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  • I am going to take my Piano exam.?

    I live in Australia, and I am doing grade 6 in AMEB. I've got my pieces up to touch, with probably just a minor mistake in one of them, like a slight pause. I've practised aural but I've never been really good at it. For background information, in every one of my exams, I've messed up at least once, and I've gotten A for every exam I complete (4). In my grade 4 exam, I still remember messing up COMPLETELY on the C sharp harmonic minor scale I think, and I had to restart like, 3 times. I also made an obvious mistake on one of my pieces, and I still got an A. I don't know if that's just luck, the examiner's nice, or it's actually an A!?!!? For the extra list, I've prepared 2 pieces, but I'm really bad at one of them, and just okay with the other. From my past experience, 3/4 times I've gotten to play the piece I want. The other one time the person chose for me, and I played it. My teacher says this won't affect the score, but I just wanna make sure. If you cannot play the piece AT ALL, will it still not count? I have my exam on July the 22, and today is the 6th of July. Basically, my question is that should I practice my exam pieces more, my scales or that one extra list that I'm horrible at? 

    Thanks, Althea

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