffered a heart attack because we don't get to pick our genes and said something to the effect of, "How much does my running count?" So, I wonder if we could share what Alberto Salazar has meant to our running careers?

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