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  • Digital Art Question: If I save a file as a psd in one program, but I then open it in Photoshop, will the layers remain intact?

    I'm currently trying to get Photoshop but it's a very advanced program that I'm not used to using. I mainly want to use it for adding effects and text. Currently I am using Paint Tool Sai. If I save a drawing with, say, 5 layers as a psd in Sai (or any other drawing program with layers), then I open that psd in photoshop, will it compress the layers down or will they all still be there?

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  • I had a wierd dream today that all the planes stopped working?

    Now, I usually just ignore the dreams I have, but recently I've been having a lot of dreams about future things that have been coming true, such as the deaths of my pets and relatives. I doubt this particular dream will ever come true, but I'm just a little... I dunno... concerned?

    Anyway. My dream started on a sunny day in a place that looked like northern Michigan, near a large river. I was with my family, and we were supposed to be doing some sort of family activity since we were all together. For some reason, I got upset with them and decided to go canoeing. I have no idea how to canoe, but apparently, in this dream, I did. I started rowing or whatever, there were other people tubing or with their canoes. I remember it was really nice and warm out, not a cloud in the sky. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a distant plane descending rather fast. I tried to head further down the river to see it, but it vanished downwards into some distant trees with a loud boom. Some other people apparently noticed this, and everyone was silent as we just watched where the plane vanished. Suddenly, another plane came into view, also descending. Then another, then another. Part of one plane hit the water, and everyone started screaming. I panicked, trying to steer my canoe out of the water and into some trees, but the impact of the falling plane parts in the water made it hard to maneuver. Plane parts were crashing left and right, some barely missing me. I tried to call my family via my cell phone, but it was dead.

    I remember eventually hitting shore, and was helped up a small slope by some other people. The strange phenomenon had passed, and people were trying to call for help. None of their phones were working either, and neither were the cars. The last thing I remember was me taking to a particular man about what had just happened. He was a fisherman of some sort. We were both very confused as to what happened. There was no fire or explosions, just giant plane parts scattered about the river.

    I was surprised at how real this dream seemed. More real than usual. And I remember a lot of it. I was just wondering if this like... meant something? Bah, I feel kinda cheesy for posting this, but I'm just kinda freaked out Dx

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  • Weird sleeping problems?

    I go to bed on time very day, but I always end up sleeping 15+ hours. Even when I get up, I'm always tired. I tried setting multiple alarms for myself, but eventually I just drown them out and sleep through them. I've been so tired lately that I can't even remember what I did the previous day. I eat enough and exercise every day. I'm not even 20 yet, and I'm already starting to act like my grandma O.o

    Does anyone know what this is or how I can fix it?

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