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  • Why are contractors now saying that I have to supply the materials?

    The last two times I had home projects (kitchen floor tiles, toilet), the contractors said that I had to go and buy the materials,then they would install them. I've never had this happen before, but than I haven't had to do anything in about 20 years. Is this a new maintenance contractor procedure?

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  • Why do all my home repairs snowball?

    For instance, I want to get the porch roof re-shingled. The roofer says I have to get the power line raised because it's too low to the roof. The power company comes and says I have to have the bushes near the line cut. Now there's three jobs out of one. The there's the toilet. Can just have it replaced - plumber says flooring under it is unstable. Now I need a carpenter to repair the flooring BEFORE the plumber can replace the toilet.

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  • Why won't some people look at things on the front porch during a garage sale?

    When I had a garage sale, instead of dragging everything out on the lawn, I set up tables on the open front porch to display some items. I even put a sign out saying there were more items on the porch, but many started to walk away without coming on the porch. When I called out that there was more on the porch, most didn't react or said, "No, that's okay." I was just wondering why the reticence to come on the porch.

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  • Why are the prices on some products and services negotiable and some aren't?

    For instance, one doesn't pay the sticker price for an automobile without trying to get the price lowered, yet when a roofer gave me an estimate on his work and I tried to get him to take some off, he walked away.

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  • Why are store prices different?

    Say a bag of salad mix in Store1 is $2.50. In Store2 the same brand and size bag is $3.99.

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  • Is early October too soon to start listing Christmas items for sale on online selling sites?

    I have a room full of vintage Christmas items and decorations I inherited form my parents. I put a few on an online sales sites, but no inquiries yet. Am I jumping the gun being too early in the year?

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  • Why are larger, older homes assessed for much less that smaller, newer houses?

    I was looking at the local tax assessment values of some properties and was amazed that my 2500 sq ft brick Victorian is assessed at half the value of a 1200 sq ft frame ranch house.

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    What would be a  reasonable price to ask for this  Oriental carpet?

    It's 9 by 11 feet, probably machine made and about 70 years old. It does have about a 4" area of fringe missing on one edge and some moisture stains.

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  • Why aren't doctor's now giving appointments at the patient's convenience?

    On my last 3 doctor visits they did not give appointments at a time that is agreeable to me. They say when to come in next. When I countered with another time, the clerks just reiterate the first date. It's like "take that slot or nothing". What going on with that?

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  • What should I do about a doctor's visit that I paid for twice?

    I had a doctor’s visit last October. A few weeks later I received a bill for expenses not covered by my insurances. I promptly sent them a check and thought that was the end of the matter. My next bank statement did NOT show they cashed the check. A few weeks later I received another dunning letter demanding payment. I called their office and was told they never received the check. Figuring that somehow it got lost in the mail, I sent another. Several more weeks I received a “final notice” about my non-payment of the bill and a statement that if I did not remit the payment within 10 business days I would be placed in collection. Another call to the billing department resulted in the knowledge that they have not received any payments from me for that office visit. However, my next bank statement showed by that time THEY HAD CASHED both checks. Another call and I was informed that their records showed no payments. I told them I had the bank statement showing that the two checks I had sent to them had been cashed and that I was due a refund or credit. The person I spoke to said it didn’t matter what I had, what mattered is what THEIR records showed and, as far as they were concerned, I still owed them the co-payment. I sent them a copy the bank statement and the photostat of the cancelled checks. That was two weeks ago and today I got another bill demanding payment. I think something is very amiss in their billing department. Any suggestions on what I should do?

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  • What has changed in American society form being a nation of collectors to a nation of minimalists?

    It seem people aren't collecting things like they were years ago. It used to seem like everyone had a collection of something. Now it's like "Who would want all those dust-catchers?"

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  • Is it legal to sell toxic materials at a garage sale?

    Say a person has things like old paint, insect spray and pet flea powder - better to dispose or okay to sell?

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    What should I do about the contents of a house I inherited?

    I am the sole heir of my parent's estate. My mom was one of those hoarder collectors. I haven't had much luck selling the house contents (having garage sales and online) because what was hot in the 1970s is cold turkey in today's antique market (e.g. Depression glass, china, art prints, Victorian style furniture). Even the thrift stores won't take it because they aren't selling anything right now; some around here have even gone OOB. Auctioneers only want high-end antiques. I'd like to clear out the house so I can sell it, but at least get something back on what my parents spent.

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  • Why have people's attitudes changed in the last decade in regards to garage sales?

    When my mom was alive, we use to have garage sales and she did very well. It was not unusual for her to make $300 to $400 a weekend. People were eager to buy and would pay good prices for things in any condition. Now that mom is gone, I am trying to sell the contents of her house. There has been very little interest and the few that have been here want things in "like new" condition and don't want to pay over $1 for anything. What's changed?

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    Why would a realtor say my house was a 'tear-down'?

    It just struck me as being overly-harsh to say that to a potential client. It is a 123 year old Victorian and it could use some updates, but it’s perfectly livable if one is not too fussy. The realtors around here just seem to want houses in move-in condition so the can sell them quickly. One said that I’d have to do at least $100K in renovations before he would even take it to list. Why should I fix it up for someone else that will come in a rip out everything I had done and put in their own updates.

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  • Is it true that some contractors have a minimum price for a job they will accept?

    Say a roofer looks at doing a 300 sq ft porch roof. He then says he doesn’t take jobs that small and will have to charge his “minimum” fee of $5000 even if the job would more realistically cost $2000. He prices himself out of a job that way. You’d think he’d be happy to get any work.

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  • What type of roofing is this?

    Two years ago a neighbor had his porch roof re-done. To me it looked like the roofer just put down felt. I expected to see him come back and put some shingles there, but he never did. I've never seen a finished roofing job look like this.

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  • Is a neighbor responsible for damage to my car from his trash can?

    During a thunderstorm, the next door neighbors trash can blew over an scraped the paint on my car. I said there wasn't any point in making a big deal out of it if he just paid for a paint job. He said he isn't responsible because it was an act of nature. Is he legally obligated to pay?

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  • If people want to sell online, shouldn't they be willing to deliver?

    I saw an item for sale on a regional online selling site. I inquired about it and asked if the seller would bring it to me. He/she refused replying that if I want it I have to come to them. Why should I have to make a 60 mile round trip and then find out it was not to my liking or had a defect. I say if they want to sell, they should be willing to deliver.

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  • Would a home inspection service or a general contractor be better at determining what home repairs are needed and prioritizing them?

    I inherited a 123-year-old house that has extensive deferred maintenance. I've been driving myself crazy trying to get contractors here to look at jobs like masonry work, exterior painting, drywall, roofing, floors, windows and mold remediation. Very few have returned my inquiries. Asking people I know what to do resulted in advice all over the place. HELP!

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