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  • how to display a SHAEF patch correctly?

    asking for a friend that wants to get the placement of this as close to right as he can, he's got a should flash on his right sleeve, and told him the SHAEF patch would go under this flash, am i right? or does he have to remove the shoulder flash to be correct?

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  • could this be considered "payback" in the sense of the word?

    OK, so i worked at a video store for almost 5 years, then one day they told me to "shape up" but i ignored the demand and carried on in my own way, and got fired, but found out 2 years later the store had closed down, i was thrilled to hear the news, but is this "payback" in the sense of it?

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  • how are heavy equipment wheels carried by rail?

    i mean are they laid flat on a bulkhead flatcar or are they laid flat on their sides?

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