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  • Is Roman Reigns heel now?

    He seemed rather "heelish" when he returned at Summerslam, However Strowman was a heel and there wasn't any real "face turn" from The Fiend, I mean a couple of weeks ago he attacked Alexa Bliss... 

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  • Attachment image

    Under rated and over rated  WWE title belts?

    The big gold belt is always in question when fans say the best looking title but I honestly loved the WWE title from 2002-2005 and the photo I have attached when Eddie Guerrero held it, I thought it just looked awesome! Do you think it should be remembered more?

    I am also NOT a fan of the current IC title which I feel is over rated. It would of been an upgrade for any other title but the whitestrap IC title was one of the nicest looking and I felt it gave the title a bit of a special stigma about it.

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  • This year has been horrible to both my girlfriend and I, we have been fighting a lot. What's something I could do?

    Just wanna really go out of my way to make things better. We both love each other, it's just been a stressful year. 

    Any tips?

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  • Is there any chance of Donald Trump getting re elected? Are there actually people out there who still like him and will vote?

    I'm Australian and not even into politics but it doesn't take a genius to realise this guy just shouldn't be in power.

    I wasn't so much against people voting him in, anyone really deserves the chance to give it a go and it was okay for people to believe he could of made good change.

    But surely, SURELY this guy will go down as the worst president of all time? Who in their right mind would vote for him? 

    Not a diss on the American people but if he does get re elected then that's natural selection showing lol

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  • Who do you think is winning out of Orton Vs McIntyre?

    Unlike a lot of the angles recently this actually is quite unpredictable. McIntyre has had a good run as champ, a solid reign but not long enough to think it needs to end yet long enough that it's believable it may end. It's against Randy Orton who is a much higher calibre superstar than Drews competition has been so far and Orton probably has the most momentum and is on fire in terms of delivering good matches and promos.. Does McIntyre' s reign continue or is Orton a 14 time champ?

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  • Should Randy Orton get more respect?

    I'm a big fan of Orton and I just don't think he gets the recognition he deserves.. you compare him to that list of OVW stars. Cena, Batista and Lesnar (who all are part timers at best) all left for greener pastures in an easier industry. Orton also being the best pure pro wrestler of the bunch has stayed with WWE since his debut 18 years ago, he is the only full time performer on the roster that has been there since the ruthless aggression era..

    He rarely gets mentioned when the conversation of GOAT comes into mind, yet his finishing move  alone is more famous then most of the roster nowadays. He puts over young talent, he's one of the best heels of all time. And he's still going and didn't leave for Hollywood or take a part time contract. When he retires I think people will miss him probably the most.

    What do you think?

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  • Question about Roulette?

    I've heard of people raughting the system and what not. 

    I don't like the pokies, it doesn't do it for me. I feel like it's a sham lol. But I set my sights on roulette. Just a computerized roulette down at the local sailing club where I work.

    I have played it abit, while I'm not a big gambler, I'm not a total winner in this, i did lose a few hundred dollars to start off with. But i had a theory and its worked for me and I don't know if it classes as me just playing smart. But my theory is that 0 has gotta eventually come up since it pretty much helps balance the house out between betting for red and black, odd and even etc.

    So I put maybe $200 in, and wait until 0, or one of the hot numbers hasn't come up. And I bet only like $3 on each. One ALWAYS tends to come up, then I get maybe $100 back, that gets me back to where I started at $200, then say if 0 hasn't come up in ages I'll just bet on it. And it comes up after i put $7 on it and im $200 up Well I've won 7 grand this week off this theory, I guess it could just not work. I always just make sure I dont leave with less than what I walked in with lol but this theory tends to work. I also just think I leave when I'm ahead, once I'm $500 up and zero hasn't come up, I'll put higher bets on.. but then it comes up lol. 

    I may just be really lucky at the moment, I guess I'm betting bigger dollars once I'm playing with their money which in turn succeeds and if I use all that money, I'll walk out the door and try the next day

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  • Why am I so intrigued by old movies?

    I dont know what it is, but when I watch an old movie say the wizard of oz. It really intrigues me because how much the world has changed since that happened. Like it was so long ago and the world was a different place just to watch that I find fascinating in a way. And the longer time goes on I'll watch it and think legit like all these people are gone. 

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  • There's this dark side in my mind?

    I dont know how to put it..

    I'm a pretty happy guy. I try and be happy, I've been through alot in my life. I lost my Dad at a young age and a lot of other family members. But overall I would even say I have had a good life. I have a girlfriend I've been with forever who I love and friends who make me laugh. I've had my ups and downs in life. 

    But i realise, every now and then there is something in my brain like a switch just flicks and I feel depressed. It tends to happen ALOT when I am drinking alcohol. (Not that I am a massive drinker, I don't rely on booze or anything) but yeah, I just realise there is this part of my brain or something, something happens that isn't right. I dread this feeling the overcomes me, and it's hell when it happens.

    I do have some family history of schizophrenia.. just wondering does anyone else have any past experiences and what they think this could be?

    I have told myself whatever I do, I need to try and keep that part away

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