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  • Scary moment there trying to sign out of Y/A.?

    I just tried to sign out of Y/A and I got a pop up purporting to be from Yahoo demanding my user name and password, then I tried to open Hotmail and the same pop up but this time claiming to be from Hotmail wanted the same info, I just aborted them but anyone know what they might have been?

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  • Microsoft Publisher, help please?

    I am trying to print off a basic cover for a DVD case, I had set up some bog standard templates that have worked fine in the past but now the document seems to have leapt from A4 to A3 or larger and the printer obviously cannot handle it and throws a wobbly. I have XP home and Office 2003, I have checked and rechecked every possibility in the tool bar that I can see for an option to resize the document but I can’t find it. I have tried the help, shrink or resize document and among the various useless suggestions was “add Asian characters” Please tell me what I am or have done wrong, as this is the first new cover I have tried to print off for several months. I did try to print a couple of covers that worked in the past but the same story, no dice (where did that expression come from?) Thank you for your patience in reading this far.

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  • U.K. Sky Broadband & Telly?

    Hi you lot out there lurking in the either I would appreciate some advice, warnings or comments on the advisability of signing up to Sky’s U.K. Broadband and Satellite package. A couple of my friends are signed up with Virgin version and are relatively happy with the service but alas I know no one who has tried Sky and I was wondering if this might be an omen. Thank you for your thoughts.

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  • XP home disc shattered?

    I was reinstalling XP and the disc committed suicide in my DVD drive, I eventually got the shards out, I have the original box and security stickers does any kind soul know if I can pack this up and send it somewhere in the U.K. to get a replacement disc. I originally bought it from a computer fare 14-15 months ago.

    Thank you people.

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  • External hard disc seems to be hiding?

    I am using XP and recently "My Computer" has stopped seeing my external hard drive, "add hardware" in control panel says that it is there and working, the safely remove hardware program can also see it. could I have accidentally changed something or some setting so that "My Computer" is now ignoring the external hard drive.

    Oh I am a bit of a novice so nothing too technical please,

    thank you for your time,

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  • Three hard drives, how to configure them?

    Hi I am hoping one of you good people out there can advise me. I have two SATA hard drives both working fine and I thought why not install the old non SATA H.D. from my dead computer and use it for games and the like. I configured it as a second slave but Xp did not like that one little bit, I tried configuring it as “Cable Select” not that I have a clue what it means, but Xp turned it’s nose up at that, someone suggested configuring it as a slave of the slave but alas those waters are way too deep for me. Can anyone tell me how to make all three H.D.’s live and work in peace and harmony? Thank you.

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  • Watch list gone walkabout?

    I added a question to my watch list and the caption said add to my private watch list, I am sure it never mentioned private before. Intrigued I checked my Q & A and I can't see my watch list anywhere. Does anyone know what is up? Yours privately puzzled.

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  • Downloading Images?

    I have XP Home with Firefox and just recently when downloading pictures the target folder has decided to switch from "Thumbnail View" to "List" I know that I can switch it back to Thumbnail but once I save the picture and find something else the folder is back in List. I know it is not the end of the world if I download the same image twice but it is extremely irritating having to keep switching back to Thumbnail view. Does any kind person know where I have to kick the bloody machine to make it recognize that I want my settings not its? In a similar vein every so often I want to e,g. delete a folder and a comment box pops up with something along the lines of "You can't do this because another program or something is using it". I DON'T CARE, is there a Ctrl + something etc that will force the computer to do what I want, not what it wants please?

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  • I would like to throw this into the great Shilpa debate.?

    Below is a link to an Indian e-mail provider (they were offering 1 Gb storage long before Yahoo), I offers a point many of us in the west may have overlooked, and to make this a question discuss.

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  • Free DVD ripping software?

    Is there such a thing as an idiot proof free DVD ripper that can handle write protected CD's and DVD's, and is there anyone kind enough out there to point me in the right direction.

    Thank you.

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  • Problems with a Cambridge Audio DAB 300 Digital Radio Tuner, any geniuses out there?

    My baby is just over three years old and I have had her running most days of her life I think possably the start up memory has become corrupted . The problem is now whem I fire her up I get "Station Unavaliable" so if i flick between the pre-set stations eventualy she will find the station at signal strenth 60-90 ish (very bad) and after 10 minutes or so it will come down to signal strenth 0-2 ish (good). I thought if I disconnect the DAB from the mains eventualy the station memorys will be erased and I can start anew. My question is how long should I leave it without power to make absolutly sure all old settings have gone and I have a virgin DAB again?

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  • PHP files will some kind soul advise me how to open them please.?

    I have dowmloaded a PHP file and for some insane reason I thought that I could open it with Adobe Acrobat, I have tried Googling and am now even more confused. The sensible thing would be to just to delete the thing but I have this sinking feeling that It was importanish.

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