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  • ¿como ayudar a mi hija que deje de llorar cuando la dejo en la guarderia?

    Mi hija lleva asistiendo 3 semanas a la guarderia pero cada dia que le dejo es un martirio para ella y para mi ya que no para de llorar algunas ideas para ayudar a mi hija a que se adapte?

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  • For breastfeeding moms : I need some advice!!?

    My 3 month old baby has not been eating right lately, she is taking less time on each breast and eating only from one every time she is been feed . I have not call her doctor yet, but I will like to have some advice on this.

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  • My lil baby does not burp after her meals at night?

    I have a two and a half months , baby at night when shes done eating I can not make her burp. Could that be dangerous for her? She does not seem to have any pain, but her doctor each time we go see him tells me that she is full of gas, I am giving her colic water and milicon, but I still have trouble burping her. By the way she is breastfeeding

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  • ¿Mi bebe tiene exceso de salivación...?

    Estoy muy preocupada ya que hace algunas semanas he notado que mi bebe tiene exceso de salivacion muchas veces su ropita se le empapa toda y ahora opto por que use un baberito, esta al cumplir ya 3 meses y tengo temor que sea una afeccion fuerte... AYUDA

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  • ¿Que tan buena idea seria ir a vivir en Canada estando embarazada?

    Vivo en Estados Unidos y me encuentro esperando un bebe, me han comentado que en Canada hay muchas mas posibilidades de tener asistencia mientras se esta en estado. Me gustaria mucho ir a vivir para alla pero no se cuales son los requerimientos y a que punto se llega a recibir ayuda social .....

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  • ¿Fiebre y manchas color cafe durante el embarazo?

    Tengo 6 semanas de embarazo y hace 2 dias se me esta presentando un poco de fiebre, tambien he notado que hace 2 semanas siempre despues de ir al bano el momento de secarme en el papel encuentro un residuo color cafe...puede ser esto normal o me esta indicando un problema ??? tendre una cita con mi doctro la semana que entra por el momento es lo mas rapido que podria atenderme un especialista

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  • Need advice on buying a used car?

    What will be the best choice to make on buying a used car. Is it better to go to a dealer or get the car from an auto action?

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  • He bumped into my car and made a claim for me to pay his medical bills I do not know what to do now!!!?

    A guy in a motorcycle bumped into my car when he was trying to switch lanes..he was injured and I had damage done to the passenger side of my car , the accident was not my fault since he was the one that had hit my car and even the people that saw the accident agree on that but they do not want to do a record statement about the accident( thats what my insurance representative told me). We both have the same insurance and I received a letter from the insurance saying that he had made a bodily injury claim againts me and he might get a law suit againts me. What I do not understand is why in florida the law does not help me at all even though I am not in fault, and my insurance told me that if I was found 1% guilty I will have to pay his bills...I also had a hard time getting the record for the accident what should I do??

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