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  • Just thinking in loud... difficult to live with him?

    We are married. Our kids, in college. The house, lost value, therefore I can't sell it, I owe more than its current value. It would be wonderful If I could pay the house alone, and If I could provide everything my kids still need so I don't need him. He doesn't have a steady income... I can't have a 2nd job, don't have the strenght and I would never see my kids again w a 2nd job. You know, I would live at 7:30 am and would return by the time they are asleep, from my 2nd job... He, he never tried or wanted to have a steady job... that will pay him a little bit less BUT will have a STEADY income! His character: LIKE a bipolar, not that he is biologically, but that is how he is. My kids, they just tolerate him, we all are in

    a "relational surviving mode". The kids still need a "steady" family, you know a roof, and some kind of emotional support of a family...they are still dependent on us... Our relation, he and I... well I wish I could never see him again. He, he despises me in every way, so we tolerate each other... I wish it would be different but he is an 'angry man", always, any time of the day, any day of the week, without even a a reason... No I already know and accepted that he will Never Change. After so many years of marriage, that's how I know. Thank you for listening. I just needed to say it.

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  • Need opinion about placing an entertainment center In Front of a Mirror Wall?

    Small town house, small living room area with only two walls. One of them is a mirror wall from ceiling to floor, from one end to the other end of the wall. The 2nd wall is a regular wall, with chair rail and crown molding. The third wall has a sliding door to go out to the deck. There is no fourth wall because dinning room and living room merge in that space.

    So, my sofa is of course against my only regular wall. That is the only wall where I can put the entertainment center so we can watch TV in the living room, but, I can't have a sofa and an entertainment center in the same spot. My only option is to put an entertainment center in front of a mirror wall. I know that NOBODY BLOCKS A MIRROR WALL WITH ANYTHING. Besides, the only regular wall I have, looks really nice, because I placed an iron grill on it with two smaller same color wall art at each side of the grill. It looks fabulous and everybody who comes to my house always, compliments that wall, so it is kind of the "center wall", and it is because is the only real one. Nobody ever says anything about the mirror wall, although is a very good one. It has solid panels of mirrors. So I think it serves its purpose.

    The mirror wall is there to HELP create the impression of having a bigger living room space. I have seen my neighbor's living room which is exactly as mine, and believe me, it looks like you are in a match box, so I think that my LR looks better with the mirror... so what do I do?

    To the left of the mirror wall is the door to the basement, therefore, to put the sofa in front of the mirror wall, immediately next to the door is an obstruction to open the door, the door will hit on the sofa, and it won't open completely which is a HAZARD! To the right of the mirror wall there is a narrow piece of wall where I hanged a sconce and next I have the sliding door to go out to the deck.

    So, what do I do? LR space and a TV is for family and friends time. Having said that, I really can not opt to NOT having a TV and/or an entertainment center in my LR.

    How do I make it look "ok" to have an Entertainment Center in front of my mirror wall? It's kind of an impossible situation. I Don't Want To Block The Mirror Wall Completely, only the least possible for the TV space.

    I can't put the TV in the corner of the mirror wall. First, the corner space is too small. There is a narrow wall there where I hanged a sconce. It won't work unless, my family had giraffe, flamingo or owl's neck that can remain looking in static position for a long time. To put the TV between the dining room space and the living room because, it's out of the question, the space is too small, it will block the space.

    Let me put it this way, if you are in the dinning room, you only need to put one foot forward and there you are in the living room space, or if you are sitting at the table, and you turn your head, you are there looking directly to whoever is sitting at the sofa. The sofa lamp table is the limit between DR and LR area.

    I thought about buying a flat moderate size TV and a glass and metal TV table or a rectangular wood cabinet that will serve as the base for the TV, a storage for the DVD, the Verizon Digital Cable Box, the music cd's, the movie DVD disks, board games like Monopoly, miscellaneous cables, etc.

    If I change my actual sofa to a smaller one to make it fit in front of the mirror wall, I will end up with a Love-seat :( with less space to seat. I only have one sofa in my living room and 1 chair in my only one corner, the one next to the sliding door.

    I wonder how hotel rooms can accommodate a confined LR area/furniture within a bedroom but you feel comfortable and you don't get the cramped feeling!!! Can somebody explain that to me? Why I can't replicate the same concept in my small space and have the same effect.

    I will appreciate serious opinions. I value you opinion and your time to answer. :) I wish you have a happy and pleasant living space. :)

  • What other country kills their own children while at school like we do here in USA?

    I'm in shock with the tragedy that has struck our lives as a nation, with the school shooting that happened today in Connecticut. America, USA, without any wrong self assumption, but with humble honesty, I can say, I know we are a great nation, (only by the grace of God), nevertheless, there are things that happen here, that are so wrong, there is so much pain self inflicted. We are killing the most innocent, vulnerable people, our own people by ourselves, not by an outsider, not by terrorist, not by other country but we are killing ourselves.

    Most animals, (excuse me for the illustration, I don't mean to disrespect anyone), I can't stop to think about this, but most animals do Not harm their offsprings, but protect them fiercely. And we, who are the strong, intelligent human beings, kill our own blood... I am without words... We need God in our lives IF we want to see something different that what we already have. Your opinion is welcomed.

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  • If a person commits suicide due to tremendous suffering, is he/she going to hell? Only serious answers please.?

    If an innocent person is sent to jail, like it happens so frequently, and this person once he or she is in jail is raped and abused by others, if this person has also received Jesus as his/her Savior, but because of the abuse, decides that he/she no longer can endure that suffering, if she/he commits suicide, will he/she go to hell? Just stick to the fact, that the person IS innocent, sent to jail unjustly, really understand the whole concept of Salvation as the Bible says, Is Not Blaming God for the injustice committed to him/her, but can't stand the suffering of the sexual and physical abuse, if she/he commits suicide, will she/he go to hell? Thanks for your HONEST and SERIOUS answer.

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  • What do you think? He call "his friend" the woman he was flirting with by phone/internet, but I'm his wife.?

    I heard him m-a-n-y times telling her how desperately he loved her and needed her. I confronted him, I was about to div_rc_ from him, we went to counseling and a year has note passed yet and he still answers the phone when she calls him, he doesn't look for a way to block her #, I investigated how to do it and it's possible to block her #. He bought his sister a pay cellular phone, the kind you charge with calling cards. Well, he had to try the tel to see if it works, so guess what # he used to try the phone...? Yes, her #. And when I checked the phone to see its call log (because once you have been cheated, you cant' stop thinking "what if he still calls her") guess what I found? Yes, he called her # and she called back the # that was calling her. I was feeling guilty of not trusting... him and from checking the call log, I said to my self, "well you aint going to find anything". Well, after I checked the phone, I just couldn't believe it, he called her from that prepay phone. When I confronted him, guess what he said? "I didn't know that was her #, I was at work, with my co worker, and cause I had to try the phone, I used 'a # that was on a paper but had no name on it' so I tried it". And I asked him, why you didn't reach your blackberry to dial one of your relative #s? He said: Oh I did not think about that, it didn't occur to me. "If you want", he told me, "come with me to my truck so we can clean it together of any papers left there... He is very un organized person who does not write down details and many many times doesn't write the name of a phone. I asked him, if she calls you why don't you just hang up and avoid her. And he said, "well she is my friend and if she calls me I can't be rude to her... by not answering her call." But this is the woman that he even told her by phone that he will visit her in his next trip to his country that was going to happen in the next month.

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  • ¿Esposo fiel y buen padre, privilegio exclusivo de pocos.?

    No es para todos. Aunque se desee con todas las fuerzas, no se hallará. Aunque sea la meta de tu vida tener un hogar sano y q sea ejemplo, y pongas todo tu empeño, ese sueño es sólo para unos cuantos. Tu puedes dar el 100 %, pero él, termina convirtiéndose con el tiempo, en la peor pesadilla de tu vida, al punto que desearás nunca haber nacido, nunca haberlo conocido. Una pesadilla cruel sin final en la cual ya no sabes lo que es esperanza, ilusión, soñar, justicia ni equilibrio mental.

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  • do you make a crease to jeans?

    Are we supposed to make it or is it a bad idea. Does the jean pants looks better with or without crease? Is is an old fashion to do it? Jeans with creases will eventually fade more at the crease and thus it will have that line, then you have to be careful to follow that same faded line the next time you iron your jean. When you make a crease once, you may end with more than one crease mark that looks so bad later. Maybe a better question will be: should jeans be ironed?

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  • how to know the truth about me?

    I had hope, now none. Tried 2 have a gud relation w my hsbnd but, it went back to chaos. Now i wonder if I evr lovd him or just "took the first bus that came 4 me". I tried so hard to keep the marriage together that now I'm so emotionally bruised that now after being thru so much, I don't know if I love him. I wish him well, don't want anything bad to happen to him, he is the father of my teenage children. I'm 50, & of course I' don't want, and will never again look for anybody else, I rather be alone. For me I really believe in "till death do us part", while i'm alive, he is my hsbnd, so there is no room for other relation, besides, Im not interested. I feel wasted inside, burned out. Even if there is not a conflict right now, (but there is) I wonder now if I I was in love when I married. Twenty yrs together, so much turmoil, now there isn't any spark, not an emotion, not a desire, nothing. I just wonder if it is supposed to be like this. I just try to have an amicable relation, with respect, being responsible in evry thing that we need to take care of, but, inside, I feel cold. I'm commited, that's why I stayed till now, but i feel bad b/c i don't feel gud inside.

    Here darkness, emptyness, a hole, cold, dark, not a rope, not a help, same loneliness, abandonment, saddest-somber feeling, hopelessness, same past, haunting and stomping, flatenning without any care. sarcarsm not enough, lifeless heart, hardest as stone. Not even the smallest desire, not even the least want, not a request, not a complain. Doesn't know what a dream is. Forgot to dream. Nothing good/deserved. Never good was meant. Never look/consider. Not meant to receive/deserve. Evrything for anyone. Nightmares always return. The storm, winds, dark clouds always linger, come and go, never dissapear. It's a cycle... a circle, never ends. Don't open your eyes. Nothing to see, just a faint dream, short lived, not real, illusion. Not a surprise, storms, hurricanes, strong winds...eye of the storm... quiet, 2nd part of the storm. Questions, uncertaintly, doubts, not sure. TRUTH? Self deceived? Do things for many reasons, believing the right ones, later, question, true motivator?, now...Click/click One second: light, one second darkness.

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  • is it possible to see the history of text messages typed on a cellular phone?

    is there a technology that can retrieve every text message typed on a cell phone within a period of time?

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  • ¿Qué opinas: eres hispano o eres latina?

    Siempre, desde q tengo uso de razón, desde q fui a la escuela, aprendí que somos Hispanos, porque hablamos Español y junto con eso viene una historia y una herencia debido a la mezcla de "raza" que hubo como producto del proceso de conquista y colonización q experimentaron todos los países hispanoparlantes, me explico? Pero cuando llego a los EU me encuentro con que unos dicen: "no, yo soy latina...?? !!" Y yo me pregunto: cuál es la diferencia. En lo que a mi respecta, #1 (todos los q vivimos en el occidente), todos vivimos en "El Nuevo Mundo, descubierto por... Cristóbal Cólón, es decir Las Américas. Ahora, claro hay dos Américas: Norte y Sur, pero todos sabemos que en Las Americas, es donde está la mayoría de los hispanos (los q hablan Español). El otro pedacito de tierra q habla Español por Naturaleza, es ESPAÑA, pero ella está en Europa (continentes del otro lado del mundo). El idioma Español nos llegó por medio de nuestros conquistadores y colonizadores de ESPANA, pues nuestra población nativa, indígena No hablaba Español, eso creo que todos lo sabemos, no? Entonces, por un lado todos pertenecemos a Una de las Américas, (comenzando desde CENTRO América) pero todos sabemos que ese nombre NO lo usamos, sólo los Estadounidenses (EU), se llaman así mismos "Americanos", por lo cual, sólo nos queda a nosotros el nombre de hispanos, a mi entender. El nombre "latino (a)" se relaciona a los que hablan LATIN. Pero, interesantemente, aunque no soy una experta en el origen de las lenguas, una cosa SI sé y Es que del LATIN se derivan el idioma Español y creo que no sólo ese sino otros idiomas más (si me equivoco, perdón). Entonces.... digo yo, entre escoger el Latin y el Español, a mi me parece más familiar decir que somos Hispanos, porque a nadie tu le oyes decir: "Yo hablo Latin". Ese es una lengua en desuso. Yo no digo soy: "Española" porq sabemos quienes son los Españoles, no, de España. Jamás podremos negar nuestra herencia, nuestra historia (triste o alegre) y nuestra descendencia. Ninguno de los "hispanos" son "puros en su raza". Ya sea Mexicano, Guatemalteco, Venezolano, C-a-r-i-b-e-ñ-o, de centro o sur américa o de las Antillas, TODOS, (casi todos, con excepción de algunas antillas menores conquistadas por los franceces) pero podemos decir sin equivocacion, creo yo, que somos descendientes de Españoles, Indios y Africanos. Es decir, ninguna raza es pura (eso es otro tema para otro día, todos tenemos algo de Negro, Indio y Español en nuestras venas lo queramos aceptar o no). Pero nuestra característica más fuerte e importante es que hablamos el idioma Español, NO LATIN, entonces para mi, somos hispanos, no latinos. Nuestra identidad, nuestra personalidad como pueblo (incluyendo a todos los países) nuestra característica común y más hermosa está en nuestro idioma. Por eso yo concluyo que somos hispanos. Perdón si alguien se siente mal, no es mi intención. Quisiera leer la opinion de otros sobre esto. De dónde rayos sale eso de "somos latinos", qué validez tiene, acaso en un invento producto de las tenciones razistas de nuestro tiempo? Para mi, o eres, negro, blanco, americano o hispano, o europeo o asiatico, etc. etc. Algunas personas dicen America Latina... seguro para distinguir entre la América que habla Inglés y la q habla Español. Aún en Yahoo en Español, en la sección Como En Casa, no se deciden en su página principal dicen: Las mejores películas /mejores títulos del cine hispano...?Ayuda pleeeassse?

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  • ¿Cómo separo 2 vasos de cristal atorados uno dentro del otro?

    Traté echándole mucho jabón, con agua del grifo, con agua caliente y no pude despegarlos.

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