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    Where can i find the material to fix it. ?

    So ibhave this papasan chair ane thw top frame ia broken im trying to replace it but i cant find the material for it. Any ideas where i can find the wood that goes around. Thanks. 

    1 respuestaDecorating & Remodelinghace 1 mes
  • Gator park vs Everglades safari park?

    So I'm planning to go this weekend  with the kids to the Everglades but I'm having trouble to which attraction to go. The gator park vs Everglades safari park. 

    1 respuestaOther - United Stateshace 11 meses
  • where can i get my passport fast ?

    I'm having a trip very soon i did my citizenship this week. i need my passport before the 22nd. Is there an office that does it super fast

    3 respuestasImmigrationhace 2 años
  • What is the best numbing cream for tattoos?

    I will be getting a big tattoo and I will like to know what is the best numbing cream because I know it will be a long time to finish.

    1 respuestaTattooshace 2 años
  • How can i change my last name to my original without a divorce?

    So the problem is that I have my husband last name in my passport and my social all other documents are under may the last name. I did this by mistake because I was told that it needed it to do as he entered the U.S with a fiance visa. This was like 5 years ago. I have no problem with that before but now with the school diploma and license ( is under my last name) every time I have to show my passport it gets complicated. So I already talk to him ( to not make him feel bad ) that is going to be better to get my last name back. because I think is less expensive. So can you get your last name back even if we are not divorced? and how ... thanks in advance

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  • Should preventive health care services receive the same level of financing as illness health care? why?

    I'm doing a research and i need to know what the community think. thanks in advance.

    3 respuestasGovernmenthace 4 años
  • Where can I find a baby boop crib bedding?

    I m expecting a girl and I love the baby boop decorations for the rooms but I can t find any crib bedding. If anyone can tell me if they know where are available or if they still make it. Thanks in advance.

    1 respuestaDecorating & Remodelinghace 5 años
  • Ps3 super slim motor ribbon broken?

    hello all

    i have a super slim ps3 that all of the sudden stopped reading the games. i did few trick that i found online to fix it but it didn't work. so i try to clean the console and i found out that the ribbon inside was torn and cut is the ribbon of the motor i have 9 pin . i will like to know where can i buy one i search online but i not sure which one is and found one on ebay but have not clue and other says that it not compatible with the ps3 super slim.

    this is the one that i found

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  • What s the best shampoo and conditioner for relax hair.?

    Hi i relax often like every 5-6 weeks and my hair don t grow. I ask a lot people about good stuff for relax hair but nothing work so far. I will like to know a good hair products for relax and any tips for growth and strength. Thanks in advance.

    4 respuestasHairhace 5 años
  • ¿problemas con mi carro?

    Honda civic lx 2000 1.6L cuando aranco por la mañana me cuesta trabajo caminarlo cuando salgo en primera q lo aselero se aguanta y me da un golpe y luego camuna rqpido me lo ase en todas las belosidas asta que c calienta y mientras lo dejo en baja las reboluciones del motor suben y bajan si me pudieran ayudar les agradeseria .Esto ponlo en Yahoo que ya me trai loco el carro este

    2 respuestasOtros - Automóviles y Transportehace 6 años
  • ¿vacunas a bajo precio?

    Hola estoy buscando algun lugar que me pueda poner una vacuna que necesito.. la de la varicella... pero en los walgreens vale muy cara.. si alguien sabe algul lugar donde pueda seria de gran ayuda... vivo en Miami gracias

    1 respuestaOtros - Salud y Bellezahace 6 años
  • ¿ayuda con un carro?

    Nesecito que me digan si este carro sale bueno Mitsubishi eclipse Lanser 2002

    1 respuestaOtros - Automóviles y Transportehace 7 años
  • relaxed hair?

    Hi all and thanks in advance. I m having a hard time finding a good hair product for my hair witch is relaxed. I hope you girls can tell me a good line of shampoo and conditioners that can help me to make hair healthier. And tips for taking good care of. Thanks

    1 respuestaHairhace 7 años
  • tresemme 7 days keratin for relaxed hair?

    Hi I'm curious to know if I could use this product. I have relaxed Hair and was looking for a Shampoo and conditioner that keeps my hair smooth i heard about tresemme keratin but im not sure if i can use it . It will be a great guide for me if you can help me thanks

    2 respuestasHairhace 7 años
  • air climber does it really works?

    I was looking online some pages has like 3 bad review and a lot of positive, so I'm not sure if they were real so i want if anybody has experience with it . I gain a few pounds with the pregnancy and i dont have time with the baby to go to the gym. I will be a great help thanks

    1 respuestaDiet & Fitnesshace 7 años
  • Graco Smart Seat All-in-One Car seat will it fix on a chevy impala ?

    i have read many reviews about this car seat and it seems that is great one the problem in that is big. I have a Chevy impala the car is very big and has a lot space inside but i was wondering if anybody has an idea if fix well or not .. i was searching online but nothing .. it will a great help thanks

    1 respuestaSafetyhace 7 años
  • ¿El dodge intrepid se queda sin corriente ?


    tengo un dodge intrepid del 2002 cuando trato de encenderlo que habro el chucho completo enseguida se queda sin corriente completamente . quito los cables d ela batería espero un rato y luego le vuele la corriente al carro. Alguien podría decirme que le pasa y que debo hacer. Gracias

    3 respuestasMantenimiento y Reparaciónhace 7 años