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  • Niece question?

    Ok this  may seem stupid. But anyways my niece is 3 years old. Why do I get nervous when she plays outside. Like for example today we went to my cousin's birthday who was turning 4 they had a small gathering they where running around and when she does that for some reason I get worried she may fall so I always tell her to he careful. Or i get worried that other kids may accidentally run into her. I mean she feel once only a scraped knee. But even when she just runs around for fun I get worried. When I was a kid nothing traumatizing happened me. So I don't know why I get like this. I'm a very nice person so when I see other people sad it makes me sad. I don't know if it has to do with that. Don't get me wrong I'll still let her play outside we have fun to. Even if it's a simple fall where she doesn't cry and gets up right away.  I get sacred and run up to her to make sure she's ok 

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  • Can you pay a cellphone off fully instead of monthly?

    I recently got a new phone It's a Motorola edge plus. It's 43 a month which comes to about $1,035. Could I pay that bill fully or does it still have to be monthly payments?

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  • How to fix charging prongs?

    I have the Google pixel 3. And it seems for the past couple of weeks. My charger been falling out of the charging port. I tried to use canned air to get any dust out but nothing worked. Got a new charger does the same thing. I think it might be the changing prongs inside the phone. Is there. Way I can fix that.

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  • Gta v questions?

    So I decided I want to uncustomize The three main portaginsts cars.  I fully customized them but I can't remember the original way they were when you start the game is there a site where I can find out what the cars where originally like?  Same. Thing with their hairstyle 

  • Dating question?

    Me and my best friend who is a girl been friends for 20 years we are both 28. And idk maybe for the past few years I been having more feelings for her. We mad a pact that if she has a boyfriend or I have a girlfriend we wouldn't let that effect our friendship. He ex boyfriend wasn't nice to her. I wanna kinda ask her out. But do you think that will effect our friendship? 

    I WANT TO MAKE THINGS PERFECTLY CLEAR Before people go insane this is the first time ihad feeling like this. And no she's not friend zoning me either 

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  • Instagram question?

    Why does some accounts go from being private to public to private the public. That was an account I wanted to follow but it was private I don't like  flowing private account unless they have a lot of followers. It was maybe private for 2/3. Months. Went I went on yesterday the account was public. Now I went back on again and it's private, (not being blocked I can still see the account and click follow). Why do some accounts going back and forth from private to public 

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  • Attachment image

    Facebook notification question?

    Maybe for the past  days when i get Facebook notifications it usually tells me who.  Like John liked your status or Ashley commented on your post. Now it's only doing. This. I asked other friends and they said they don't have that issue. I checked my Facebook settings and they all fine. I'm a little confused

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  • Why does it take longer to walk somewhere than drive? ?

    I was going to take a walk to burger king Because it's nice out. When I looked on my map it says a 22 minute walk but 7 minutes to drive?? Why is that shouldn't walking be shorter because when you walk u don't have wait in traffic or stop at red lights/ stop signs I'm very confused

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  • Camera questions?

    Hi I have a question for people good with cameras I wanna get into airplane spotting just for fun.  I'm not a techy person when it comes to cameras I do down a go pro. Do you think that will be good. Or can you recommend a good camera that's not too complicated

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  • Why do I feel sad after hanging out with family and friends?

    It seems after I hang out with my family or my friends I get this sad feeling. Nothing serious and doesn't last that long. like today me and my cousin went to Marblehead MA to takes pictures Marblehead is a rich part of Massachusetts. Than we got some pizzas after. He want back home and now I just feel sad.  It also happens after a family event like a BBQ or a family gathering.  Love everyone in my family. Why do I do I always get that sad feeling after hanging out? If this helps I'm 28 years old and a guy. 

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  • What's the best way to have nobody join a public session lobby in Grand theft Auto online?

    I'm trying to sell CEO stuff in GTA but I'm getting sick and tired of cargo griefers. I know  there is a setting that you can do that will put ur MTU down it's recommended to put it down to 850 instead of 1,500 but it seems when I do 850 people still join a session is there any other way to have people not join the session or will people eventually join the session? 

  • What should I take after eating spicy food. ?

    I'm a huge fan of spicy food but lately I noticed I get a little stomach ache and occasionally diarrhea after eating not all the time once in awhile. Anyways I got wings to go with my pizza from pizza hut called burning hot wings. Haven't had them for at least 2 months close to 3.  I just wanna be on the safe side just in case what is better to take tums or Pepto?  I'm a guy if that helps and no I don't have any ulcers. 

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  • Madden 20 tips ?

    Okay here's the issue I decided to reinstall Madden 20 and I'm playing on pro level on franchise mode The problem is I'm throwing way too many interceptions I'm playing as the 49ers (just decided to pick them because I miss Jimmy Garoppolo playing for the pats.) Anyways my record is 5-1. But right now Jimmy g has six touchdowns and eight interceptions. How can I throw less interceptions. It see?s at least once or every other game I atleast throw one interception and it's starting to annoy me. How can I get better at passing. 

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  • Sport's question?

    Does the number on sports jerseys and unifmors does the number mean how old they are or does it mean how long they been in the league for. 

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  • Diarrhea tips? ?


    Stomach cramps ✔️

    Any tips? I took Pepto already any other things that can help like home remedy? FYI it's almost 1am where I live. 

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  • Cake writing?

    Does cake writing need to be done in cursive. I'm starting to learn how to write on cakes for my job in the bakery department at my local grocery store. Problem is cursive was never my strong suit. Will it be acceptable to print on cakes. Only things I'll be doing is basically writing happy birthday, congratulations, etc. We do have a cake decorator but once in awhile I might have to write on cakes. 

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  • Trivia question?

    Let's see how smart you really are. 

    Name a State WITHOUT AN A. 


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  • Right ear clogged?

    Maybe for the , past 3 days when I  been waking up my right ear always seems to be clogged. It's never the left always the right. It goes away eventually buts it's just mad annoying. Any advice how to prevent this? 

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  • Why is titkok sending me late notifications. ?

    One of my friends that I follow on tik Tok I set it where it notifies me when they post a new TikTok The one I got she posted like 4 hours ago by just got the notification. Why does is it send me late notifications

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  • Sad feeling down. ?

    Hi I am a 28-year-old male and for some reason maybe the past couple of weeks I've been thinking about death like if I die or one of  my family numbers die and it's been really it just been making me feel down. For example my dad's 67 my mom is 62 my older brother is 36 my other brother 31. And I just been thinking of what I would ever do it they died. Or when we get older like in our 80's. Like when it's our time to go. And just been getting me down. My niece is 3 and I just wanna live for a long time so I can always be with her. Yes I know eventually I'll die. But I wanna be with her and my brothers for long as possible. I never been scared to die but I just been thinking about what would my life be like if lost people who I love. How can I stop thinking about that. The only reason I've been thinking about it It's because of the Covid-19 and not being able to hang out ( I don't have it ) just because of the social distancing)

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