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  • How to become more customer friendly in retail?

    Okay let me explain first I work in a bakery at my local grocery store. I've been there for four years but I've been at the same store for 12 years I used to be a cashier anyways obviously being in retail for a long time you know it starts to drive you crazy and I noticed I haven't been as customer friendly as I used to be now I'm not saying I'm rude to customers it's just I seem less active and less talkative to them than I usually am. I want to stop being more customer friendly again any tips how to he more customer friendly. Like I said before I'm not rude to them I will never be you to a customer it's just I feel like my customer service skills if you want to call it haven't been the way I wanted to be. 

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  • Red dead redemption online?

    I don't play red dead online as much. But you want to start to. I'm a low level how can you get solo lobbies I know there isn't a option but is there any glitches to get in solo lobbies. I'm trying to do simple mission like steal stage coaches that the Post office dude gives me. How can I glitch in solo lobbies

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  • How can I work on my assist in nhl21 be a pro?

    This year I'm trying to focus on my assist because I tend to be a puck hog. Any tips on how to get better at assisting? 

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  • Can not drink soda for a few days cause headaches?

    Back on Sunday I was admitted to the hospital because there was blood in my poop.  I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday (everything checked out ok). Anyways the last time I had a soda was Saturday which was 4 days ago and I been getting small headaches off and on. Could not drinking soda be a reason? Normal I'll have 1 or 2 sodas a day. And no I'm not overweight. 

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  • Health questions?

    I need some advice. Maybe for the past 5 days I been Waking up in the mornin' feelin' like P Diddy. Idk why this been happening should I consult a doctor? 

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  • Mouse 🐀 question?

    Maybe for the past 7 days we had a mouse in my house. We tried everything glue traps, snap( with peanut butter, than marshmallows). And nothing is happening. He will peak his head out under the 🛋️ couch and here's sound and hides back under.  Any tips?

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  • Is sleeping on your stomach bad?

    I'm a guy and usually I like to sleep on my side or sleeping on stomach. I normally don't have a issues but maybe for the past few days or so I been waking up in the middle of the night sweating and I'll have a stomach ache.  Like just now I just woke up felt like I was going to throw up.  How can I prevent from sleeping on my stomach I tried to sleep straight but I'll just eventually roll over to my stomach. 

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    How can you set push notifications for a certin person on tiktok?

    There's a person I follow on tick tock she's not that popular but I like her videos I want to put push notifications on so I can know when she posts. They said it's under the 3 dots part. But nothing is there. And yes I blocked there name out for privacy. 

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    Lenovo laptop question?

    How do I fix that line that is running down my screen. Also for someone reason my charger keeps connecting and disconnecting. Any tips.

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  • Niece question?

    Ok this  may seem stupid. But anyways my niece is 3 years old. Why do I get nervous when she plays outside. Like for example today we went to my cousin's birthday who was turning 4 they had a small gathering they where running around and when she does that for some reason I get worried she may fall so I always tell her to he careful. Or i get worried that other kids may accidentally run into her. I mean she feel once only a scraped knee. But even when she just runs around for fun I get worried. When I was a kid nothing traumatizing happened me. So I don't know why I get like this. I'm a very nice person so when I see other people sad it makes me sad. I don't know if it has to do with that. Don't get me wrong I'll still let her play outside we have fun to. Even if it's a simple fall where she doesn't cry and gets up right away.  I get sacred and run up to her to make sure she's ok 

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  • Can you pay a cellphone off fully instead of monthly?

    I recently got a new phone It's a Motorola edge plus. It's 43 a month which comes to about $1,035. Could I pay that bill fully or does it still have to be monthly payments?

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  • How to fix charging prongs?

    I have the Google pixel 3. And it seems for the past couple of weeks. My charger been falling out of the charging port. I tried to use canned air to get any dust out but nothing worked. Got a new charger does the same thing. I think it might be the changing prongs inside the phone. Is there. Way I can fix that.

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  • Gta v questions?

    So I decided I want to uncustomize The three main portaginsts cars.  I fully customized them but I can't remember the original way they were when you start the game is there a site where I can find out what the cars where originally like?  Same. Thing with their hairstyle 

  • Dating question?

    Me and my best friend who is a girl been friends for 20 years we are both 28. And idk maybe for the past few years I been having more feelings for her. We mad a pact that if she has a boyfriend or I have a girlfriend we wouldn't let that effect our friendship. He ex boyfriend wasn't nice to her. I wanna kinda ask her out. But do you think that will effect our friendship? 

    I WANT TO MAKE THINGS PERFECTLY CLEAR Before people go insane this is the first time ihad feeling like this. And no she's not friend zoning me either 

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  • Instagram question?

    Why does some accounts go from being private to public to private the public. That was an account I wanted to follow but it was private I don't like  flowing private account unless they have a lot of followers. It was maybe private for 2/3. Months. Went I went on yesterday the account was public. Now I went back on again and it's private, (not being blocked I can still see the account and click follow). Why do some accounts going back and forth from private to public 

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    Facebook notification question?

    Maybe for the past  days when i get Facebook notifications it usually tells me who.  Like John liked your status or Ashley commented on your post. Now it's only doing. This. I asked other friends and they said they don't have that issue. I checked my Facebook settings and they all fine. I'm a little confused

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  • Why does it take longer to walk somewhere than drive? ?

    I was going to take a walk to burger king Because it's nice out. When I looked on my map it says a 22 minute walk but 7 minutes to drive?? Why is that shouldn't walking be shorter because when you walk u don't have wait in traffic or stop at red lights/ stop signs I'm very confused

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  • Camera questions?

    Hi I have a question for people good with cameras I wanna get into airplane spotting just for fun.  I'm not a techy person when it comes to cameras I do down a go pro. Do you think that will be good. Or can you recommend a good camera that's not too complicated

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  • Why do I feel sad after hanging out with family and friends?

    It seems after I hang out with my family or my friends I get this sad feeling. Nothing serious and doesn't last that long. like today me and my cousin went to Marblehead MA to takes pictures Marblehead is a rich part of Massachusetts. Than we got some pizzas after. He want back home and now I just feel sad.  It also happens after a family event like a BBQ or a family gathering.  Love everyone in my family. Why do I do I always get that sad feeling after hanging out? If this helps I'm 28 years old and a guy. 

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  • What's the best way to have nobody join a public session lobby in Grand theft Auto online?

    I'm trying to sell CEO stuff in GTA but I'm getting sick and tired of cargo griefers. I know  there is a setting that you can do that will put ur MTU down it's recommended to put it down to 850 instead of 1,500 but it seems when I do 850 people still join a session is there any other way to have people not join the session or will people eventually join the session?