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Yeap, the avatar looks a lot like me in real life...but I am more handsome jajajajaja...yuju!!! I am a Top Contributor in singing since april 21st, 2008

  • Momentos mágicos en un concierto en vivo de música clásica?

    Todos tenemos momentos especiales unos más especiales que otros (hablando de música, claro está)...Estaba escuchando una grabación que tengo de Dupre tocando el Concierto para Cello de Elgar, y recordé hace poco que fui a un concierto con el Cellista Larry Lynn quien ahora toca con el cello que perteneció a Dupre, tocando el mismo concierto!!! Fue un momento increíble escuchar el mismo instrumento en vivo, es como si la voz de Pavarotti la escuchara en otra persona, cosa que es imposible con la voz, pero con los instrumentos si es posible. Cuál ha sido tu mas memorable experiencia en un concierto de música clásica en vivo?

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  • Magical moments in live concerts?

    We all lovers of good music have had more than one, but some are more special than others, I was listening to Elgar's Cello Concert performed by Dupre and made me think of this concert I went to, the cellist Lynn Harrell who now owns Dupre's cello, played Elgar's mind blew up right away when I heard the same instrument alive!!!! It was an amazing and magical moment. I have some others too, but I would like to know yours.

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  • Best glucose meter?

    Hi guys! See, I have seen this question asked before but the newest one is from a year ago, the thing is that my dad has been diagnosed with diabetes (do not know which type though) and we know nothing about these things. Is there a glucose meter that is better or more convenient than other? And if there is one on the market that does not require stripes or to pinch fingers?

    Thanks for all your help!

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  • Your knowledge in this piano piece?

    What do you know about minor 2nds major 7ths by Béla Bártok besides of being a didactic piano piece and part of the mikrokosmos collection. I am more interested in the analysis of the pitch sets/harmony, texture, etc...and what do you think overall of this very interesting piece. Any form? Development?

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  • Singing request...?

    Ladies and Gentlemen: This question comes in the form of a REQUEST. If you are seriously looking for professional advice concerning singing, songs, vocal problems and such, state your voice classification (soprano, alto, etc.) if you know it, and your AGE. We voice teachers will be much more able to give you APPROPRIATE advice knowing your age and voice type. So, please, when you ask your question about singing, song literature, vocal technique or voice trouble would you give us your AGE and approximate voice classification (if known)?

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  • My growing ab 2nd part...?

    I was in doubt and took a pregnancy test was negative, I had sex with my bf after that, and days after I have my period on may 19th, a couple days ago I made another pregnancy test and was positive, I seem to have all the pregnant symptoms but they are similar to the PMS simptoms although I have gain weight and I am very hungry, dont go to the bathroom every single second though...

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