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*Sometimes my child answers questions on my account, so if something seems - too young - for me to be saying it was probably not me. I like Literature, I'm old (35) and have a family. I write and draw for money & fun. I like vintage clothes, old houses & all kinds of things. I like yahoo answers because I always wonder things that I would never ask other people out loud.

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    Bad COVID Mask Pleats?

    Hi but help! I still am practicing basic sewing skills, and the pleats on my COVID masks look like garbage. If you are messing around with these masks, ****please**** tell me how you are finishing the pleats!!!! And thank you. 

    I understand the process of folding and pinning the pleats. My masks look good through that step. It's  when I do the  final topstitch that is supposed to "catch" the pleats that everything  dies and goes to hell. 

    The pleats just look stupid, idk. I guess they get bunchy and then this thin, wavering topstitch looks like it couldn't  hold them together for more than a minute. 

    I made some cute ones and I dont want to ruin them. If you can think of ***anything**** to suggest, please suggest it!!! I appreciate it & thank you for reading this bc I cant sew

    In this pic: L -R two crusty old masks that I cut up to get the elastic. See the crappy pleats? In the middle is a pinned mask with ties waiting for topstitching. If you can see anything wrong at either stage, again, please share

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  • Boring, Sorry: Is Hosiery IN Again Yet?


    Last time I checked it was OUT to wear sheer, nude hosiery. That was...maybe five years ago.

    Has this trend changed? I can skip hosiery if I *have* to, but I am old and cold and it would be less trouble just to spend $36 and pour myself in.

    Yet - I am not dead, and it's still fun to front like I'm up-to-date. In this instance, I still value appearance over comfort.

    Yet - I am nearly elderly, and I

    can no longer guess whether anyone still pulls on pantyhose in the South in the winter for a corporate team dinner at night.

    So if anyone wants to put me out of my misery - bless you, my children, and thank you.

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  • Is Buying a Damn Pattern In Fabric Store Impossible or am I on Crack?

    KIDS, I am old. Please helm me. 

    I started sewing again after 20 years. Formerly, I would go to the Fabric store, look at the pattern books, find the pattern in the drawer and buy it  

    NOW, I try to do the same - only, when I go to the drawer, the pattern I want isn't there. 

    Am I supposed to order it online from the company? Im sure I'm cantankerous  bu the pattern sites are annoying as ****. 

    I've been muddling along, buying stocked patterns similar to what I actually wanted - but what does a serious person do? 

    Is there a modern trick to this that I haven't heard? Thank you

     I swore, but I really was just trying to make anyone reading this laugh. I'm seriously wondering! Thank you!!!

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  • Missed Hair Appointments - My Fault: Do I Pay?


    My mistake screwed my favorite salon - should I make restitution and pay for services I didn't receive? I *want* to pay for the appointment I missed last week, but I don't know if it's appropriate.


    I go toa salon in Raleigh. They're busy, and people pay. I love my stylist and the work he does, and we've had a good relationship for several years. But -

    I've missed THREE major appointments - color, cut and style - within the past 18 months. That means the stylist loses three hours of his time, plus tips - and the salon loses about $200, probably at the minimum.

    In the past, I've double-tipped my stylist to make up for my tip that he lost - but now the salon owner is irked - and, honestly, I see his point.

    They (grudgingly) gave me an appointment, tomorrow, for another color, cut and style. I have to decide what to do, and I'm stuck.

    Thank you for reading!!! I appreciate any and all opinions!!!

    PS -

    I'm old (40), and have clinical, therapist-verified (many times) ADD.

    I miss appointments. I do keep a calendar and use tools to stay organized - but, sooner or later, my brain, like, thinks wrongly, idk, and I make mistakes. Stress is usually the trigger. I'm too old to go around explaining myself, though, and I don't want to get personal enough to try and make my case.

    I just want to say that I'm not an asshole, necessarily, that doesn't value other people's time. I'm pretty sure I seem like one, though, and I feel sorry about that

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  • I Sew Stupid Plz Help?


    I can t sew a straight line. Is it me, or could it be the machine?

    For example, I ll sew along fine for, say, 2/3 of whatever distance I m trying to sew. 18"? I sew straight for about 12".

    Then, for, like, the last 6", I see my row of stitches keep drifting to my right until I finally go stitch right off the fabric. It s like a very slow and boring car accident - I can t stop it from happening, even as I try to guide the fabric back into place.

    Years ago, I learned sewing basics. I m trying again, but am still a beginner. My mom said not to pull or force fabric as it feeds through. - but I do gently guide it and keep tabs on where it s going.

    What is my problem?? I spend a lot of time using a seam ripper!!

    Ty I appreciate it!!!

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  • Rug Cleaning: How Much?

    Hey I have a gross outdoor rug! It is 3' x 5' and it's not jute but is some knotty natural fiber. It is really sick - it probably has like 5 lbs. of pollen in it - but I still like it.

    Does anyone have a general idea of what theat might cost? Also, my outdoor cushions are trashed - but the cover doesn't zip off - is there any way to have those cleaned, too? I can't spot clean them bc there are too many spots.

    OK sorry to be brash but I just sprayed down the concrete and planted my garden and now have a splitting headache from like allergens probably.I'm sounding jerky but I totally appreciate anybody's help so thanks!!!!

    I just want to know who to call and whether it would cost less than buying new.

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  • Job Interview: Untucked Shirt (Female)?

    I feel like I look gross wearing a tucked-in shirt. I have a job interview next week, and I am wearing:

    5 girdles

    Button-down shirt (pale blue/white stripe)

    Pencil skirt (Navy blue)

    Low heels (Beige)

    It's not a straight hem at the bottom, it's a shirttail hem where it dips down in front & back and is higher on the sides. A jacket is going to be too fussy for this, so I can't wear a jacket. It looks really neat and nice untucked, but if this is a "thing" corporate places notice, I don't want to stand out. It's an extremely low-level corporate job.

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  • fake or real apology?

    Hope that u understand that I am sorry that I hurt your feelings. NEVER intended for that to happen I'm torn. I know a fake apology would be "I'm sorry *if* I hurt your feelings," and that is not what this person wrote, but I still feel like this apology is shady. Do you feel like this person is taking responsibility? do you feel like the second sentence is an excuse or justification, or do you think the second sentence is a simple statement communicating necessarily information? text copied from the actual message.

    is probably obvious what I think but I'm asking unbiased people on YAHOO in case I'm just mad

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  • Fake or Real Apology? You decide!! (Please)?

    Hope that u understand that I am sorry that I hurt your feelings. NEVER intended for that to happen

    I'm torn. I know a fake apology would be "I'm sorry *if* I hurt your feelings," and that is not what this person wrote, but I still feel like this apology is shady. Do you feel like this person is taking responsibility? do you feel like the second sentence is an excuse or justification, or do you think the second sentence is a simple statement communicating necessarily information? text copied from the actual message.

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  • I Don't Understand Basic Composting?


    I really have tried to read about composting on the Internet, but I still have questions. I can't figure out:

    1) How long does it take? As I understand it, you throw proportional combinations of food scraps, grass clippings and (I forget, something else) into a barrel, mix it, and wait for it to turn into something that looks like dirt - right? Is this a six week process, six months? I genuinely have no idea.

    2) You put the dirt-like mixture on your garden dirt, right? Do you mix it in, or just spread it on top?

    3) Does it smell? Sorry, but I seriously wonder this. My garden is by the window. I'm sure it smells when you take it out of the barrel, but does it go away once you get it out in the air on a garden?

    4) Throwing eggshells and orange peels on your garden does not count as composting - or does it?

    lol but I'm serious Thanks!!!

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  • 2nd Year Garden - Soil Amendment?


    This is my second year of raised-bed vegetable gardening, so this is the first time I've had to get used soil ready for planting. I wondered 1) if what I've done seems right (am I forgetting anything?), and 2) if someone could recommend brands of bagged soil (organic, I guess, with low levels of lead).

    Also - in practical terms, is it necessary to get freaky about metals in your dirt? On one hand, my grandma just gardened - but, on the other hand, in a little, saturated space (raised bed), maybe it would be an important consideration. I don't know.

    Thoughts on any or all of these questions appreciated!! I've read a lot of, like, scientific information on the internet, but I don't see a lot of real-world advice for someone who's just tinkering around w carrots & whatever.

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  • Can I Send Music from ITUNES to an i-device from an Android? How? I'm old?

    I want to send my friend, also old, music from a certain Russian feminist punk band - but I can't see how. I already googled it.

    I have an android - I want to buy music on itunes and send it to her email or iphone or whatever.

    Can anyone tell me 1) is this possible and 2)if the android part is going to be a problem.

    Thanks, I appreciate it!!!

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  • Attention-W MIL's Cheap Tricks! Confront or Ignore?

    LONG - but I'm mad -

    Okay my MIL is messed up. She does awful things - then sits back and waits for my husband to reprimand her. Then she bawls and says she never meant to be awful - and he'll be like, "mom, you're not awful," and on and on until she feels loved. It's a cycle.

    So, we figured this out and began to ignore her bad behavior. No attention, no emotional bull. Works great.

    UNTIL NOW. This female has started sending PLUS SIZE CLOTHING - first, for Christmas - and, now, yesterday, for my birthday. It would be hilarious if it wasn't - totally irrationally, I know - hurtful.

    I like fashion and do not wear plus sizes. I'm stacked & older now, though, so I really have to watch it - and, I won't lie - I worry. So it's no accident - she's found an insecurity and is capitalizing.I feel like, because I ignored it at xmas (when she gave me XL), she ramped it up to the 1x & 2x cardis for the birthday.

    I do NOT want to dignify this bs w a response. But I have a threshold. Why should I accept that from anyone? I have already decided to politely decline gifts and to always be "busy," bc game players get on my nerves, but -

    Would you say something? Should I say something? I hate conflict so I don't want to be a doormat.

    Thanks for reading!!!!

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  • why is there sex in minecraft?

    Uh...I'm a 38-year-old mom. I wondered why there exists a 'minecraft sex mod.' Does anyone know? I totally just don't get it. is it because people think it's funny? I saw it; I thought it was stupid. I found Youtube vids via my 2nd grader (I amped the filters, now, but still.)


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  • Homade Character Invitation: Copyright Infringement?

    I used a star trek publicity photo and the shape of the little star trek insignia to make a bday invitation for my child. I made the photo into artwork and im not selling them or anything. I only want to print about eight. does this violate the law?! I didnt make these to cheat the franchize, I just wanted a design that didnt exist. I still feel bad though if it's a breach.

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  • Inappropriate Gift from Grantparents to Daughter - Opinions Appreciated?

    I'm a little upset as I write this, so any thoughts that anybody has are really helpful.

    My husband and I have three kids. We've been married 15 years. Both sets of our parents are pretty difficult - if not dysfunctional. For my parents - my mom, in particular, it's always been impossible to stay within the normal boundaries of a grandparent's role.

    Several years ago, after therapy, it became clear that, when given the option (I asked her), she refused to accept a grandparent's role and simply expected her own way. It wasn't healthy for our children, so we moved about halfway across the country.

    Now these sets of parents visit during every holiday. My mother let it slip, last week, that she felt guilty about my 16-year-old daughter's substandard summer birthday present (there were no problems with her birthday presents. They were appropriate and our daughter was happy). She felt guilty, she said, so she wanted to give her a pink, G5 ipod, engraved.

    Again, this was a couple of days before Christmas. The gift had been purchased without our knowledge or consent. She favors our oldest daughter heavily, anyway, and we just grit our teeth and cope - so it was especially upsetting to us. I should have said no - right when I found out - but my dad told me they had gotten a sale and the thing cost $168.

    Based on that price, we allowed them to give her the ipod.

    Long story short - they left. We called Apple - my mom's card had been charged $284. My dad doesn't seem to be lying. I think my mom maybe lied to him. Or, maybe he's lying. I don't know.

    Do we just keep cool and accept this? Do we send it back to my parents with a thanks anyway? Do we make it a "family" device to which all three children would have access?

    What would you do?

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  • Calling Cops: When Do I Do It?


    My daughter, 16, has a problem with an ex-boyfriend. Every time something happens that his family doesn't like, he and his father come to our house to confront us and demand change. Here are brief descriptions of the two times they have "visited."

    1) While the young people were "seeing each other," the father and son came to my house to ask, "Why won't you let your daughter go out with our son?" My husband was very kind and cordial and explained that it was not personal, but that she was 14/15 years old and was, on principle, not yet allowed to date. We felt like dorks but didn't think anything about it.

    2) After the break-up, our daughter talked smack about this kid and he felt threatened. He and his father, rightfully, came to our house to tell us. We busted our daughter, big time, and told her to leave him alone. She did. School ends, summer comes and goes.

    3) Fall of this year - the new school year starts. Now their paths cross in the hallways and at lunch. This kid began calling my daughter a "C---" - and, like, coughing - "like [cough] c---." Irritating, but also just stupid. We told her to ignore him - don't look at him, don't talk to him, etc. It kept happening - like eight times over about three weeks - so we told her to document it. Finally this sort of escalated, and this young man and a female friend spoke to her directly, blocking her from leaving an area. She called crying, I told her to take it into a school counselor. That evening, the boy and his father came to our home to ask us to make our daughter leave their son alone.

    Long story short, this man threatened to call the police. We were like, "Go for it, just stop coming over here." I was mad, though, that this kid denied saying the word and that they had the audacity to threaten us with cops - so I acted a FOOL, in my driveway, and told them off.


    Which brings us to today. After the last confrontation, it was clarified, for all involved, that there would be no contact of any kind. So the dude doesn't talk to her, but he eats lunch near her, makes out with his new gf near her, stares at her, etc. She's been documenting. Today she and my husband went to the school to ask if this could not be avoided. The school is going to talk to the boy about.

    I'm afraid they're going to show up here tonight. I don't want to go out and act a fool, I just want to call the police. Do I have to answer the door? Or can I just call when they start knocking? I think they are weirdos and am kind of reluctant to answer the door.

    Thanks for your opinion I know this was long.

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  • Esophageal Vitamin Clog: Actual or Phantom?

    So if you take your big ol' Women's vitamin with a couple other little ones (Iron, D) - with, say, coffee or maybe just a little bit of water -

    - and you get that thing where it's "stuck in your chest" - is there really anything stuck there? Or is it just a feeling because the vitamins scraped or bruised your esophogus?

    I know this is like physiologically ignernt but I seriously am wondering.

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  • Resume: Follow up Call?

    I mailed a resume (emailed) Sunday night (three days ago) and I want to follow up with a phone call. Is this intrusive? My husband said I should call, but I don't know. I really do care enough to be proactive, though. ANY thoughts appreciated. I do have a direct name and number.

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  • Cover Letter: Misspelled "Summary"?

    I just figured out I misspelled the word "summary on a cover letter - I wrote "sumary" - but on my resume I spelled it correctly, "summary."

    I totally know how to spell this word, I have no idea what happened. Do you think I'll automatically be disqualified? Or do they overlook this kind of thing??

    Wah, I'm so mad.

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