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I am over 50 yo. I am a voracious reader ( basically anything but romance, westerns, and mysteries). I even read encyclopedias for fun. I attend college part time and have a 3.85 gpa. My IQ is in excess of 150. I will discuss almost any subject with anyone who can use a logical argument( not emotion).

  • Can anything travel at extra luminal speeds?

    Since the universe is over 90 billion light years across and the Big Bang occurred just under 15 billion years ago, that means the outer galaxies traveled 45 billion light years. This means they must have traveled times the speed of light.

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  • Why do people pretend laws banning guns will prevent shootings?

    People who do this in the vast majority of time get guns from the "black market". All bans will do is prevent citizens from protecting themselves. It will make sure only the criminals without badges ( and with badges) will be armed. This will increase events like this, not decrease them. If the teachers and staff were trained and armed, they could have killed him before he killed as many.

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  • Why do Christians pretend they know more about religion than others?

    Atheists and agnostics consistently show higher scores on the Christain Science Monitor Quiz on religious knowledge than Christians. I scored 27. Christians scored 16. I am an atheist and know more about religion than theists.

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  • To UFO "skeptics", you claim no scientist has ever reported a UFO?

    How about Clyde Tombaugh? He was the astronomer who discovered Pluto. You can look up the story on Extraterrestrial Contact , sightings by astronomers. Is he qualified enough for the naysayers?

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  • Why do people say there are no colleges that have paranormal studies courses in the US?

    I found three in the US in about 5 minutes. They are Princeton University (yes THAT Princeton), Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research; University of Arizona, Center for Consciousness Studies; Duke University.

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  • Why the so-called "scientists" ignore the Cornell University study proving precognition?

    The study was done under strict controls and followed the scientific method exactly. The study results are definitive.

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  • Should colleges that ban Military Recruiters be banned from receiving any type of Federal money?

    I am reading a book called " War Crimes" by author and retired AF Lt Col Robert Patterson. In it. he describes the vicious treatment of the military on the "Big League" college campuses. Since the military is part of the government, the colleges are failing to follow federal guidelines concerning the accessibility of the recruiters, I feel they should not receive any type of federal money, including grants, tuition aid,and federal scholarships.

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  • Why do non believers put their opinions out as facts?

    I see numerous answers that are just a person's opinion and are presented as unequivocal fact. You know, ghosts don't exist, PSI is fake, UFOs are all hallucinations or fakes.

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  • Why do " scientists" on YA treat science like a religion?

    They never consider the idea that science is not complete.They won't think about science being wrong. They accept all precepts as the undeniable truth. They can not accept the idea that their concepts are just concepts, not the end all- be all of truth. I am a scientist at heart. I want to learn everything I can. I want to explore everything. I want to learn. Mainly, to be really knowledgeable, you need toi know you know almost nothing. If you "know " everything, there is no motive to learn or investigate anything.

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  • How many "skeptics" have actually ever studied genuined reports of UFO activity?

    I don't mean listening to news reports or their friends. I mean an actual for real study such as was done by J Allen Hynek and reported in his two books. Have any taken the time to read the books written by Hynek? He is one of (if not the ) top investigators into UFOs. He worked for the USAF in the position at Project Blue Book. How many of you de-bunkers have that level of education and qualification? How many of you can get a security clearance that high.The govt. is not going to hire hire incompetents for a position like that.

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  • Is this a sufficient scientific explanation for paranormal phenomena?

    Here is my theory. I will introduce some scientific axioms which should prove the possibility of ghosts and ESP.


    1) Energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be altered..

    2) Electricity is the energy that animates the human body.

    3) When a person dies, the energy cannot be destroyed so it must be changed or remain the same.

    4) It is a known fact that an energy field can leave a residual trace of itself. That can be detected by sensitive equipment and even some people and animals are sensitive to these fields.

    5) If the energy remains, why would it not be possible for the energy to retain a similar form to its original body? If it is not altered it must retain its original form.

    6) Thought is the reaction of electricity in neurons in the brain.( There is that energy again).

    7) As I have established, the energy must change, or it must remain the same.

    8) If the energy remains, it is possible for that energy to remain sentient( since it can't be destroyed,it can remain the same).

    This would allow the possibility ( maybe even require ) ghost to exist.( conservation of energy)


    1) See # 1 above.

    2 )See # 6 above.

    3) It is well known an energy field can have a major effect on physical structures. Magnets can attract many types of matter( even moving them, from a distance). Light bulbs can be lit just by placing the in an electrical field.

    4) Energy can be transmitted through air and even empty space(radio waves are a good example,as are light waves)

    5) Since we have established #s 1,2,3, and 4 as scientific fact, it is not unreasonable to assume the energy in the brain could be transmitted outside the brain.

    6) If the energy could be transmitted outside of the brain, it is not unreasonable to believe it could react with other energy fields and even physical matter.

    7) If that happens, we have ESP in all its forms, even precognition.

    8) Time is a dimension just like height,length, and width. Since energy can traverse the other dimensions, it is logical to assume it can traverse time also.

    This should prove the possibility of ESP( again may even require it)

    There, long winded I know, is a scientific consideration of paranormal phenomena. While it does not provide absolute proof, I feel is gives a basis for the scientific study of these manifestations.

    I would encourage responses, indicating if my method is correct or not correct. Please no irrational answers. I have presented a carefully thought out theory and would like carefully thought out responses. Thank you for your time.

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  • Liberal politicians and the media are constantly running down our military.?

    How do people feel about all the liberal anti-military bias and how much of their ranting is "freedom of speech" and how much is treason?

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  • Could a tachyon drive space ship go backwards in time?

    Also if that is possible ,could a ship cut down transit time by alternating between FTL and STL drives? I propose by alternating between these it would essentially negate time in transit.

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