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    Is there a way to seal a wood cabinet ?

    I have a wood island cabinet that came out of kitchen.  Its made of 10 ply laminated wood see pic.  I'm look at installing this it on outside porch its completely covered an would have to be pretty extreme weather for water to get where it's gonna be installed.   my main concern is humidity as I live in Central Virginia.   Really high humidity in summer time.  wondering if it should be sealed or if it be fine since it not in direct weather.

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  • Android weather apps?

    Ok I'm lost a screwed without darksky notification.   Let me explain I do commercial HVAC which puts me on rooftop alot.  An darksky would tell you when rain was 30, 15 minutes out. An you could pretty much count on it.  So I had time ti get tools into dry area before the rain.

    So short of me getting apple phone wvats the best android has.

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  • wifi connection vs z wave?

    my main question is if i get devices that use wifi instead of z wave does it slow down my wifi connection gor things like internet, gaming ect

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  • Finishing basement what types of wiring? ?

    Ok where finishing our basement gonna be drywall ceiling.  Course i know the electrical wiring but just wondering if theres any other wiring Id want to add.  We only use coax for our internet connection figure I'll put one down stairs just in case. any other wiring that could come in handy 

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  • Outside kitchen Island?

    We are in process of a kitchen remodel.  I've got the old island in basement an we have thought about doing a island outside. I know the marble will be fine. The Island is wood its not partical or that sawdust board.  Would it be ok or something I can do to protect it.  It Would go under a room that hangs over t h e patio.  So its not in direct rain.  The patio never gets water on it unless you put it there.

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  • Do I need pressure treated wood?

    I'm building a bridge no wood is going in the ground it's gonna be supported by concrete blocks.  From what I read pressure treated wood only protects against rot it does nothing for water heat other elements.

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  • Apps like dark sky?

    Dark sky is now 🍎 app.  So it will not be available on Android next month or two.  Looking for a good weather app now.  I'm a HVac tech on rooftops slot.  Reason I use dark sky is the warnings.  It notifice when rain is 15 20 mins out an is very accurate.

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  • hydroponics ?

    I'm looking into making a hydroponics garden. My question is do the systems have to be enclosed or can you setup outside

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  • Good apps for telescope? ?

    Son got a telescope for Christmas looks like we finally gonna have some clear skys this weekend. I know nothing bout useing telescope except from what I've read in instructions.   Are there any good apps to get a rough Idea where stuff is in the sky.  An or another app that gives  you notifications an calander of whats coming?  Thanks in advanced 

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    when to remove?

    i have these in few trees geussing worm of some time. I'm gonna cut them out luckily there low an on pl art of treed that need to be trimmed. my question is what time of day is best to remove them to make sure there in nest?

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  • Bath tub repairs?

    i have a fiberglass tub that has formed some cracks in the floor. the an is to drill hole at each end of hole so crack will quit spreading. Then sand where crack is to remove glaze. and this is where my question is what do i need to put on cracks to seal them. I'm not worried bout look we plan on remodeling this bathroom in future just can't right now.

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    what kinda bee is this?

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  • What is full house quad-tight offense?

    Local schools running this never heard of it and when searching for it on Google get stuff minus the quad

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  • Restraining deck?

    The house we bought needs some deck work an restraining they had stained it darker than we prefer is there anyway to remove the stain color. With out replacing or sanding half way threw the boards

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    What would be value of this bike?

    Trek mountain bike ridge frame

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    What would you call this?

    What would you call this?

    I've looked up flag hanger, wooden flag hanger, wood flag pole I even did a reverse image search with multiple apps


    Ok it didn't upload the pic an it keeps erroring when I try to so its looks like 2 decorative posts with a wood rod ran between them that you hang flag on.

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  • What would you call this?

    I've looked up flag hanger, wooden flag hanger, wood flag pole I even did a reverse image search with multiple apps

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  • if someone on a apple phone text me their location can i open it on a android phone?

    Guy I work with has a I phone I have a android Samsung S7 he sends me locations sometime is there a way to open them

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