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  • How Much will it cost to renew a 13A ACR-I Card 5 year validity?

    Hi, i am a permanent resident in the Philippines and my ACR-I card is going to expire this year it is a 5 year valid and already says 13a permanent resident, how much would it cost to renew my ACR-I card to another 5 year validity? 

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  • PSN Keeps Signing Me Out?

    I have had this problem for quite a while now and it is really annoying me now, I keep getting signed out of psn but everything thing else is fine my laptop downloads fine, I couldn't tell if it was just the game or my router or just the internet is crap, I never had this problem before it just suddenly started to happen, I mainly play gta online so I wouldn't know if it does it on other games or not, but sometimes when I have a break from playing I leave it on single player and do something else and I notice I get signed out then to.

    I have a strange kind of internet set up where the internet connection is actually my land lords who live next door I pay her money to use her internet each month, she using PLDTmyDSL service, she has I think its a modem/router combo in her house and there a long ethernet/RG45 cable coming from her modem/router to my room next door connected to a wifi router repeater in which I connect my laptop and ps3 with another ethernet/RG45 cable,

    I have played around with my settings on my router in my room like put a static ip etc, but I don't really want to play around with her router to much in case I do something wrong an she cant use it, both routers have firewall turned off so its not that playing up.

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  • A Question for the ladies?

    if a stranger came up to you on the street and asked you out on a date what would you say?

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  • Help with chatting up a woman?

    There is this woman that walks past a shop that i deliver to and she always catches my attention as she is very good looking,

    most of the time she's with her mates talking,

    I think she may have noticed me staring at her a few times but hasn't given me an signs she is interested in me,

    I want to ask her out on a date but i don't know if i should or not.

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  • Why do i keep getting this when i adding new friends on facebook?

    This request can't be sent

    Do you know this user personally? To prevent misuse of Facebook, this request can't be sent. To learn more, please visit the Help Center. If you believe you're seeing this message in error, you can report the problem.

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  • How often should i wash my new car & how often do i need to wax it?

    got a brand new black car and want to keep it clean

    i was thinking giving it a proper clean twice a week

    and use a jetwash to wash the dirt off car everytime i drive it (everyday).

    also how often is it recommended to wax your car?

    i was thinking everytime i give it a proper wash with shampoo etc..

    which is best autoglym or meguiars cleaning products?

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  • Which super gaming pcc gaming machine should I buy?


    I am thinking about buying a Alienware gaming pc and don't know if i should choose the

    Area51Alx or Aurora Alx

    Area 51Alx

    - 3.20GHz i7 Processor (4.8GT/s 8MB Cache)

    - 12GB 1333MHz Memory

    - 256GB Solid State hard drive

    - Dual Sli 1.8GB Nvidia graphics cards


    Aurora ALX

    - 3.06GHz i7 processor (4.8GT/s 8MB cache)

    - 24GB 1333MHz Memory

    - 1.2TB serial ATA 7200RPM Hard drive

    - Dual SLI 1.8GB Nvidia graphics cards

    So which desktop do you think is best?

    and always upgradable in future.

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  • Do i need Criminal record Background check (CRB) to enter a nursing home?


    i am a milk man and i deliver to nursing homes,

    one of them ask me to actually go inside the kitchen and put the milk away for them because they are to lazy.

    i was told today by 1 of my friends that it is actually illegal for me to go inside even only in the kitchen because all people need a Criminal record background check

    is this actually true??

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  • Speeding Ticket, Do i have a chance in a appeal?

    ok well let me explain what happened,

    I was at work driving down this long road which the speed limit was 60 changes to 40 then back to 60 again, i had a delivery down this road and the place has one drive for a entrance and another drive further down the road for a exit when i came out the exit instead of turning right like i normally do to do the next delivery i turned left because i had a new delivery that night, I believed the speed limit was the same as it was when i came off the road which was 60 i wasn't sure but i did't see any signs to make me think it was not, there was no street lights and no road signs so i was getting my speed up to 60 when suddenly all of a sudden around this corner just down the hill on left was a speed camera I made sure I was doing under 60, I didn't see the camera till last second, it flashed me then further down a road I saw the road speed limit sign saying 40. I was well annoyed still am, I went back next day to see if there was signs. but the only sign that says speed camera's and speed limit back down to 40 was on the right of the exit that i came out of, I turned Left so there's NO way i would have seen that!!

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  • Help with my Peugeot 306 Stereo?


    wondering if anyone can help me i accidentally typed the wrong security code in I only did it once and now doesn't do anything its locked i read the manual and says if type the code in wrong you have to wait 1 hour till it resets and i can type in the code again.

    I have waited hours and still nothing, i disconnected and reconnected the battery and still nothing, i replaced the battery 2 days ago as the old one was not holding any charge and still nothing.

    powers on and off but nothing happens when press any other buttons.

    its a peugeot 306 L D, s(98) reg,

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  • Does having 2 Grapics cards make a diffrence?

    i thinking about buying a custom built super gaming pc with high ram good mother and core 2 duo cpu

    does having two graphics cards make a diffrence to only having 1? let say i was to get one 768mb card and i was to get another exactly the same would that be better?

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  • What The Best Computer processor? (CPU)?

    which type of computer processor is the best for gaming?


    or amd?

    i always believe intel the best but people sayin amd is meant for gaming

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  • My Hamster wants to eat me how can i get him to stop biting me?


    i have got these 2 hamsters from about a month an a half now and the female fine but the male is setting out of his way just to bite me if i have my hand 1 side and he the other he will run to my hand to bite me.

    i cant handle him what so ever cuz all he wants to do is bite me i worked out a way to get im in and out of his running ball back to his cage without touching him, but i can stroke him or even try to de-flea him cuz i soon my hand near him he bite me and he bite soo hard he a very stong hamster spends all his time awake nibbling the cage.

    there both already 1 year old before i got them but yet she fine she dont bite but she doesnt like to be handled ether cuz spends all her time trying to get out of my hands or out of her cage.

    he also wont use his wheel inside his cage i dont think he knows how to use it how can i make him learn i tried putting food in there but he just takes it and runs off. he becoming a well lazy hamster and sleeping 2 much. getting bigger i think

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  • Help with car, Leaking brake fluid?


    i have a leak in the brakes somewhere and i dont know where i cant see any leak on the outside or inside but the brake fluid is disappering somewhere i topped it up 1 day and the next its well below minimum

    looked under car cant see any leak, again in the egine department and no leak to be seen, and checked wheels and brakes and i cant see any leak.

    i got a 96 n reg renault laguna 2.2 diesel

    can any1 tell me what possibly it could be and how much roughly to fix it (please uk prices)

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  • Car lights faulty how can i fix?

    I have a problem with the left front head lamp when brought it it didnt work when i start the engine i have to flash the high beam on off &/or wait like 20 seconds and then the left light came on..

    now its not working i brought new bulb today and it didnt work 4 ages then it came on now it not working again

    i suspect possible electrics fault but not sure, could be a fuse..

    does any1 have any idiea what is wrong and how much to fix it?

    its a renault laguna n reg (96)

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  • Car Problem Please Help?


    the car got a leak on the inside, i believe its coming from the water tank the radiator uses. it is some how leaking into the footwell on the passanger side. its not the window wash bottle. there is no leak on the outside. it also smells inside the car abit like a metal smell. could be anti freeze but not sure. the colour is brown rusty colour that staining the footwell. when i got the car i cleaned out the old radiator water which was the same colour and flushed it tho with more water. it held the water before but now its slowly going down.

    there no leak on outside of car or in the engine department.. it is only on the inside passenger side of car.

    it was abit damp yesterday but all of a sudden today a hissing noise like gas escaping i could hear from inside the car only. no noise on outside or engine. even when engine off it is hissing. sounds like it coming from the vents by the front window but not sure.

    if any1 can tell me what is wrong?

    its a Renault Laguna 2.2 96 Dsl

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  • Can you play On Xbox360 with a mouse & Keyboard?


    i got a xbox360 and i heard along time ago when it came out and recently i been looking around.

    and i hear alot about playing games with a mouse and keyboard just like pc users?

    i know that the stupid design only alloys you to use keyboard & mouse on messaging on xbox live etc.

    when & how can i play games with mouse & keyboard?

    where in England can i buy somthing that will let me play using mouse?

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  • Help i need help with my car, peugeot 106 quiksilver .?


    i own this car, and as u can see it is very low and has large 18" wheels. the car has been lowerd at the front to spax 50mm springs and the back has the tortion bar adjusted.

    The wheel archs & fuel pipe line have been modified to cope with the large wheels, the car is drivable believe it or not.

    what i want to know is how much would it cost to re-higher the car back to the orignal springs and tortion bar back up to where it was.

    i am keeping the wheels on the car soo getting small wheels is out of the option, anyways even if i go get smaller wheels i will still need to re-higher the car cuz with smaller wheels means the car will be even lower to the ground right?

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  • What make of car do you think most reliable?

    i thinking about buying a car but i dont have much money so i looking for a cheapy.

    what make of car do u think most reliable not to break down and if so it quite cheap to fix.?

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