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  • How to divide up estate?

    Making up wills. We are not rich, but probably better than average. Have 4 children (2 adopted, 2not.)

    One is really angry and does not consider us her 'real' family. She has asked us (demanded of us) that we do not try to contact her or her children. He has been offended by previous gifts.

    One is remote and has not communicated with us for several years. But we have sent birthday and Christmas presents.(no 'thank you's)

    The other 2 (one adopted , one not) are quite close and we have a 'normal; family relationship with them. We are making up our wills.

    Should the estate be divided 4 ways.? (no regard for closeness or behaviour?)

    Should it be divided 2 ways between the 2 children that we interact with?

    Should the children of the the estranged children be left out ?

    What is the bast way to handle this?

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  • How can I transfer locations from old Magellan GPS to new Garmin ?

    My Magellan Roadmate 360 was pretty impressive when new 11 years ago, but now is developing several "quirks" and I would like to replace it with a newer, faster, better Garmin. Over this time I have saved many locations that I have visited while at the location. (I do not have a specific address for most.) Is there some way that I can save and transfer these locations to the Garmin? Or do I have to visit each location again while the old Magellan is still alive and enter and save the location on the Garmin.?

    Also, there are dozens (if not 100s) of Garmin Nuvi models available. Most everyone seems to agree that these are the best, but there are so many that seem so similar, how does one decide?

    I am not interested in the most up to date unit, just something that will carry me through the next decade.

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  • What is a good last car.?

    All kinds of people ask the same question over and over, "what is a good first car?". So, I am getting up in years and thought I would ask "what is a good last car?" The car you would buy if you were getting old and this might be the last one? Would you get the biggest SUV you could so you could safely run into things? Would you get the Shelby you never had in your youth? Would you look for one with a warranty as long as your life expectancy is? What about something that would appeal to your grandchildren after you are gone? Would you look for one that had automatic everything or a simple one that you could operate the radio and heater without reading the owner's manual?

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  • where is the cabin air filter on a Volvo c70, 2007 ?

    I do not think the cabin air filter has been replaced in my 2007 Volvo C70. I have searched on line, and have been assured that it is accessible under the glove compartment, under the brake pedal and under the hood at the bottom of the windshield. (complete with pictures)

    I cannot find anything like this under the brake pedal (an unlikely place) or under the the glove compartment and I am having difficulty removing the screen on the bottom of the windshield. I was shown pictures of the screws to remove, but mine is held on with plastic pins that seem to be designed to snap in and not to be removed (without breaking) .

    This sounds like a simple DIY job, but ..........I am getting frustrated Any real life help will be apprecieated. Thanks

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  • Steering side of jet boat?

    I have read several questions and answers about why many boats have the steering and hand controls on the right (starboard) side . The answers generally have to do with tradition, international sailing and an attempt to counter the rotation of the motor (especially in small high powered boats).

    However, I have noticed that many (not all) jet boats are built more like automobiles with steering on the left (port) and foot throttles. This is more common on the bigger high powered jets. What makes jet boats different ?

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  • is high moniter resolution detrimental to text readability?

    I thought that high resolution would provide finer text detail and make it more clear. But I just read a buying guide that said that high resolution made for better pictures, but would make text reading more difficult. I mostly do email and surf the net, but I thought a larger screen and high resolution would be easier on my eyes, now I'm having second thoughts.

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  • Why do people get their nipples and other personal parts pierced?.?

    I've had my nipples pinched and it hurts. Why would someone want to have a needle poked through a very sensitive area? What are the benefits? sexual? I would think that the pain would be a sexual handicap for months. Very few people are going to see the jewelery. I don't understand, but lots of people are doing it.

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  • How are ball bearings made?

    They seem perfectly spherical, no ring around the middle from casting. no nipples They are uniform , precise size and they are mass produced. How do they change a lump of steel into an exact ball with no visible markings and do it in large numbers

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  • I am looking for the cause of a rattle in a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire convertible?

    This rattle can be heard as you drive over the least imperfection in the road. It sounds like the rear drivers side shock absorber is loose in its mounting but in fact the shock absorber seems quite secure.

    I said "shock absorber" but this is really a pressurized strut. Because it is pressurized, I am reluctant to try to replace it. and I don't think anything under pressure would rattle so loosely.

    The sound is from the top of the strut (Maybe inside it?) or from the top inside of the trunk or from the back corner of the interior where the roof lowering mechanism is.

    I hope some one has experience with this because I love my car, hate the rattle and hate to pay someone $95 an hour to tear the car apart to look for it. Thanks J.T.

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  • How is an engine's redline or maximum speed determined?

    Without trial and error and thus destroying an engine (or several engines), how would one decide what the maximum safe rpm's of an engine would be? I can understand that the factory may be willing to sacrifice several engines in an experiment of selfdestruction but I do not believe that the redline on a factory tach is that accurate. I have seen cars with the same tach and same redline shown on it despite quite different engine options. I also believe that the factory would pick a conservative RPM and then show the redline to be somewhat below that, just to discourage people from abusing their product (especially while under warrany) So, if some hotrodder takes an engine and has it balanced, and new cam and springs installed and any number of other modifications, how does he know/guess what the redline will be ? That is without actually destroying the engine and then deciding that the redline would be less then that.?

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  • where should I look to find reliability / quality reports on 2004 Chevrolet Epica?

    I have a chance tobuy a 2004 Epica. It is covered by the GM 5 year warranty. but I would feel better if I had more info. Consumer Reports does not include the Epica . I presume they are so few that no reliable info was collected. Any direction or personal experience would help. Thanks

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