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I've been gardening in middle Georgia (USA) for 20 years. I also have a tumblr:

  • Conspiracy? Birth control proscribed, dietary laws rescinded?

    I did a bit of research on the birth control issue by reading Genesis 38.

    I think that you would really need a reason to convince people to breed like rats before you could possibly see that story as anything more than an inheritance issue based on some out-dated laws.

    I'm convinced that some ancient priest attempted to build power for himself with the Caesar.

    Rome was an expanding empire, and constantly needed warriors.

    So... somebody told the populace that birth control was a sin, they needed to reproduce like crazy... and the dietary laws were rescinded to make sure that the populace was able to eat...

    Ok, the military had a steady supply of warriors.

    But now, with the country building walls to keep people out, isn't it time to revisit Genesis 38 and recognize that it isn't a prohibition against taking precautions?

    The church doesn't tell us that the earth is flat anymore, or that we are the center of the universe, what about the burgeoning population?

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