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    Is this still

    Or is it already

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  • Why can't I sort my saved searches anymore?

    With the old layout (and I'm not talking the green one) I was able to sort the results of my saved searches e.g. by newest, fewest answers etc.

    With the change of the layout my saved searches did not show any results for a while. Now I get results (sometimes) but I cant sort them. So questions weeks old are mixed with newer ones, those with little or no answers with those which have many.

    I don't like that as I have no interest in answering three week old questions with already have 145 answers but I want to help people quickly who ask questions in a field I have a little knowledge in.

    This is not easily possible anymore so as a result I will sooner or later stop answering questions.

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  • Qui connait cette église?

    Qui peut identifier l'église sur cette photo de la 1° Guerre mondial?

    La Village est peut-être Longuyon mais je ne suis pas sure.

    Region est Lorraine, Dept. peut-être Meuse.

    Merci et veuilles excuser mon Francais mauvais.

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  • Hilfe mit Kurrent-Handschrift - kurze Texte?


    an alle die noch gut Kurrent (Sütterlin) lesen können: Kann jemand diese zwei kurzen handschriftlichen Texte übertragen? Sie stammen von Feldpostkarten - die Bilder dazu helfen leider nur wenig, sie wurden aber in Frankreich (Lothringen) aufgenommen.

    Wenn jemand die Kirche auf dem Bild erkennt wäre ich auch dankbar.

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  • What was this Police Comedy series called?

    I'm looking for the title of a Police comedy-drama series I saw on BBC Entertainment (was BBC Prime) - the BBC satellite programme that shows re-runs of older TV-shows. Unfortunately I cannot recall the name of that show.

    It's about a mobile CID unit who travel whereever needed - I think their office is some kind of camper van or container. The leader of that unit has incredible sideburns and sports some kind of 1960ies look. He has the habit of stageing crime scenes in their mobile office with anything available from pencil sharpeners to little figurines, toy cars etc. etc.

    One of the female members of the team constantly changes clothes and is seen in numerous outfits through one episode.

    I think there is also some kind of technician/CSI lady and another male team member.

    As I said I saw this series about one or two years ago on BBC Entertainment - that means it must be a few more years old. To give you an idea how far back the re-runs go: This spring the last season starring David Tennant as Dr. Who was broadcasted for the first time on that channel and I expect to see that season at least twice before I will see Matt Smith.

    Any hint is much appreciated - 10 points for the first correct answer, I promise.

    Thanks in advance and regards from Austria

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  • Picture upload for multiple users?

    I am looking for a site where I can create an album for photos and that allows different users to upload their photos.

    I want to bring together all the pics that were made at a wedding without having everyone mailing them to me and me doing the upload then.

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