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  • Fonts to compliment a deathbat or a skull tattoo?

    Im helping out a friend, and trying to find a font that will compliment a deathbat or a skull tattoo'

    if you have any suggestions let me know

    post a link if possible :) thanks!!!

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  • PHYSICS PROBLEM HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?

    i have this problem and 3 parts to it, it seems really simple but i cant figure it out

    here it is, any help is appreciated

    You drive on Interstate 10 from San Antonio to Houston, half the time at 57 km/h and the other half at 99 km/h. On the way back you travel half the distance at 57 km/h and the other half at 99 km/h.

    i want to find the following

    What is your average speed from Houston back to San Antonio?

    What is your average speed for the entire trip?

    What is your average velocity for the entire trip?

    thats all the info given...thanks!

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  • i want to stretch my ears, how do i start?

    i have never had my ears pierced at all before, and so i want to start stretching, but i just don't know how this goes about.

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  • tattoo ideas!!!!! for a a7x deathbat? any suggestions welcome?

    im getting a deathbat tattoo more than likely on my back but i want to incorporate this words in there....

    I am unbroken, I'm choking on this ecstasy.

    Unbreak me, unchain me, I need another chance to live.

    any suggestions welcome thanks :)

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  • Mike Portnoy with avenged sevenfold,what do you think?

    a7x is my favorite band, and it seems that this decision is only to have mike portnoy record the new album since it was the revs favorite drummer...anyway i think it was a good decision, but it will be interesting to see if mike will have any input on the band that could or if he is really just merely what the rev had already written. I just don't think of any other drummer that could have done the job, so i think it will be interesting to see what mike can do..what do you guys think? and please give serious opinions

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  • how can i get from columbus ohio to port clinton ohio?

    i needed to get from columbus ohio to port clinton ohio, i dont have a i wanted to know if there was a cheap way of getting there that is not a rental car..all suggestion are greatly appreciated

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  • good alternative rock song, for walk-up in base ball?

    something to get the crowd pumped

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  • Frog t shirt that says you make me happy??

    has anybody seen this shirt and if so where can i buy it is a serious question, thanks

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  • designing a closed loop control system!!!!! please help!!!!!!!!!!?

    i want a smart car to control the headlights based on a few conditions, Design a closed loop control system that turns on the headlights when the car senses that the sun has set or when it starts to rain or when the driver verbally says to turn on the headlights.

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  • tattoo??? some ideas please!!!!?

    i want some ideas for a new theme is bleeding is a luxury and i plan to get it on my back

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  • tattoo ideas on this theme?!!!!!!!!?

    im thinking about my next tattoo, there is song from atreyu called "bleeding is a luxury" and it talks about earning all you have with your sweat, blood and tears...well i want my next tattoo to revolve around this theme, maybe include the words "bleeding is a luxury"...suggestions about places and design are welcome :) thanks

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  • beanies with holes on top?

    i dont know much of trends and stuff or beanies haha, but i but beanie online from the DC brand and it had hole on the top, its one of thos saggy beanies, what is the hole all about?

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  • factorization of a polynomial?

    how would you factor this or can you?

    x^(4) + 5x^(2) + 4

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  • tattoo healing and retouching?????

    how long does it take for a tattoo to heal completely, my artist said it can take about 3-4 weeks, he is out of town now so i needed some answers to some questions.

    i have my tattoo on my chest and well its an area that is really used often, so there is like a tiny little spot where it looks faded, so i think i need a retouch but until when can this be done?

    also, how long until you can shave over a tattoo?

    please answer if you have knowledge or experience in the subject thanks :)

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  • fresh tattoo!!! one question?

    ok so i have a fresh tattoo...and so tomorrow i have to do some workout and im guessing its not that good to get sweat on it ok to cover it up just for about an hour to protect it??? pleas answer if you have knowledge in the subject :) tat is in my chest

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  • how to put density in a computer like what symbol or word!!!!?

    you know like in in a computer you put pi* 3 multiply pi by 3

    i want to multiply a number by density, density is not given so i have to use a word that stands for it but idk what is??? what stands for density on a computer????

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  • Help with calculus 2!!! its difficult..10 points?

    A force of 3 pounds is required to hold a spring stretched 0.5 feet beyond its natural length. How much work (in foot-pounds) is done in stretching the spring from its natural length to 1 feet beyond its natural length?

    can anyone solve that???

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  • Chest tattoo??? any cool ideas?

    i want to get the letters live love burn die in my chest, ima guy, but i want them to look cool not just the plain words..any ideas?

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  • I Need some tattoo suggestions?

    im a guy, im getting a tattoo across my chest, its basically four words that i want to put in my tattoo...I want it to say..."Live Love Burn Die"

    but i just dont want it to be the plain 4 words just there so id appreciate any ideas to make it look, drawings or descriptions on cool ideas..i accept all..thanks

    my email is in case you have pics or visual ideas

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  • how to type a definite integral into the computer!!!!!?

    so you know that to put a square root you would do this:


    how would you write a definite integral from 1 to 5 of a given function??/ its urgent!! thanks

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