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  • Is it true that Jeep/Chrysler is discontuing the Compass/Patriot after next year?

    I read someplace, from some auto review mag that Jeep will discontinue the Compass/Patriot after Fiat comes in next years as a major partner? Both models have finally built a fan following and the Compass was just revamped this year with a new front end that makes it look like a mini Grand Cherokee. I had a 2007 Compass and it was great for the price and it did everything asked of it. Hate to see Jeep defer to a foreign car maker to supply us with small SUVs. Anyone know about this? Next year? This is the problem with Chrysler, the spend millions to develop a model and then change their minds after many people purchase them.

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  • Are we read yet to admit that Barack Obama lied about his qualifications to be President?

    I paid little attention to the birther argument, I suppose because I was dumb enough just to accept the ridicule of the birthers and not notice that it was not answer just a diversion. The Governor of Hawaii, who said he was a friend of Obama's parents said upon being sworn in that he was going to end this argument once and for all and arrange for the release of the birth certificate. Last week he said that is no longer involved with that and cited privacy issues, blah blah not mentioned when he was going to solve this. Who told him to stop that quest? I am sure he was sincere but now has found that the answer is shocking.

    So now we are faced with this?

    a. Obama has spent over $10 million dollars to keep the birth certificate sealed. Why?

    b. False information was put out that it had been released but in fact it was not which is why the Gov of Hawaii said he was going to release it.

    c. It is known that Obama registered for college in the US as a foreign student and applied for/accepted money from a foreign student college fund.

    d. Barack Obama, US citizen, did not register for Selective Service as every US male of or over the age of 18 must? How did he avoid that? Non citizen status?

    e. In the campaign Obama's people announced they were not going to apply for Federal election fund money...and made it sound like a nice gesture...but to apply for the funds (that come from us on a tax forms) you have to show qualification to run and #1 the application is "attach your birth certificate showing your citizenship". He declined to do that and that is why he did not apply for the public campaign funds that are there to allow a candidate to be independent of private fund influence.

    All of these issues could be cleared up easily by the President and yet he continues to spend huge sums of money to block access to the simple document that shows his basic qualification to run for the office of President. We get tax records, birth ceritficates, school records etc on every other candidate but not the basic one for Mr. OBama. Why does he not stop the controversy if he is truly eligible to run for the office? It has been nearly 3 years and he continues to spend millions to stop this inquiry instead of zero to answer the question.

    Have we elected a fraud to the office? Did the Dem National Committee know about this? Why does the news media not explore this, instead of just dismissing it as though it is not an issue?

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  • No that Obama has opened up the eastern short to oil drillers is time to stop calling him the Green President?

    Today President Obama announced that "for the economy" he is going to allow drilling off the coast of Virginia. Now, haven't we pretty much gone full circle here? In my desire to be environmentally minded I have learned some facts that shock me. One, that the ban of offshore drilling off the California coast was enacted by Exec Order of President Bush I and extended by Bush II. That John McCain's record on the environment was pretty good (especially on alternative fuels/electric cars) and is now better than the Green President. Note I said record which means what he has actually done as opposed to talk about it. Obama took $250 billion of the stimulus package to invest in 25 new Nuclear power plants, saying they are green and clean. Now he is allowing drilling off the best shorelines on the east coast and doing it for the economy. Haven't we just gotten exactly what we thought we were voting against? If the environment is 2nd seat to the jobs, energy, etc, then are we not where we thought we were with Bush II? Isn't this exactly what we said Republicans do? I belong to all of the "right" groups too (Sierra, Waterkeeper Alliance, etc) and I think this is pretty much the opposite of what many like me thought was going to happen. Did we let partisan politics hook us like a hungry bass? The new Green Jobs from the campaign look a lot like the old jobs don't they?

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  • Has anyone else noticed that the "new" youth organization are militarized?

    I am a social worker, voted for OBama and I guess my lifestyle is sort of liberal but the new youth organizations that are popping up around the country seem to be a little too military for me. They sort of smack of Hitler Youth (which was started with the same kind of intentions). Why do they (City Year is one) have uniforms and in the recruiting commercials the kids are standing there at attention in a military formation, and then parade rest and then they march. What kind of social service is that? So many of them are like that, why are they depicted as youth military organizations going into the community to serve. Honestly, that is exactly what the Hitler Youth were started as and what they did until later. I don't like military marching, uniforms and anything like that for kids. Is this more ACORN stuff? I don't want military youth working poor neighborhoods? Why can't they be more like VISTA, whats with this marching and uniforms?

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  • The Obama commercials??

    When some pundit made a clown poster of Obama, a parody of the Joker, his supporters went crazy whipping around claims of racism and hate,etc. But has anyone else seen the credit card counselor commercials and mortgage loan commercials that go a long way to make it appear that Obama is endorsing their services, complete with announcers standing in front of White House backdrop and then several minutes of Obama talking about how to get out of debt with credit cards and the other does the same thing with new house loans. The companies are cheesy and yet there is Obama doing several minutes on each of the commercials. Why has the White House not stopped this use of the Presidency to endorse products? Will he be doing "rent a center" commercials next? What is up with this, how can this not be something the White House would stop???

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  • Why not Hydroelectric? Who is making money from wind and solar?

    We always said Bush was a slave to oil interests but I didn't see in his background where he was an oil man. He was President of the Texas Rangers baseball team and a two term Gov or Texas. But now that we are going "green" (odd, same color as money) the emphasis is on wind and solar, both clean sources of energy but not practical for most of the U.S. who do not have wind or solar days. Hydroelectric dams are currently in common use, are totally clean and can be erected on any river or dam. Rivers like the Ohio now has some hyrdo dams and could have many, and hydo dams generate a lot of electricity, 24/7, 365. There could be hundreds such plants on the Ohio River, everywhere there is a lock or dam and on all other major rivers. But the emphasis has been only on solar and wind. Why? Who is getting rich on this, why are spending trillions to go this way when hyrdo is there, reliable and produces more kilowatts than the others AND is clean. Don't say it would harm fish, the locks and dams have been around for a century.

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  • Does Anyone Else think that the President's CZAR system is a little more than just out of control?

    We now have 45 "Czars" appointed by the President, many of whom are overtop of regular government agencies, however, their appointment does not have to be approved by Congress, nor their budget. We have an AIDS Czar, Border Czar, Religion Czar, Car Czar, Green Czar, a Weapons Czar and many others, NONE of whom have to be approved by the Senate. Isn't this changing the structure of government, the balance of power and really just putting unknown political people into powerful positions without being reviewed or approved. In a survey, the GAO did not know the names or duties of the Czars. Problem?

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  • Who is making money on the Green Movement??? Someone is and here is why.?

    When we talk about clean energy we talk only about solar and wind and while those are energy sources neither are reliable or capable or producing enough energy for a country the size of the US. Now, why is there no talk of hydo. Hydroelectric has been a clean energy source used for years. The TVA miracle of electricity for the South decades ago was hydroelectric. Its a clean source of energy and can produce greater amounts of clean power. Solar and wind are centralized in the West and Soutwest with few good sites in the East. But the East is home to mightly rivers that run year round, are already locked and damned and can be converted to hydro dams easily and still maintain river transportation through the locks. A river the length of the Ohio alone can produce enough hydro for the eastern US and there are mightly rivers, Missouri, Allegheny, Mon, Mississippi, Wabash who can support the entire US. But they are mostly in the East. So is that why no one talks about hydro? Its not even part of the national clean energy discussion even though it is the only one that can work. So why? Who makes the money from the "new" jobs, the "new investment" of wind and solar? GE is in big for solar and wind and they own NBC, MSNBC who are really just mouthpieces for the Obama Administration, the Obama Channel. Are we being had just like the robber barons of the past century? Why no hyrdo?

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  • HOw Can I convert documents in Works to Word?

    I have some old documents that are in Works format and I need to convert them to Word so that they can be used by everyone in the office

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  • Is ACORN going to be President Obama's Watergate?

    Today, three big city newspapers led with stories of ACORN buying votes, traveling around doing early voting on the fake registrations, one ACORN guy admitted to voting 72 times in Cleveland already. Watergate took Nixon from office and it was small potatoes compared to wholesale vote fraud and exchange of money ($800,000.00 from OBama to ACORN). ACORN is growing into a huge scandal. There are already nearly one hundred pictures of people voting lllegally in various states and they are ACORN "professional voters". Who cares who is elected, this election is already tainted. National media is only mumbling it, but large city newspapers are already running with this producing evidence of vote fraud. How big will this get?

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  • Did 4WD trucks get better mpgs in an earlier configuration?

    Ihad a Ford F-150 6 cyl truck that was a 4WD and in those days you had to get out of the truck and lock in and lock out the front hubs to get in and out of four wheel drive. When locked out, the front wheel drive assembley did not turn. A few years later, truck manufacturers sold us the idea that we need shift on the fly and should not get in and out of the vehicle. This helped to create the SUV mania. My question is: were the older vehicles more gas efficient because they were not 4WD until you locked it in? Did they get the same mpg as a 2WD truck until locked in? Would a 08 Ford Ranger with lock in/out hubs get the same mileage as a 2WD until you locked in the front hubs?

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  • Where is the purge valve on my 95 Ford Ranger 4cyl, 5speed?

    I get code 1443 on my engine that says purge valve although I am told it could be an EGR on my older truck. How hard is this to change?

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  • Can I remove ME and replace the OS to XP Home?

    I have an older computer with a Pentium 4 processor that runs ME. Runs fine but is limited by the ME parameters. Can I remove or block of the ME operating system and install XP in Home or Office? I like everything else about the computer but the ME is obsolete. Can I do it, or should I have a true tech do it?

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  • Is it true that anyone can have an answer removed, without question?

    I am told that anyone can have an answer removed and by the time that anyone actually reviews the removal, the question will be long gone as it is days later. Wouldn't that mean that Answers is a situation where askers can remove any answer that disagrees with them? Is it true, is that the removal process? Why should we participate in Answers if this is true?

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  • 1995 Ford Ranger 2wd 4cyl. Where is the computer outlet to check warning light?

    I don't know where the computer outlet is on the 95 Ford Ranger (2WD 4cyl 5sp) to use a handheld computer to read the warning light. Light has been on for two years, started once when I stalled it out but there has been no bad effect from it. Would like to turn it off if I cannot read it. Where is it? Did not see it under the dash? Did I miss it? Under the hood?

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  • US Citizens gave over $300 billion dollars to charities,an all time record this past year. What does that say?

    These funds were not from the govenrment (which gave billions around the world to help feed and medicate the poor) these were monies donated by individual citizens to help people. Americans gave, from their own pockets over $300 Billion dollars. These were not funds from the wealthy but from ordinary people who could have used the money for themselves and their families. This is up from last year even though last year included the Tsunami relief and Hurricane Katrina. Are the world leaders who create the ugly American image doing anywhere near this to help those in need?

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  • Jeep Patriots? Anyone have one? Comments?

    I am interested in anyone's experience thus far with the Jeep Patriot

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  • How Do I convert cassette tapes to my computer Media Player?

    I need to convert audio cassette tapes to a Windows Media file (wav maybe). How is that done, do I need software or additional hardware.

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  • VIOXX, Celebrex arthritis drugs are in demand by people who are willing to risk the side effects. Would you?

    The super arthritis miracle drugs, Vioxx and Celebrex have been the target of liablity lawyers and Vioxx removed voluntarily by Merck. Many people are petitioning for the return saying they will monitor the risks to their hearts in exchange for being able to walk and move about pain free. Would you?

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