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  • What can I wear for a doctor visit?

    The weather is very hot. I plan to wear linen shorts (nothing under), a tank top and flip flops. This time of year I don't think that is too casual

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  • Anyone have information on temporary lip sewing?

    My wife, daughter and I will be attending a full scale Halloween costume party as a Day of the Dead family. My wife has made all the costumes and will do the make up. As a topper to the costumes we all are going to get our lips temporary sewn together. She has a reference for a piercer that will do it safely with surgical equipment. It will be an X suture in the center and two single stitches on each side. Our appointment is for noon (well before party) and we were told if we take Tylenol the pain will be subsided by evening.

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  • Do you have a favorable opinion on neck and facial tattoos?

    Last year I got my wife's name in large script on the side of my neck. Later that year she got a small cluster of stars at the temple dropping down onto her cheek. We took the plunge and decided to ignore any negative comments. We received no negative comments. Even got by with our moms. My wife's manager asked, "Does that wash off?" She made a light joke and has never heard anymore.

    This year my wife wants to get a neck piece and I may get something on my face. Any comments?

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  • Would no shirt, no shoes be acceptable for a Fourth of July party?

    My wife and I are hosting a small 4th of July get together for family and friends. She has taken the task of being my fashion adviser. She purchased a pair of gauze draw string beach pants for me and insists they should be worn with the barefoot & shirtless look. Of course I'll follow her fashion sense but will I get comments about being too casual?

    She will be in her standard summer style of shorts and barefoot.

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  • Your opinion on shirtless and barefoot men outdoors?

    My wife is a style control freak. She feels shirtless and barefoot is a manly look. As the weather warms up, she insists I spend as much time as possible this way. If it matters my body build is completely average.

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  • What type of comments do you get on your tattoos and piercings?

    I have many tattoos and regularly get positive comments. I have recently had some medical issues and received many favorable comments and only one somewhat negative. I was asked, "Why would someone want so many tattoos on their body forever?" Many, many positives and only one slightly negative. I hope others are experiencing this positive feedback.

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  • Can I win my wife's shirtless dare?

    This summer I will work weekends with a roofing company. My wife likes the shirtless look on men as they perform construction work. She has bet (actually dared) me to work the entire summer shirtless. I start the first weekend in April and it will it will last until October. It will be tough because the hours are 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. If I wear a shirt only once-I lose. Can I do it?

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  • Damn! I just sat in pee. Why do women insist on squating over public toilet seats and making a mess of them?

    Just last night as my family was waiting for our meal, my daughter returned from the restroom with that statement. I continually also hear it from my wife nearly every time she uses a public facility. Why can't women simply sit on the seat as it is intended and not soil it?

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  • For a Valentine's Day gift my wife wants me to get a tattoo of her name on the side of my neck. Should I?

    Here is the family poll.

    Mother in law: "Yeah, I guess it is OK."

    My Mom: "I don't know-sounds kind of trashy."

    Our Daughter: "Super cool...Go for it."

    Me: "I luv ya-I'll do it.

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