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  • Why do today's therapists turn patients against their own families?

    I have a daughter (in her 40's) and grand daughter (I her 20's) who have both visited a therapist. After a time, the therapist seems to have brain washed them into turning against their own family members for no reason at all. My family has been turned upside down by this and in constant turmoil over B.S., lies and made up excuses towards family members. When will this all end?

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  • Why should America give up a 181-year old law, banning religious headwear, for Muslims?

    Due to the recent election....several female Muslims have been elected into political offices and now they want to ban this 181-year old law which Bans Religious Headwear in D.C. political meetings. When an illegal, or any other person, comes here to live - they are supposed to Assimilate - NOT change things. Why should America bow down to them? They should Bow Down to us for giving them Freedoms.

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  • Do I tell the truth or not?

    If I tell the truth - then I will solve other's opinions of an event and will also destroy a person's relationship with a parent (even though the parent is deceased).

    The truth will help one person and destroy another. The truth will also put an end to another person's constant lies and made-up stories. Do I tell the truth or just let-it-go and continue to be a punching bag for someone's lies and blaming me because they have no one else to blame.

    I can't and refuse to go into anymore details without opening 'Pandora's Box'.

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