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  • How many of you teens know there are laws concerning when it's legal to have sex?

    Every state has an "age of consent" law set at either 16 or 17 as a minimum age to be able to legally do sexual things to each other. Before reaching that age, it's "statutory rape" to perform ANY sexual acts of any kind as a minor. And it's also illegal to be a minor and date, kiss and hug others who already have reached the age of consent, such as a 14 year old kisisng a 16 year old in a state that has the law set at 16 for legal age. It's "sexual assault on a minor" to do so.

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  • on April 19, Yahoo! Answers started not having a scrolling panel, what happened?

    There was no way to scroll the screen avilable, and there was no mention of an error on the page. What's wrong?

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  • Do they actually teach legalities of sex in Sex Ed?

    Each day I answer questions on here from teens about having sex. They seem to not know any sexual acts before they are legal age of 16-17 by state law can get them in trouble. And dating ages are restrictive by those under legal age not being allowed to date those of age. They seem to know nothing about the "age of consent" laws. So just what is being taught in their schools about preventing this, and what "sexual assault on a minor" is, and what "statutory rape" entails?

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