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  • If you were to begin a training program to improve in this aspect, what tools would you use to measure physiological changes ?

    Imagine you are the strength and conditioning coach of a high school baseball or softball team. You are working with the pitchers of the team and they mention their arms are getting fatigued and/or injured. You watch them pitch and realize that they are not throwing correctly. Apply biomechanics to this scenario to help the pitchers protect their arms by learning to throw correctly. If you were to begin a training program to improve this aspect, what tools would you use to measure physiological changes related to their performance before, during and after training? Also explain how motor learning and motor control are involved. How does feedback play a role in these concepts and when is it best to provide knowledge of performance and knowledge of results (discuss intrinsic and extrinsic feedback here too)? Support your answer with at least one peer-reviewed source. Respond to at least one other classmate. I need an answer of at least 400 words.

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  • How do I store additional items on a campouts?

    My backpack can only store sleeping bags , sleeping pads but there are no pockets for my additional stuff such as clothing and toiletries and I also need to store a pillow because there is no pillow on my sleeping bag that feels comfortable, so where could I store those items when I go on a campout?

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  • How do I have a good long lasting conversation with someone?

    I know you must say hi and ask the person how they are doing first. But that itself doesn't do it. How could I maintain the conversation with some one for a long period of time?

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  • Am I too shy and quiet?

    I have a group of friends from boy scouts , that I talk to at times at school , but when I'm in class with out them I don't have anything to say to anyone. This is mostly the case in my theater class. I want acting to be my secondary job later on (engineering as my primary) because I'm interested in math and science but I want to do this class to show a funny and interesting side of me but instead Students in class say I'm too shy and quiet and I don't want to be around people in general. How could I start having good conversations with people especially in that class and be considered a good and talented actor in that class and make them change their opinions about me.

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  • Eating Problems?

    When I go out to eat and we all eat sandwiches or something , I usually take a little bit longer than everyone else. My father tells me that you must learn to eat faster in these situations or otherwise people will mock me in this world later on. I'm worried that I have an acid reflux because I can only swallow small chunks at a time. I don't want to say something negative to them because I know that could make things worse for me ,So what would I have to do if people mock me if stuff like this happens? Or what could I do to prevent people from mocking me in the first place?

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  • Could I make it to Eagle Scout in just 2 years?


    I joined the Boy Scouts last October in the 10th grade while in high school which is kind of late. I just met my joining requirements yesterday with a bunch of ranks left to go. I've only got 2 years to make it to Eagle Scout. Would this be enough time to make it? If so , how could I in this shortage of time?

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  • Can you find any resources for a 750 word essay?

    I am doing an essay on why we should combine the 4 separate branches of the military. It has to be 750 words long and I can't find enough websites and resources to write it. I need you to find me some websites and resources that have a lot of information. If you can find them send me their links.

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  • Why aren't the SF Giants wearing their Orange Friday jerseys?

    It's game 3 of the World Series , it's a Friday night , so why aren't the Giants wearing their orange friday jerseys tonight?

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  • How could I get involved in more school activities and not stay up too late?

    I am trying to play on a basketball team next year in which we practice 1-2 hours every Tuesday from December to February night I'm going into the 10th grade but how could I find a way not to stay up to late on those nights and still study and do homework more efficiently on those nights?

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  • How do I not stay up too late on school nights?

    I just finished my Freshman year of high school but I was staying up until 10:30 pm to Midnight on school nights and I often needed to study a lot on those nights to get good grades so how can I avoid that in the future and get more sleep and be more efficient?

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  • What do I do if I feel ashamed of myself?

    So far in life I have lived and am currently living in places where people see me as some socially awkward guy who has no friends and sits and his room all day and this makes me feel ashamed and unconfident and makes me feel like I can't reach my full potential in life to get a job and live my own life. I wish I could come back as one of those people who aren't socially awkward and was accepted by everyone and has reached there full potential in life so what should I do about this?

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  • How does one stop OCD?

    I notice when I have to keep track of a lot of stuff for school or what ever I have to check over and over again to make sure I have everything I need, so how can I stop this?

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  • What's the best pick up conversation to a girl you don't know?

    I really want to be with this person but how should I introduce myself to some one I don't know with out looking stupid?

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  • How does one get there crushes attention if they don't know them at all?

    There is one person I have a crush on they are in one of my classes but it's just that I don't know them at all and haven't said a word to them and I am afraid to go up and say hello, my name is so and so because I might embarrass myself in front of other people or she might say no because she thinks I'm a complete stranger how could I do it without these t things happening?

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  • Need Rap Battle Lines!?

    Every one give me as many rap battle lines as possible!

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  • How do I become a faster test taker?

    I notice when I am taking test everyone or almost everyone is finishing it before me. How can I become as fast as they are and still get the questions right?

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  • How do I improve my reading skills? And what is the best way to know what's going on in it?

    When I try to read I can't focus and start to skip pages and not remember what happened in them. And I think that there's so much information it's hard to remember which makes it so hard. I think this is going to create a serious problem on tests so how can I start to focus when I read and know exactly what's going on in them?

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  • Why does Rorke come back and take Logan in the end of Call of Duty?And why couldn't his brother save him?

    I thought Rorke was dead when I shot him in the chest but he came back reached shore and took away Logan.and why couldn't his brother save him?

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  • Do I have Lice or Dandruff?

    I am noticing that even though I Shampoo my hair every day and use anti dandruff shampoo there always white flakes coming in the front of my hair and when I itch it comes out and doesn't stop coming out even when I itch it for minutes could this be lice or dandruff?

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