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  • Portable Air Conditioner Venting Question?

    Hello, I have the LG model LP0910WNR 9000BTU Portable Air Conditioner. I am wondering if I need to remove the screen on my window when venting this unit to the outside? I would rather leave it in place if I could getaway with it. The screen is about 3 inches from where the vent would be exhausting to the outside. Thanks!

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  • I was rear ended in a car accident, could use some advice (details inside)?

    Thanks for checking this out, here’s my timeline of event:

    9/16 - I am rear ended driving home from work by a young girl. We exchange information and she leaves the scene before police arrive. It is her fault, when police arrive they do not want to make a report, they do call the girl and she admits fault. My car is a 2003 model with high mileage, I only have liability coverage. She does have insurance. He notes the 9/11 incident reports that the girl admits fault to him and gives me the numbers.

    9/16 – Evening; I rent a car comparable to mine. $40.00 per day.

    9/17 – I go to emergency room with back pain, prescriptions are written. Diagnosis is muscle strains.

    9/21 – Girls insurance company comes and looks at my car, the value of repairs to be made are $2500. The blue book on my car is $3700. They will not tell me if they are going to repair or total my car because they cannot get their client to return their calls.

    9/21 – The girls insurance company informs me they only pay $25.00 a day for rental car. I get an attorney who advises me they will pay all at the end of the day.

    9/22 – I reach out to my insurance company, however they will help me with nothing in regards to the accident except medical since I only have liability coverage.

    9/30 – I am still paying for rental car, my car is still sitting in my driveway busted up, the girls insurance company still has not been able to reach her, therefore they will not do anything with my car.

    My question to everyone is, what the heck am I supposed to do now? Rental car fees are racking up and there’s not end to this in site. Advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

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  • What is the best portable GPS device?

    I'm talking I need the best GPS is no object...I need a handheld device that will put me within a foot of a GPS coordinate that is 6 digits past the decimal (42.123456).

    Anyone have any idea?

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  • 2005 Nissan Sentra Emissions Question?

    There is a black box under the rear bumper that has to do with the emissions system, can someone tell me what this box is, the name of it, so I can go buy it. I believe it is some kind of charcoal container......if you have a part number that would be sweet too. Thanks!

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  • is it possible to withdraw from a yahoo fantasy football league?

    My private league commissioner made a league by mistake and he said he cannot delete it, can I withdraw from it?

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  • Should I refinance my mortgage? Details included. ?

    Hello. I currently have an interest rate of 6.375%. I owe $82,000 on the balance of my 30 year loan, which has 25 years remaining. My monthly payment is $550 without taxes and insurance.

    I have a qoute from my bank (which my mortgage is through) to refinance and get a rate of 5% for 30 years at a cost of around $2000.00.

    This means I have a new loan starting over for 30 years refinancing roughly $84,000 at 5%.

    I can also buy another .5% for an additional $700.00.

    The 5% makes my payment around $450.00. Saving me $100.00 a month.

    The 4.5% makes my payment roughly $425.00.

    I plan on staying in this house less than 5 years from now.

    My friend at work used to work in the mortgage industry and he says I should take my credit report (which I have) to some other banks or lenders and get competitive offers. He feels the cost to refinance may be a little too high from my bank.

    - My question the experts here is do you guys think I should refi to get the lower rate?

    - Do you think the closing costs are too high?

    - Do you think my friends advice is correct?

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  • How do I export my Lotus Notes address book to Excel?

    Without using a shareware or other program. Is there a way to export it "simply". Thanks!

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  • Where can I see a killer whale performance show? (Not including SeaWorld)?

    I know at MarineLand in Niagara Falls there is an exhibit where you can view the whales, I want to see a show similiar to SeaWorld's. And I know there are SeaWorld locations in Orlanda, San Diego, and Texas.

    Are there any other parks that offer killer whale shows?


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  • Help on a math question -?

    You might be able to figure out this conversion problem for me.

    I have a 100 foot coil, that cost $230.86. The 100 foot coil equals 39 pounds. Here comes the question. What is the price of the coil per pound?

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  • Who is the author of this page?

    I need to cite this page and I need the author's name. Thank you for your assistance.

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  • Car Radio Problem - Nissa Sentra - Sound comes through VERY LIGHT out of the drivers side speakers, any ideas?

    I posted this question earlier here:;_ylt=Am.Sx...

    But I was mistaken about an important detail.

    The sound is coming out of ALL the drivers side speakers, it is just extremely light. I can only hear it if I isolate the drivers side and blast the volume on the radio....if I put my ear right next to the speakers I can hear it.

    It is coming out of all three speakers (pillar tweeter, door, and rear) at the same light volume.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this? A bad radio perhaps?

    Thanks for your assistance!

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  • Car Radio Problem - Nissa Sentra - Sound only coming through right side speakers - Can anyone help?

    This happened suddenly. The sound in coming through the passenger side speakers only (both the rear speaker and the door speaker). If I isolate the driver side speakers and turn up the volume I believe the pillar mounted tweeter is still working....but the rear and door driver side speaker are completely dead.

    Anyone have any idea why this would happen? Is it a problem with the radio? This is a 2003 Sentra GXE with the stock CD Player AM/FM Radio.

    Or could it be a wiring issue?

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Dell Vostro 1000 - What do you think of this setup for the price?

    I am thinking of buying this, I will mostly be using it for web surfing, I don't do any gaming or graphic rendering of any kind.

    What do you think of this deal?

    $509 bucks

    System Details -

    AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 Dual-Core processor TK-55 (1.8GHz/512KB)

    Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition

    15.4 inch Wide Screen XGA LCD Anti-Glare Display

    2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHZ, 2 Dimm

    120GB 5400RPM Hard Drive

    8X DVD+/-RW with double-layer DVD+R write capability, Cyberlink Power DVD

    ATI Radeon® Xpress 1150 256MB HyperMemory™ (integrated)

    Dell Wireless 1490 802.11a/g Wi-Fi Mini Card

    Accessories -

    85 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery

    Adobe® Acrobat® Reader

    Integrated Audio

    Services & Warranties -

    1 Year Basic Limited Warranty plus 1 Year Mail-in Service

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  • Seeking opinions of financial people - What do you think of Vanguard Index Funds for Roth IRA retirement acct?


    I am looking to get your opinion on a Roth IRA that would be diversified equally within the following Vanguard Index Funds:

    The Roth is worth approximately $20,000.

    VFINX - Vanguard 500 Index

    NAESX - Vanguard Small Cap Index

    VEURX - Vanguard Eurpoean Stock Index

    VEIEX - Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index

    and I may also put some in the bond index

    VBMFX - Vanguard Total Bond Market Index

    Specifically I am looking for your answer to three questions:

    1) What do you think of Index Funds in general for a Roth Retirement Account? (I have about 28 years until retirement, also this is supplemental savings to my 401k, my wife's 403b, and both our pensions)

    2) What do you think of these Vanguard Funds specifically?

    3) Are there any other Vanguard funds that you would recommend?

    4) Any other miscellaneous advice or comments.

    Thanks for taking the time...I'm more inclined to select a best answer who cites sources to back up their opinions.

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  • Can I play my ipod through my car radio by using the jack on the face of the radio?

    I have a 3rd Gen Ipod Nano and a 2005 Nissan Sentra with a jack on the radio.

    The jack has the diameter of a standard headset jack...I'm not sure what it's for?

    Does Apple make an accessory that allows a connection between the ipod and the car stereo through the described jack?

    Thanks for the responses. Please link me to the product if there is one.

    Also - I'm aware of the FM transmitter option.

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  • What do you guys think of the Pioneer HTS-GS1 600W 5.1-Channel Home Theater System?

    I wouldn't be using it with the Xbox 360 (because I don't have one) I would just be using it as a stand alone system.

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  • How to restore the original finish to an old Callaway S2H2 metalwood?

    I have a problem. I have an old S2H2 Three metal that basically has all the finish stripped off of it. So right now it's polished to almost a mirror finish.

    I want some solution to get rid of the mirror finish and somehow get the club back to what it used to look there any way to dull the polished finish? Does anyone have any experience working on these type of clubs?

    I tried painting it....didn't work, it looked really hillbilly.

    I contacted the factory and to send it back and get it fixed would cost about $70.00, this is too much, I'll throw the club in the trash before I pay that much to repair it.

    What I'm after is a solution I can do myself for not a lot of money so I can dull the finish and I don't have to look at my own reflection when I'm swinging!!!

    Thanks for your responses...and don't bother to tell me about Golfworks or Golfsmith...I already know about them, remember I'm looking for something I can do myself....thanks!

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  • Question about wiring my Bose sound system to a Pioneer Receiver.?

    I have a room wired with 5 Bose speakers, all the speaker wires come up behind a TV

    There are 2 smaller speakers in front

    There are two larger speakers on the back wall

    There is a subwoofer next to the TV

    The receiver has 6 terminals two for the front. two for the rear. And a center

    My system was prewired with the front speakers being wired into the subwoofer and the subwoofer has outs that I wired into the two front speaker terminals on the receiver

    But when I wired the rear speakers into the receiver they did not play, so what I did was I twisted the copper of the front and rear speakers together and plugged them all into the subwoofer

    So basically I have 4 speakers running into the sub, and I have two outs coming out of the sub running into the receiver and wired into the terminals labeled front L & R

    It actually sounds good, but I'm worried that I have done something wrong

    Could you guys offer your opinion as to whether I did this correctly or not?

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