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  • University UK at 26 years old?

    Hello, i am 26 and live in the UK and from the UK. This year is my final year in college and then hopefully I am going to UNI next September. Can I ask is will it be easy for me to make friends and live in halls. At the moment im in college and I'm surrounded by 16-20 years old so not many people my age and I would love to find a girlfriend one day as well

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  • Fast food job?

    If I decided to take a part time job at Mcdonalds or KFC at the age of 26 would I still ever be able to get a better job

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  • Feel so guilty?

    I feel so guilty about the things I said about fast food workers. They don't deserve to be spat on. I have a question at uni is it easy to make friends

  • UNI 2019 advice?

    Hello, I am 26 years old and I am from the UK and Live in the UK. Next year I would like to go to UNI and this year is my final year at college. I started 5 years ago from the bottom and have ended up at the higher level. My Qualifications are

    Entry 3 Skills for working life

    Level 1 Animal Care

    Level 2 Animal Care

    Level 2 Travel & Tourism-D*D

    Level 3 Travel & Tourism-D*D*

    Im on Level 3 Year 2 Travel

    I also Have

    Entry 3 Maths

    Level 1 Maths

    Entry 3 English

    Level 1 English

    Level 2 English

    Last year I also won English Student of the year and Travel Student of the year. I also have leadership certificates in sport leadership and medals for helping out at events such as marathons

    So I ask is this enough to get into UNI

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  • Why are people so judgemental?

    I don't know why people are so judgemental on here I am 26 and from the UK and go to college. Yeah I know it is only college but there are major reasons why

    Family and personal. I started off at college at entry 3 and today am starting my final.ever year at college with level 3 year 2 and going to uni next year. At the end of the day I want good qualifications and a good job

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  • Don't know what do to?

    Hello, I am 25 years old i live in the uk and i have never had a girlfriend. I don't have a job but i am looking for one and i volunteer and I don't go to UNI at the moment.

    The thing is i found a gray hair. I want to go to UNI next year I don't want grey hairs at uni, i want to find a girlfriend and be happier in life

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  • Can't find any automatic driving lessons in my area?

    I CAN'T find any automatic driving lessons in the area i live in I am 26 years old from the UK and live near Oswestry.

    I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO ******* DO

  • I don't know what to do?

    Well My mum and my stepfather got married. The day was actually better then i thought it was going to be. I actually have had a good time with my step-siblings and their partners as well which has taken away alot of the jealousy i felt. The problem is though now its over.

    My mum and my stepfather have gone off on honeymoon and my step siblings have gone off with their partners to separate ways but now im alone and have no one to talk to no friends to hang out with, i don't have a girlfriend i can drive down to see because A i can't even drive and B i don't have a girlfriend. I don't really even have a friend thats a girl and the one i do i don't fancy in that way she is more like a friend.

    So yeah what do you think I could do. Would getting a job even in McDonald's stop be from feeling lonely. I don't want to feel like this again. Next time a big family occasion happens I want to go off with the person I love

    I am 26 and from the uk

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  • Skip college or go?

    I am 26 and from the UK.I go to college. Now in a couple of weeks my mum and my stepdad are staying down south to visit my stepbrother to watch him graduate, his girlfriend will also be in the audience. Now obviously i can't come and that day is a bloody college day. During the days they are away should i just skip college because i know im just going to be depressed because he has been to UNI and done that while i haven't even ******* finished bollocks college yet

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  • how to get a girlfriend and not be lonely?

    Hello, I am 26 and from the UK. I have never had a girlfriend before and never even kissed a girl or held ones hand before. I get upset about it sometimes. How can i improve my life an

    1. Have a girlfriend

    2. Get a job-I mean a good one and not fast food because i would never work there all my life

    3. Be able to drive a car

    4. Get into UNI

    I just don't know what to do, I have had a nice couple of days but then tomorrow i will be alone again, my mum and my stepdad are off on holiday and my stepsiblings and their partners are going off again so i will be in the house alone without anyone

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  • How to get a girlfriend?

    Look, a ******* job at mcdonalds would not get me a girlfriend. It wouldn't get me a car, it wouldn't get me a place at UNI.


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  • Working at McDonalds?

    I am 26. If I have to work at Mcdonalds for my first job what the ******* hell would that job teach me? How the ******* hell could i be a sucess at life or find a girlfriend and drive a car

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  • Don't know what to do?

    My mum is getting married tomorrow and I don't know what to do. I am 26 and from and UK.

    1. I can't drive

    2. I don't have a job and can't get a job because no one wants me

    3. I don't have a girlfriend

    4. I don't go to UNI

    5. Im still at college

    My future stepsiblings

    1. Can drive

    2. Have jobs

    3. Have partners

    4. Did/Have been to Uni

    5. Have been to college

    My mum has got the girls two bracelets to wear to the wedding tomorrow her future stepdaughter and my stepbrothers girlfriend.

    It now upsets me because If I ever get a girlfriend she would never have the honour of getting a bracelet off of my mum so what do I do

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  • Wedding Day tomorrow?

    Right who wants to come to a wedding with me tomorrow to see my mum and my future stepdad get married. I am going to be the only single one there because its only my future stepbrother and his girlfriend and my future stepsister and her boyfriend

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  • learning to drive?

    How long does it take someone to learn to drive

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  • Failed my GCSE?

    Hello, I am 25 years old and live in the UK and from the UK. I go to college and I am nearly 26. I really want to go to UNI next year and get a good job and a good qualification. I failed my GCSE today by 4 points but I have a level 2 in English which is the same as a GCSE Grace C

    I have done in College

    Entry 3 Skills for working Life (Pass)

    Level 1 Animal Care (Pass)

    Level 2 Animal Care (Pass)

    Level 2 Travel & Tourism (D *D)

    Level 3 Travel & Tourism (D*D*)

    I have a student of the year from last year and I volunteer every weekend at my local castle so i will get good references. I plan to get good grades for my final year at college as well.

    I want to study travel at UNI so would I get in

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  • Living in London UK?

    Hello, I am 25 and from the UK. I live up north but some of my family live down south. Can I ask what is it like living in london. Is it as bad as they think. I stayed there on the outskirts last week and it seemed really rough is this true

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  • McDonalds V Asda Benefits?

    Why are there more benefits working at a place like Asda then McDonalds. I have applied for a Mcdonalds job because I fail the online questions

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  • Girl I like at supermarket?

    There is a girl I like at the supermarket who I spoke too how do I get to know her more

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  • Nice girl at supermarket?

    So yeah I am 25 from the UK. I was in Sainsbury's with my mum and was talking to this nice girl there about my weekend plans called Emma about going to London, she has also been and went to the dungeon and I asked if she enjoyed it which she did.

    I really like her what do i do next as I would like to know her more

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