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  • ¿por que borran preguntas de yahoo?

    quien carajos les dio esos creditos de estar borrando preguntas??//

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  • ¿hombres, como las prefieren?

    con un poco de curvas y delgadas, o voluptuosas, y con cintura

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  • Do you think my husband will change?

    when he is calmed he can be an angel, but when he gets mad, he insults, yells, in front of the kids, and if it wasn't because one day I called the police, because he pushed me back, he probably would have hit me already, though he has,anyway, when I stay quite, or mention divorce, he changes, for good, but as soon as he feels he is in control he goes back again, does he really love me and does not want to lose me, or he just wants to control me?

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  • is this considered verbal abuse?

    Before getting married I decided to convert to my husband's religion. We used to go to church every Sunday then he decided to become a Minister and as time went by his ideas have changed, for instance we used to do something on Sunday and now he has forbidden me to even go grocery shopping because he says it is a sin. I am tired of his insults, he has called me a *****, unworthy as a wife, he has hit me, even though he has apologized I feel something has broken in this relationship. He says I hold grudges. And now that I said I decided not to go to church with him, because I do really hate that in front of people he pretends to be the perfect father and husband, and as soon as he turns around and gets in the car he can be the devil itself so to speak. He has threatened me to throw me out of the house if I don't go to church with him!  

    Can that be considered as verbal abuse?

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  • What can I do to work from home?

    I understand due to the coronavirus the world is going through a hard situation, however I have been looking for a job since last year, applying every single day for 5 to 10 different jobs and all I get is a no, including the same old company I used to work for idk why. I was good at my job. Anyway I cannot continue like that this is ridiculous so I want/need some advice about what I can do to work from home, or how to start my own business??


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  • What do you think about this person?

    I told in my other question I was laid off at my job and I explained everything and a racist person told me no one wanted to sponsor an alien with no skills or abilities and to prepare me to go back to my country.

    Obviously I got so pissed off I let him have it in my first language (Spanish) I am a legal resident, I am a citizen, I have never committed a crime, or fraud, I pay my taxes, everything anyway. I told him / her because whoever it was it was coward enough to revel who it was since it did it as anonymous but seriously what is wrong with these kind of people?

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  • I was laid off my job?

    At the company I used to work for I was laid off. I was there for 5 years then I left for maternity for one year. I went back to work but this time in another position, in administration with a different schedule, but since they didn't have a receptionist they asked me for the favor to cover the position. I had to leave a couple of times to go pick up my kids from daycare, and they knew about my situation. So finally my contract expired, they did not renew it. Which makes my husband say I was laid off even though they gave me an unemployment letter. Ever since I have not been able to find another job, including in the same company. I went to a web site where I clicked to apply for the 10 positions they had at different companies and one of them was the one I used to be at, and I received a notification saying they decided to proceed with someone else.

    Could it be they are giving bad references about me? idk what to do? I was NEVER a bad employee if something I was good at my job, fast and everything. One of my old bosses just did not like me. I am in the state of MS

    What can I do? also that is the company I have worked for the longest here in the US.

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  • What can possibly be happening?

    At my old job my boss hated me because I could not stay until the last patient left, (I was the receptionist) since I have kids in daycare and the work schedule was supposed to be 8 to 5, so I definitely told my boss I could not stay any later than that unless I went to pick up my kids, like a former coworker used to. She knew my situation I have NO ONE to pick them up. Finally she laid me off besides my contract expired, and she gave me an unemployment letter, on top of that another boss from the same company hated me not because I was bad at my job, but because I confronted him when he tried to put me down. 

    Now it turns out I have been applying for a job every single day since last year and all I get is a no, even when they already say yes to me, everyone and their cousin ends up turning me down, idk why. I give as references my former coworkers, and some friends, I know they are not giving bad references about me, since they offered to be my references. Someone told me it is illegal to give bad references about someone. 

    What do you think it can possible be?

    I do have over 10 years of experience for the positions I am applying for. I have a bachelor's degree and I speak 4 languages, so idk.

    I am in the state of MS

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  • Do you think my husband over reacted?

    I am afraid of roaches so I called him at 1 am when I saw one to come kill it, it had been about 30 mins he had gone to be, so he came out of the room and he got pissed off and trying to kill the roach that was just running, I mean it did not fly or jump he threw the couch where I had all the sheets folded, he threw a little bench, he almost breaks an ornament, and he threw an exercise board I took from the library, until he finally killed it.

    I don't want to hear that I am chicken bla bla bla, I don't want you to tell me what I know, yes I am afraid of roaches, the question is, do you think he over reacted?

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  • ¿Creen en las limpias?

    Vivo en los EU de manera legal, incluso soy ciudadana, o sea que no es por documentos, pero no encuentro trabajo desde hace año y medio, todos los dias estoy aplicando para lo que tengo hasta 10 años de experiencia y son puras negativas, estoy harta, tengo una carrera, hablo 4 lenguas, he trabajado como asistente, como interprete, en recepcion, en fin y ahora con este virus que trae en jake al mundo el caso es que ante la desesperacion mi mama me recomendó una limpia con un huevo, cosa en lo que yo no creo, para ser honesta, pero ya es tanto que es lo único que me falta por probar, por favor solo diganme si a alguien le ha funcionado?

    He estado a punto hasta de irme a limpiar casas, cosa a lo que mi marido se opone, ya que dice que yo estoy mejor preparada que eso, y si pero ya no hayo que hacer (mi marido es americano)Gracias

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  • Is true that giving bad references of someone is illegal? ?

    Hi, it turns out no body wants to hire me even though I do have experience for the jobs I have been applying for and I give references of people that know me friends as well as former coworkers, so at this point I wonder if it is my former boss the one getting those references calls. She does not like me AT ALL even though she recognized a couple of times my good job, idk if she is giving bad references about me or what is going on? 

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  • ¿Será que ella se casó por dinero?

    Un tipo con el que anduve saliendo un tiempo, no hubo sentimientos de por medio, pero si la condicion de hablarnos siempre con la verdad. Un dia el se distancia de mi, y le pido saber si hay alguien mas de por medio me dice que no. De repente lo cacho en una tienda con su novia y me la niega, me la presenta como amiga, despues le reclamo yo a el por su mentira, y su novia me amenaza que me aleje de su hombre, finalmente le digo como estuvieron las cosas, porque obviamente el le dijo que yo lo buscaba a el cuando solo le reclame por su mentira y ella me pide que me aleje!

    Cabe mencionar que obvio en esa tienda el a ella le gasto como 200 o 300 dls.

    Ustedes seguirian con un novio que las niega? Creen que ella este con el por su $$$?


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  • What should I do with my husband?

    I want you to tell me if this is being abusive. No one wants to hire me so I stay home with my 2 children, husband does NOT help at all around the house. His ONLY obligation is to take the trash out and he does not even do it completely. But when I work he immediately decides who pays what and yet he does not help around the house, he gets mad very easily, like asking him for milk or water, can make him mad he says I try to suck his money for asking him for basics. He acts like the perfect husband and daddy when we are at church. He is the minister. His vocabulary during the week have been stuff like **** you, ****, etc with me. But he won't divorce me and I am in a state that unless my life is in danger or we both agree to divorce I cannot get it, and even though these kinds of things don't put my life in danger, when you get to live it every single day for 10 years, you get tired and wanna/ need to get out of it!!!

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  • ¿hice bien en bloquearlo?

    Me dijo que como yo no le mandaba fotos mias en bikini, entonces el ya no involucraba sentimientos conmigo, porque yo no era recíproca con él, entonces le pregunté si para él la reciprocidad era mandarle fotos en bikini, a pesar que ya le había dicho que no estaba lista y que no me sentía cómoda, y él me dijo que sí que eso para él era ser recíproco, y le dije que para mí eso era chantaje, y que me quedaba con un mal sabor de boca de él, pero que aun así no lo odiaba, y le deseaba buena suerte, acto seguido lo bloquée, me gustaría leer sus opiniones, de si hice bien o mal?

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  • ¿solo me habla de amor cuando quiere un favor?

    Un chico que solo le ha convenido hablarme de amor cuando me pide fotos de pack, cosa que no le he mandado, y no le pienso mandar, ya le dije que no me siento comoda, pero insiste, se fue del chat, y cuando le dije que si se lo iba a mandar regreso, ustedes que piensan?

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  • ¿me estará mintiendo?

    Un chico que a través de facebook me ha hablado bonito dice que le gustaría conocerme, incluso que se ha enamorado de mí, sin embargo entre él y otra chica siempre se dan corazones en sus fotos de perfil, cuando a mi sólo me dió un like. Le pregunté si estaba en una relación con esa otra chica y me dijo que a ella le daba corazones sólo por cortesía, pero que nunca había chateado con ella, siquiera, a él obviamente no lo voy a sacar de esa respuesta, debería preguntarle a la chica, o darle a él el beneficio de la duda? qué harían ustedes?

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  • ¿que me habra querido decir?

    un amigo al que solo conozco por internet, cuyo tema principa es sobre musica, puesto que nos conocimos a traves de un grupo llamado aprende a cantar, a veces chateamos por las tardes un rato y me dice hermosa, preciosa, claro yo tambien le he reconocido que es guapo, pero es 10 años menor que yo, me manda corazones caritas con besos etc, pero hoy al despedirse me dijo "te quiero" me vera solo como una amiga o ya esta traspasando ese limite?

    Que opinan?

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