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  • Should I let the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands on my router use the same SSID?

    My mom has an older single-band router. It worked just fine for her phone and tablet. She recently got a smart TV, and it doesn't work well with the 2.4 GHz signal. I'm going to set up a dual-band router for her soon. Should I configure it to have both bands use the same SSID, or should they each have their own.

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  • Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 still a good phone?

    My Verizon contract ends in a few days, and I will be upgrading to my first smartphone (I know, I'm behind the times). I can get a Galaxy S3 for 97¢, but I was wondering if I should spend a little more money, and get something a little more modern. What phone would you recommend?

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  • Why won't my furnace fan turn on with the heat?

    I have a Coleman Evcon electric furnace. This morning, I woke up, and the heat was on, but the fan wasn't. I turned the fan switch to "On," and the fan turned right on. I switched it back to "Auto," and the fan turned off. It turns on normally if I turn on the A/C, but it won't work with the heat. What could be causing it to do that?

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  • Do I need to inform my insurance company in writing that I won't be renewing my policy?

    My auto insurance policy with The Hartford is up for renewal on February 22. I spoke to a local Nationwide agent, who gave me a significantly lower quote ($150 less per year) for better coverage. Do I need to inform The Hartford in writing that I won't be renewing my policy, or would a phone call be better?

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  • Why is my water heater making the water so hot?

    Yesterday morning, my water wouldn't get more than lukewarm. I took a shower, and never even had to turn on the cold water. Yesterday afternoon, it started putting out scalding hot water (the thermostats have been set to 120° for years). I replaced both thermostats, turned the water heater off at the circuit breaker, and let the water cool down overnight.

    This morning, I checked it, and the water was just warm. I turned the water heater back on about 30 minutes ago, and the water is already scalding hot again. What else could be the problem? I know I installed the new thermostats correctly, and they are also set to 120°.

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  • What is the best way to go about switching cell phone providers?

    My AT&T Wireless contract ends on 11/30/2011. When my contract ends, I would like to switch to another provider (probably Verizon). This will be the first time I have ever switched cell phone providers, so can you give me any advice? Do I just call AT&T on Nov. 30, and cancel my service, or do I need to handle it another way?

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  • How many of these musicians can you identify by their real names...?

    ... without looking them up?

    1) Ian Fraser Kilmister

    2) Brian Carroll

    3) Brian Warner

    4) Michael Balzary

    5) Kim Bendix Petersen

    6) Saul Hudson

    7) Paul David Hewson

    8) David Howell Evans

    9) Jeordie White

    10) Robert Allen Zimmerman

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  • Who do you think made a better Rooster Cogburn: The Duke or The Dude?

    John Wayne or Jeff Bridges?

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  • What color pants would look good with a baby blue shirt and a silver tie?

    I have a job interview tomorrow, and I need some fashion advice. I have matched a silver tie with pink and white stripes to a baby blue shirt. They look great together. Do I need to wear blue pants, or would another color look good with that shirt/tie combination?

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  • What color pants should I wear?

    I applied to a temp agency a couple of months ago, and they want me to come in today and talk to them about a possible job opportunity where I would be working in their office. I have no fashion sense, and I need some advice on what to wear.

    I have matched a light blue dress shirt with a pale yellow tie that has some dark blue in it. The shirt and tie look great together. What color pants would look good with that shirt/tie combination?

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  • What side dish should I make tonight?

    I'm having cubed pork cutlets (pan-fried) and steamed brussels sprouts. I'm having a hard time deciding whether I should have stuffing or macaroni and cheese. I love both, and I don't have either one very often. Which one would do you think would go better with the above meat and vegetable combination?

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  • Where could the smell of raw gas be coming from in a 2000 Taurus?

    When my mom drives her 2000 Taurus (3.0 L 24 valve V6), you can smell raw gasoline from inside the car. The smell isn't constant. It is mainly noticeable when you first start the car, and for a couple of minutes after you start driving. Sometimes you can smell gas during acceleration, even after you have been driving for a while. Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing the smell?

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  • Do I need to let my insurance company know that I won't be renewing my policy?

    I have decided to switch car insurance companies (from The Hartford to Geico). I would like to start my new Geico policy the day my policy with The Hartford expires. Do I need to call The Hartford and tell them that I won't be renewing my policy, or should I just let it expire.

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  • Is Geico a good car insurance company?

    My car insurance policy is up for renewal, so I decided to do some comparison shopping. Geico quoted me a price that was $250-350/year less than any of the other companies. The coverage I selected is as good or better than what the other companies were offering.

    Would Geico be a good company to switch to, or should I go with someone else? If you have had any experience with Geico (good or bad), please share.

  • How much extra would I have to pay if I got an extra DirecTV receiver?

    I have found a DirecTV receiver that I can buy on Ebay for $15. How much extra would DirecTV charge me to use a 2nd receiver? I will be buying the receiver outright, not leasing it from DirecTV.

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  • Has one of my local stations not switched to DTV yet?

    I hooked up my DTV converter last night, and it far exceeded my expectations. It doubled the number of channels I get, and they all have crystal clear reception. However, the converter can't find a signal at all for one station that gets fairly decent reception with just an antenna. Could it be that that station hasn't made the switch yet, or is it something else?

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  • Which address do I use on my tax return?

    I lived at the same address for all of 2007. I recently moved (February 2008). When I fill out my 1040 form, do I write in my old address where I lived in 2007, or do I use my new address?

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  • What do I need to do to fix my heat pump?

    The outside unit stopped working some time during the night last night. I checked the circuit breaker, and it had been tripped. I checked the circuitry, and everything looks fine, including the contacter (I replaced it last winter). I suspect the capacitor. Am I right, or could something else be wrong?

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  • Would insurance for a small SUV cost much more than insurance for a pickup truck?

    I am thinking about buying a used 2WD CRV, or something of that nature. I am wondering if insurance is typically higher on that type of vehicle.

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