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    Is there a chance my employer could take this text conversation the wrong way?

    I submitted a false or misleading timesheet to my employer due to the fact I had forgotten to include the lunch breaks for each shift, and because I also told them through the text message I had a lunch break on one of my shifts that actually finished the same time a lunch break was about to start, meaning I might have given them the idea I was working much longer than other employees for that shift.  

    Enclosed is an edited chat conversation between me and my employer (employer name and number removed for privacy reasons). 

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  • Am I going to be fired for recording a lunch break on a shift that finished the same time the lunch break will start?

    Long story short, I forgot to fill in my timesheets after each shift because I was simply too lazy to fill it out after each workday.  I now recorded a 30 minute lunchbreak on one of my shifts that ended early at the same time the lunch break was about to start.  I gave my reason to my employer that I wasn't sure if there was a lunchbreak on that shift because I had forgotten to record it in my timesheet for that day, so I thought I'd record a 30 minute lunch break for that shift to avoid a possible overpayment. However, I did not take into account they might see it the wrong way and think I was going to take a lunch break and go back to work before providing a false or misleading finish time for that shift. 

    My shift for that date started 7:00 AM and finished 11:00AM before I recorded a 30 minute lunch break.  

    I'm worried they might see me as a dishonest person and fire me, despite trying to be honest and risking 30 minutes worth of work by stating I had a 30 minute lunch break. 

    I'm feeling very worried. 

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  • What does placing manure over a dead body do?

    Forensic Files showed an episode where a murderer burried the bodies over manure. does it turn the corpse into a pile of crap? 

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  • If an employee of a company causes the death of a customer due to mixed allergens, who is criminally liable? ?

    I haven't done anything like this with my new job since I'm being trained for various tasks to ensure I do it in a way that does not affect me, the people working around me and the environment. But who is actually criminally liable if a customer ends up dead because a product had become contaminated with another allergen that was not stated on the product packaging?.

    What kind of charges become relevant to such offence?

    Would this also violate several company policies?  

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  • Is COVID-19 more dangerous than the common cold, and am I at risk of dying from the common cold if I have asthma?

    Having the common cold every year has always caused a case of pneumonia for me where the mucous becomes more browning redish each year I get the cold. I suffer from an acute raspatory disease  called Asthma. But is COVID-19 just as dangerous as the common cold?

    Are they both more dangerous to an asthmatic?

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  • Will I do any damage to my blue light blocker lens coating if I use alcohol wipes to clean my glasses?

    I bought a  pair of $200+  Oakley eyeglass frames that I had plain lenses with bluelight coating applied to them, but I was wondering if alcoholic towel wipes will strip this coating off.   The glasses have a greenish coating to them.

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  • What type of jack stand is recommended for an E46 323i BMW sedan?

    I'm currently in the market for a jack stand capable of supporting at least 3000KG even though the car only weighs around 1500KG.  I see  there are  jack stands with different mating points that are for cars with notches or a pinchwelds. However, the BMW has some sort of jack point that needs a rectangular adapater.

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    Should I use a brace when mounting a C clamp monitor arm on a glass table?

    I bought a monitor stand that has 2 feet that meet on the top part of the table and one recessed plate that meets on the bottom. What I did was I

     placed an encyclopedia between the glass sheet and the clamp itself.

    Also, should I be using the flat plate for the bottom part?

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  • How is it dangerous to have 1 extra jack acting as a support for the other jack next to it?

    My parents insist I only use ONE jack when working under a car, not not 2 where the other one could have acted as support. It would've made it far safer with an extra jack to help lighten the load on the other jack. 

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  • How can I put this out in the least offensive way possible for my gay friend?

    My gay friend had been sexually harassing me online by asking numerous amounts of time for pictures and videos of my private part, despite me  making it very clear that I am not gay.  I DID upload pictures and videos of my private part to him because he went on and used a guilt trip on me by saying crap no one wants to be his friend. I was also forced to have sex with him because he showed up to my work area and guilted me again by saying he took the time, money and effort driving to my workplace. 

    I am not gay and his  actions have caused me some existential crisis  

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  • Why is my computer banned from a website despite it being the first time visiting the site? Possible IP blacklist?

    I'm trying to access a website to chat with other adults interested in Technology, Music, Astronomy, etc. But the site says my computer is banned from accessing the site despite being the first time visiting it. 

    I can only assume my dynamic IP issued by my ISP was used by someone else on my WiFi router.

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  • How do I close my accounts?

    It has come to my attention that my past posts here were very offensive towards survivors of sexual assault, namely child molestation.  I had made posts after posts after posts regarding my lies about being a chomo which isn't actually true. My other reason for wanting my Y/A account closed is mainly to do with people falsely  reporting my questions that leads to them being deleted.

    I am also wanting my Facebook account terminated due to possible copyright issues by adding songs to my videos without consent from the owner.

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  • WHY are we seeing more and more sites taking the path Yahoo Answers took regarding the new layouts?

    First it was Yahoo Answers replacing a perfectly working green layout for this HIDEOUS and buggy layout that is still buggy after several years since implementing it, now Facebook has taken that path by replacing its own layout with something that's optimized for tablets! The new Facebook layout is buggy as Hell because you can't edit a video without first playing the video in full screen. It directs you to a blank screen after editing a video post. It takes longer to load results when trying to manage results. And it's ugly. 

    What is it with these companies in replacing a perfectly good layout with something that's half finished?  It's terrible.  

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  • Is American logic different from Australian logic?

    I don't know exactly how logical thinking works over there in The States because our way of thinking here in Australia is very different from our American  cousins. Apparently I have one user here literally take my own lie about myself being a paedophile that I posted back in 2016. I don't know who this person is or why he's so adamant in ruining my life over some crap I said about myself during the time when my dad made me mentally ill by forcing me to being macho.  This person has stalked me on Facebook and deliberately told my friends and relatives that lie about me, has filed numerous police reports against me (I was placed under arrest SEVERAL times while they looked for imaginary content on my laptop), and he's impersonated me on several job search engines, all because he REFUSES to let go of that lie.    

    I used to have at least 2 people assume I was one, but she eventually realized I was just an idiot at the time of posting it. 

    I already got fired from one of my past jobs because the company didn't even bother to run a backgrounds check, the boss just fired me like that. 

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  • What can I do about a law that got enacted in Australia (it's a law that punishes survivors of sexual assault)?

    A law was recently enacted in Australia where survivors of sexual assault are punished for simply speaking out. It's sickening and disgusting. I want to gather as much people to voice their concerns over this new law hoping it would convince the legislators to change it.  This is only going to let the sex offenders get away with their horrendous acts because now the victims would be too scared to report it to authorities.  

    If anything, Australia NEEDS to have the sex offenders registry open to public. 

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  • As a Queen's guard, how much trouble can you get into for breaking character?

    You stand and march for 8 hours guarding a building from morons and possible terrorists, but what happens if you broke away from the line to pose with a child to have a photo taken?  

    What if a pilot from an unfriendly nation flew his SU-35 over the palace?

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  • Which Youtubers expose paedophiles and child molesters?

    There's this Youtuber who exposes paedophiles online by having a conversation with them and then humiliating them in front of the world.  It would be pretty hilarious if he actually contacted me based on some lie I posted about myself being one.  

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  • As an employer, would you ever hire someone who was fired for sexual harassment?

    I was fired for sexual harassment by management due to a female co-worker and her friends lying about me to HR. She told me I am squarely to blame for this incident because I returned to our workplace after she told me not to return. Her reason for doing this is because I am "ugly" and that she wants a better looking person to replace me.

    I was also fired from my previous job but that wasn't really my fault.  Someone reported the line leader to management for making everyone work too fast  and then using me as a scapegoat, causing the line leader to FRAME me for some incident what was not my fault. And to make things worse, I have that supervisor as my reference who may have been told these lies by the line leader. 

    What advice can you give me? It was already VERY hard landing another job with the first dismissal. I can't imagine how hard this is going to get now. 

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  • Is it possible for a video editor to have issues playing H.265 4K UHD videos, but not H.264 4K HD videos and below?

    I'm using a video editor that seems to have some issues playing 4K UHD videos using the newer H.265 (HEVC) video compression technology, but is fine playing H.264 4K HD videos and lower. This is kind of a bummer for me considering how I paid $56 AUD for this POS.

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