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  • I got an mha ua blazer for cosplay and it fits but the sides are just a little too small. is there any way I can alter it?

    I got a ua blazer for cosplay and just generally to wear because I like it but I guess they used a different sizing chart than what I thought [I know I should have asked but this is the first time ive done this] it fits besides the sides are too small to close it and as extra info I am of average size for my age so its not that. 

    is there any way I can alter it? thank you for your time.

  • how do I stop being so sensitive?

    believe me when I say im a crybaby. **** I just got done crying over something! 

    its a big issue that leaves me having anxiety attacks and meltdowns at school because I just feel miserable. 

    I need to learn how to manage this but I don't know where to start.

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  • whats the best way to save up to move out?

    I may only be 15 but I am very much exited about moving out when I can! [not a horrible family but not very good to be honest with you] 

    I have an account from which I do art commissions and once im 16 im gonna get a part time job. 

    I wanna know what else I can do! I plan to save up as much as possible and then move wherever I get the best job I can. 

    and no when im 18 I wont be above selling like feet pics.

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  • hey do you guys remember a show about a boy whose parents ran a movie theater? ?

    he jumps through the screen to change into his super hero costume and goes into movies with his friend. I remember one was a girl who was annoyed by him or like training him. anyway they used a book to capture the movie monsters and like there was this desert setting I remember clearly? 

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