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  • are hot people opressed?

    i feel like people automatically assume the worst because i am conentionaly attractive. like its not my fault im so sexy stop calling me a chad

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  • what made you the way you are?

    what happened

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  • is slender man real?

    my son eont shut up about this man i would like to stop it

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  • how do i make soap?

    when i was a young boy my father sold my dog to the milk man for free milk /7 days a week. That broke me. iHAve not been the same sice then and ot add to that my wife left me and my childre dont like me and my aunt unffriended me and the only child i have custody of plays this band 100gecs on repeat and it feels like my head is going to explode and i thnk it will and has and will and has it will and has an will and hasit will and hasand will and has it wil and has and i cant take it anymore i think i need help how do i start a soap business 

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  • why are 100gecs like that?

    i dont think its a good look for modern music

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  •  lesbianss?

    why dont they like men? when i was a lad in me 20s i met a lass and she didnt want to date me soley because i am male... i feel like someting s going wrong? id like truthful answerss 

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