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I own cats. I have designed two tarot decks, and do a comic strip. I am not all that good at photography, much as I'd like to be. And I own eight book cases all full of books that have been read at least twice.

  • Did Stan Lee do a cameo in Spiderman Far From Home?

    I know they made multiple extra filming of him to add to future Marvel movies but I didn't see him in this one at all and he wasn't listed as showing up in the actor credits either.

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  • Will the deleting of 3G networks in December of this year affect our computer routers and modems?

    2G is already gone as of earlier this month (June). 3G is scheduled to be shut down at the end of the year. I'm worried this will stop either the router or modem on my computer to stop working.

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  • I've been getting ad attacks stopped by my virus checker when I'm on YahooAnswers lately. Why?

    I've been getting ad attacks stopped by my virus checker when I'm on YahooAnswers lately. Are the ads being screened properly? This hasn't happened before. But the last five days my virus protect has been popping up with warnings and details.

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  • Do Griffens lay eggs?

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  • Walking Dead question?

    If everyone has the 'virus', and it kicks in when you die, what happens when someone who's pregnant has a baby that dies in utero? Does the now zombified baby eat it's way out or is it stillborn and not turn zombie for the mere fact that it's not yet an entity separate from the mother's body?

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  • Why can't I post an answer on YahooAnswers?

    There's been an issue all day. I've logged off and come back on, and still I can't do a posting to anything.

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  • Any writers need info on forensics?

    I know that incorporating that into a story shouldn't rely on what you see on CSI and Cold Case, I've been looking around for actual GOOD info that's based in this world, not Hollywood and think I came across one that is worth sharing.

    It's a free college course, done online, all about it.

    Introduction to Forensic Science.

    Anyone here take this before? I'm interested in hearing about what they cover in more detail.

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  • Colonel Meow passed away, how old was he?

    His Facebook account says he died Wednesday evening (the 29th), I didn't think he was that old. It had to be an internal issue or something. Wasn't he born just two or three years ago?

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  • Anyone Who Read Cloud Atlas?

    How much of the book was left out of the movie?

    Did the movie change the ending of the original book?

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  • Sulu from Star Trek -WHY does he say 'oh my'?

    Just the way he's saying it sounds like it's referring to something specific, like an in joke, but I have no idea to what. When did he first do it?

    I've seen it on a commecial he did, he was just on The Neighbors and said the line when his character entered, and I've heard it elsewhere. It's driving me crazy. What is it a reference to? A stage play he was in? He certainly didn't say it on Star Trek.

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  • The feathered dinosaurs - one question on the matter of feathers?

    With birds you have beaks and, in some cases, toothed edges (with swans, geese, etc.) The beak keeps the individual feathers in shape so they stay in perfect condition for flight. The oil gland above the tail helps waterproof them too, all that I understand.

    However in dinosaurs who have feathers (and some had quite large feathers) - HOW did they keep their feather shafts in perfect condition? They were toothed jaws, which don't smooth individual feathers back to good condition no matter how you look at it. How did the dinosaurs keep their feathers 'right'? You can't do it with claws, they had no beaks, the tongue won't do it (feathers don't react like fur on a tongue).

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  • Star Trek's little google video, did everyone catch it today? has done a really elaborate one up, it'll be taken down I think about 10pm, catch it before it's gone.

    Don't click on the transporter before doing the overhead bin, or you'll miss the tribbles. And do the tree first, not the rock.

    Just slide the cursor over the things on each screen. I loved it!

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  • What was that zombie movie --?

    The one where the people think they're ok and not injured, but anyone who sees them sees their bodies as zombie bodies?

    The movie was filmed from two perspectives - their eyes and everyone else's vision. I can't find the name of the movie. Anybody know?

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  • How far north did the Carolina Parakeet migrate?

    The news story on our local museum in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) was talking about their collections that nobody sees behind the scenes. They have passenger pigeons collected in Pewaukee (20 miles west) from 1899, and one Caroline Parakeet collected in 1844 from Waukesha, just 10 miles west of here.

    Apparently the Carolina Parakeets migrated in summer and wintered in the Carolinas. Has anyone seen any documentation of what their migration routes were or which other states they were found in?

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  • Has anyone used Kickstart?

    It's an online microfinancing site, for small to medium size projects. You don't have to go through a bank with it. Just wondering what people's experiences have been. I know it's fairly new.

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  • In that 'Rescue Panther' commercial?

    WHAT is the guy saying as he's laying next to the wife in bed and the panther is watching from the dresser?

    It sounds sort of like 'I think he sees me', but it's too mumbled to make out clearly.

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  • How many cat owners save whiskers?

    I thought it was just me, but several other cat owners I know do save the shed whiskers also. Mine are in a nice blue bottle, I used to just put them in the paperclip section of my desk drawer but we upscaled.

    Just wondering if anyone else here does the same thing with the ones they find on the floor?

    BTW, they DO have a use! If you paint miniatures they're the only thing small and stiff enough to put the pupils on the metal figures when you're detailing them. Use the muzzle end of the whisker. They work better than toothpics or tiny brushes.

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  • Sudden increase in Fabric prices in the store?

    I got sticker shock at JoAnn Fabrics today -- a bolt marked $9.99 rang up on their scanner as $12.99! Just plain cotton from the quilters section. The stuff that USED to ge $5.99 two years ago.

    I was informed that all the prints are going up from $8.99 and $9.99 a yard to $12.99 in January. Is this happening everywhere? I'm in Wisconsin.

    What a way to make people stop sewing! We can't afford the price per yard soon!

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